Leading Canadian Journalist Accuses Justin Trudeau Of Hating Anglophones

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Being well-schooled in progressive identity politics, collectively speaking, he takes a pretty dim view of white people. And he’s proved it. If Justin Trudeau loathes his own whiteness and ethnic heritage, that’s his personal problem.


3 thoughts on “Leading Canadian Journalist Accuses Justin Trudeau Of Hating Anglophones”

  1. No kidding. Sadly. Trudeau not only hates Anglophones, he hates Francophones as well. Trudeau, our first post-national Prime Minister, hates his fellow Canadians period. Canadians, which is to say loyal, patriotic and decent Canadians, stand between him and his delusional idea of destroying Canada’s sovereignty. Whose carcass he then intends to turn over to the United Nations, lock, stock and barrel, to do with as they will. Yes folks, that is the soulless monster we have elected. Wake up!!


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