Law Enforcement Reform “AT EVERY LEVEL” Demand Trudeau Government

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Speaking with CTV News over the weekend, Diversity and Youth Minister, Liberal MP Bardish Chagger, suggested that her government “needs to be listening” to the growing calls for reform within law enforcement at every level.

“There is a reality that there are certain segments of our population that are scared of their interactions when it comes to people who provide public safety within our communities, and these conversations need to take place,”she told CTV News.

Yes.-“conversations need to take place.”  “These racist Canadians must be educated.” It is essential to “engage in dialogue on racism within society.”

What CAP Do Not Comprehend: If the best the Trudeau government and their social justice warrior brigade can come up with post-George Floyd is the same tedious recommendations of the immediate need for “dialogue,” how can racism in Canada be properly addressed? 

Additionally, how is it that the all-encompassing scourge of racism within society be properly addressed if NO ONE ever references the perpetrators of the racism?

CAP Food For Thought: It is not actually a “solution” these anti-Anglophone globalists are after. Rather, the goal is to ramp up  collective condemnation of one identifiable Canadian community–those of us derived from European heritage.

Consider the irony here: when a Syrian refugee to Canada allegedly murdered a 13-year old Vancouver girl, government and media immediately advanced the concept that the action were not representative of “all refugees,” “all Syrians,” and “all Muslims.”

In contradistinction, take the George Floyd murder. One white cop murders a black American in cold blood.

Outcome? The entire nation of Canada is branded racist and white supremacist. Our police force as a whole are condemned as racist haters of black Canadians.

After which GTA Liberal MP, Bardish Chagger, calls upon our nation to reform law enforcement within every strata of society. Slight contrast in methodology, no?

Media say nothing about this. Instead, CBC  work to disseminate the anti-white rhetoric branding our people as virulent haters of all non-white peoples. 

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Hey fellow patriots, you itching for an example of commitment from Justin Trudeau, the Liberals and pundits regarding their commitment to racial and social equality in Canada?

Witness The Social Equality:

“Now is the time for all Canadians, but especially non-racialized Canadians, to listen, learn and reflect on how white privilege and systemic racism contribute to injustice and inequality in this country.”

Mayday! Mayday! The Canadian Human Rights Commission has committed an act of prejudice against Anglophone/European citizens of our nation.

Reaction: Nothing at all. Looks like Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada is working like a charm. Of course, considering the reverse-racist rhetoric, one may claim a new core identity is being conjured up as we speak.

For CAP, this post-modern identity is rooted in what we call “Payback Time.”

The theory is simple: in return for our ethnic predecessors colonial imposition, it is fair and reasonable to vilify our communities as racist. It is perfectly fair to leverage this to disempower our people, and incrementally trans-ition our country into a Anglophone-hating society.

Makes “perfect sense” eh? CBC think so, as well as every other mainstream media outlet in Canada.

“Although both the Floyd protests and the ensuing discussion have focused on anti-Black racism, recent reports on the treatment of Indigenous peoples and communities by Canada’s national police force have exposed what Indigenous Affairs Minister Marc Miller described as a “palpable … painful pattern that keeps repeating itself,” which will likely also spark follow-up queries on just what he intends to do to rectify the situation.”

See how they roll? Witness as a murder of a black American ramps up to integrate First Nations Canada into a “reverse racist” agenda. Add Muslim, Sikh and Chinese animosity toward white Canucks, and the Canada-stealers are once again off-and-running.

Think about it– when the Canadian Human Rights Commission has free reign to trash an identifiable community in no uncertain terms, does this NOT deliver a profound message to our dying democracy?

It sure as hell does–but it sure as heck won’t. Pourquoi? Because the Liberal government’s communist-infused media partners will not expose this reality to the people of Canada.

According to our nation’s three-headed hydra of globalist decimation– government, media, academia— the entire scenario comes down to an issue of “white against non-white” racism.

CAP disagree. The basic agenda is not to combat racism as such, but rather to utilize the “race card” to accumulate political POWER. The idea of a united Canada is a fabrication perpetrated by Justin Trudeau,  and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist cultural assassins.

Multiculturalism as advanced within society is not rooted in a desire for equality. The Trudeau-created agenda is rooted in a TRANS-FER of power from “Old Stock” Canada to 3rd World Canada.

Founder, Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Liberal PM Justin Trudeau.



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  1. Loooooong before we need Police reform, we need reform of cowardly, useless, ass-licking politicians working for globalist forces.

  2. To sort out the police forces, including RCMP & CISIS it should be mandatory that they view all the Dudley Doright movies and submit a report of their views and what they learned. May be a comedy but that’s the way the world sees us and our police services.


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