Let Us Not Be Fooled By Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet Shuffle

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In 1849, French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr wrote “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose “ translated into English as “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Nearly eight years into his run as Canadian prime minister, astute political observers can easily apply this to the political posturing of Justin Trudeau.

In Trudeau’s Canada, optics is the name of the political game. Transitioned to a masquerade of public posturing, the goal of government is singular in scope:

The Liberal Party of Canada is to remain our ruling federal government indefinitely. Or more accurately stated, a Liberal government-for-life. It’s the way government rolls in China, and most of us know how our prime minister feels about the behemoth nation of the Far East.

Hustling a few Liberal Cabinet Ministers out of the picture won’t amount to a hill-of-beans. We recognise the irony: ideologically speaking Canada’s so-called “progressive” ruling party is as cast-in-stone as the Pyramids at Giza.

As employed by the Liberals, media breathe not a word to the public regarding the political dynamic. No matter what occurs, no matter the circumstances, Trudeau’s Liberals never deviate from their ideological “principles.”

It’s doubtful that even the removal of the western world’s king of wokism Justin Trudeau will create a chink in the armour of government doctrine.

Yes, it’s that locked-in. A bit of sleuthing on the internet reveals a phenomenon being buried by Canadian media. The source of Liberal government ideology is found in an organization called the World Economic Forum.

Climate change, carbon taxation, transgenderism, homosexuality, euthanasia, abortion.

WEF provides the template, and Canada’s ruling government fall-in-line accordingly. On this basis, a few changes in Trudeau quasi-communist Liberal Cabinet won’t make a spec of difference.

How does it feel to know that your country has been hi-jacked away from its 40 million-person citizenship?

We consider what CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest never do. Traditionally speaking, the will of the majority forms the essence of democratic governance.

Say sayonara to this piece of history— it’s long-gone in Canada. The reason why is found in the actions of another Trudeau-family member. In 1982, Pierre Trudeau strong-armed Canada’s Premiers into buying the globalist agenda via the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Canada falls off its democratic axis. Power in politics transitions from majority to “minority” control. Suddenly, our special interest communities are holding power over the silent majority of our country.

In 2023, we find a quintessential example in the unruly area of LGBT politics–specifically, the rise of the less than 1% who qualify as transgendered citizens.

A finer microcosm cannot be found, as we consider the noise this movement is making within society, relative to demographic numbers. Without the Charter, this inversion of political power most likely would never have occurred.

But it did. Trudeau family members are like that. They always have a problem with Canadian society. For Pierre Trudeau, it was the colloquial nature of Canada, rendered obsolete upon his forcing of Multiculturalism onto a unsuspecting majority population.

Out of four Liberal Cabinet Members said to be leaving their post, three are women, the other a male half-citizen of a Middle Eastern country.

Mental Health Minister Carolyn Bennett, 72, said on Monday she would not be a candidate in the next election. Public Procurement Minister Helena Jaczek, 72, and Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray, 69, said on social media that they also would not run again. Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, 53, said he would leave the cabinet immediately and not run in the next election.

Ooh, that tricky Trudeau fellow. The goal being to fool Canadians into believing his Liberal government are planning a “fresh start.”

Rejuvenated and fresh-as-a-daisy, mainstream media work hard for the money that the Feds provide them with to ensure political survival.

It’s born-again time in Liberal la-la-land. For anyone who buys this slop, Cultural Action Party has a bridge to sell you in North Vancouver called the Lion’s Gate.

To understand the “big picture” at hand, and therefore the insignificance of the Cabinet shuffle, CAP offer an oft-repeated theory:

Justin Trudeau is not interested in “running our country,” or managing the economy. His role is one of transformation. The goal is to morph our nation into an entity no Canadian asked for, or voted for. With the WEF globalist model as blueprint, the goal is a transition of Canada to a neo-communist society.

We come to recognize the “hosing” of the Canadian people. Transitioned out of their hands, Trudeau and team work the high-level:

Pre-meditated, long term social, political and demographic transition form the rock on which Trudeau works to establish his “post-modern” society.

Getting rid of a few cabinet members doth not make a political transition. Like a rock, the woke degeneration of individual freedoms and democratic governance will continue regardless of who fills their shoes.

Justin Trudeau has a contract out on our country, and under all circumstances, he will push the WEF agenda forward come hell or high water.

4 thoughts on “Let Us Not Be Fooled By Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet Shuffle”

  1. Trudeau: O Canada; you stand on guard for ME. Guess Abracadabra will re-enter his former employment; getting his powdered-sugar-coated hands back into donut sales. Or; more likely….Maybe the CCP have an immediate opening.

    • Addendum: Abracadabra: “I have news to share: after a lot of reflection, I decided to not run in the next election. As a result I will be stepping aside from cabinet. I was first elected in 2006 and have had the journey of a lifetime. I’m grateful for every minute of it.” Yeah right goblin. A cash windfall for you buddy, and a fat; unearned government pension. You would have been running a hot dog stand in your own country. Not wrecking ours.

  2. Same Socialism BS . Promise the simple minded lots of be if it’s and money. Then tax them to death (literally) while the economy crashes and interest rates climb to the extent millions lose their homes.


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