Covid Restrictions A Violation Of Canada’s Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

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In an interview released this month, the last surviving architect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms expressed outrage at the state of democracy in Canada.

Brian Peckford is a former premier of Newfoundland. He was part of the original group of lawmakers who formulated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

In an interview dealing with the Covid pandemic, Mr. Peckford says he cannot believe what is happening to our country:

“I am extremely saddened by government enacting measures that clearly violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

Entrenched within the Canadian constitution under the Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau, the Charter’s intent was to guarantee fundamental civil rights for Canadian citizens.

In terms of Covid restrictions, it is Brian Peckford’s opinion that “none of the governments, the federal government in Canada, or any of the provinces, have even made an attempt to justify what they’re doing.”

This pioneer of Charter Rights claims that government “know that the data is not on their side.” He further explains that at the time the Charter was formulated, no one would think it possible for government to do anything to infringe upon these rights and freedoms.

Then came Justin Trudeau, followed by Covid-19. According to one of the founders of the Charter, it is serving to strip Canadians of their personal freedoms. Mr. Peckford is outraged by the situation. His concern borders on shock regarding what he sees as a violation of basic civil rights.

Why have Canadian media refrained from following suit? Obviously, this man knows what he is talking about. For what reason would  establishment media fail to reflect to emulate Mr. Peckford’s tribulations?

What of the irony in the fact that Pierre Trudeau established the Charter, while Justin Trudeau opened a door to a breach of individual rights? Media say nothing. Are readers to believe this wouldn’t make good media copy? It is, in fact, the scoop of century.

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Back in editorial land of the press, all is silent. How odd-ball it is. Government hasn’t spoken on the situation. Nor has our academic world. Add to this non-for profit organizations, unions, health industry, lawyers, doctors, and nurses.

No one says a damn word about it– except for the guy who helped write the Charter. If this isn’t the greatest piece of irony known to people-kind, what is?

And common sense Canadians are to believe there is nothing off-base to be found here? For just under forty years, the Charter has served to protect civil rights regarding everything from Kirpans in high school through to covering one’s face in a citizenship ceremony.

Then comes Covid, and all is quiet on the Charter front. Neither, government, nor media, have a single comment to make on the subject at hand.

If this is not the most curious civil rights development in modern history, what is?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

10 thoughts on “Covid Restrictions A Violation Of Canada’s Charter Of Rights And Freedoms”

  1. As far as I know; The MSM knives haven’t been unsheathed for Brian Peckford. Either they aren’t aware of his interview(s?)–Not possible–Or; they know very well that he could not be disrespected/dismissed. He helped write the source document; his voice has considerable weight. Therefore; they must remain “deaf” to the alarm he is sounding. The permeation of the federal/provincial governments suppress-the-truth agenda stretches credulity. It’s been well planned, and well orchestrated.

  2. Gene Dare; me, defended the Constitution and implemented successful World Naked Bike Ride protests in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. In Toronto he stood up to the police and successfully; under Federal guidelines had a successful protest. His stance was that the bike ride was protected under the Constitution, and Covid rules were not above the Constitution; otherwise the Constitution was worthless, of which the police swore to uphold. He won. The police agreed. The Constitution survived; and now barely.

  3. This entire violation of our civil liberties happened way too easily!!!
    There was a day the newspapers and news broadcasts would have lit up with concerns over the kind of overstepping that is all but commonplace at this stage.
    Something needs to change, and damn fast!!!

    • “There was a day the newspapers and news broadcasts would have lit up with concerns.”

      In this we discover the transformation of Canada to a neo-communist state.

  4. Only a bunch of like minded people to Trudeau would vote for him again! Nothing but a liar I guess he thought now or never. So disrespectful to the ones that voted for liberal seats
    He’s gonna pay dearly for what he’s doing to Canada
    Turning one against the other!
    All the news in Canada is paid by government
    I do hope all the mandate pressure people are found guilty of crimes against humanity! Time to wake up people!

  5. I fear for us, for the betterment of all, when an experiment is made mandatory, when free speech is ridiculed and debate is dead; when the able are unable to work due to policy and the fear and judgement of a virus makes us slaves to a system that wants results today without concern for the coming dawn. Remember to be kind.


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