1 thought on “Last Stand in Londonistan”

  1. We need to close our borders to Moslems. To end up like Western Europe is ludicrous. The quickie citizenships need to be cancelled & the Syrians deported back to their own country with world cooperation in building a safe zone. All Moslem demands should be vetoed. They are not welcome in Canada. Angus Reid did a survey very recently which resulted in 73% against this immigration situation. Absolutely, no funds to foreign countries should be allowed. There is no control to the assumed benefits. Most of these countries have dictators & use the funds not on the people but for corruption. A lot of Brits & Europeans (white) want to flee. Open immigration only to them. That is what our country was built on & is deliberately being destroyed. I don’t want another country’s culture. I want what is mine, what was given to me & a return to the Canada as we know it & want it to be.


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