“Juvenile” Justin: Portrait Of Trudeau As A Young Man

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Flipping through the pages of the 2001 West Point Grey Academy (WPGA) yearbooks exposes a very different side of Canada’s  “progressive” prime minister.

The  image of Justin Trudeau with painted black skin and a large white turban shows that, as the 29-year-old celebrity son of a former Prime Minister, Trudeau was in no manner a mature role model or teacher.

The cringe-worthy blackface photos are just one example. Trudeau’s photo is featured over and over again in the yearbook, smiling and hanging out — looking more like a teenage student than a teacher in his late twenties.

A former student taught by Trudeau at WPGA, informs us he was the back-up drama teacher, a yearbook instructor, coach of the ultimate frisbee team and he taught French to children in the junior school. Another student stated that “he was nice and floated around … not a great teacher though.”

After myriad articles on the black-face incidents, it is interesting to note what CBC, Globe & Mail and others have perpetually omitted. As the son of  former three-term Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, does Justin not have a responsibility to maintain reasonable and socially acceptable behaviour in public?

After the rampant exposure of Trudeau frivilious approach to life in his late-twenties, shouldn’t it be obvious that this man’s character is substandard not only for a ruling prime minister, but also as the son of a prime minister.

CAP Conclusions: Immaturity, lack of taking responsibility, attention-seeking par excellence, lack of empathy for others(black people), an element of mania within his character, and many other curious character traits.

“The only photo that shows Trudeau actually teaching came in the 2000 yearbook, where Trudeau can be seen wearing a traditional Scottish Highlander outfit — a white puffy shirt, knee-high socks and a kilt — reading to children with the caption: “Mr. Trudeau loves teaching French to kindergarten students.”

The outfits. See Justin wear a kilt while teaching kindergarden. See Trudeau wear a crazy Alladdin crown. Watch as as our PM pirouettes in public wearing a silk Bollywood costume.  Blackface, or Bollywood--how do you like your prime minister to be dressed?

The absurdity is undeniable. The man has been caught red-handed as a flakey individual not quite in step with the social etiquette typical of a member of a political “royal family.”

Trudeau has said that he was a math teacher, but there is no mention of Trudeau teaching it at WPGA. The page featuring the school’s Mathcounts competition team lists all the teachers involved. Trudeau’s name is not included.

Trudeau is featured very prominently, however, on the school’s ultimate frisbee team page, with three different photos showing Trudeau in wild outfits — hugging and roughhousing with the students. His various costumes included black and white face paint, a big black afro wig, a kilt and a large Mickey Mouse hat

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CAP have a reputation of being caustic as heck–so here goes: Vote Prime Minister Mickey Mouse! If elected, Mr. Trudeau will donate a “tickle-trunk” complete with South Asian Sari’s, a “Shaft” look-alike outfit, Mickey Mouse ears, and other tasty tid-bits to every new arrival from the Third World–illegals included.

It’s all so insane–but naturally, not according to National Post, Toronto Star or CBC. These media institutions actually take Trudeau seriously. Therefore common-sense Canadians(bye now snowflakes) understand that media is seriously sick-in-the-head at this particular juncture.

Back to the yearbook: In it, Justin Trudeau as “a loud-mouthed maniac.” What an “endorsement” this is. Obviously, those who were taught by Trudeau believe him to be of stellar character. His skill at diplomacy as a 29-year old informs Canadians this young man has the necessary social skills required to become a future prime minister– not!

In terms of the “big-picture,” what does all this mean? How can a person so puerile end up prime minister of Canada? CAP will answer first: the people of Canada were hosed–to borrow a colloquialism from Bob& Doug MacKenzie.

Who hosed us down? Number one in CAP’s opinion is Trudeau advisor, Gerald Butts. He is the mastermind behind the charade– to deceive 37 million voters by positioning Justin as everything he is not. Not competent, not mature, not studied, not serious, not fit to govern.

Hey Canada–you were lied to. Trudeau. Butts. United Nations. Global Banking. Nation of Islam. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. Billionaire globalist George Soros and his “Open Society Foundation. LGBT. China. Saudi Arabia.

This is the short list of the forces behind the placement of Justin as prime minister. Taking a step forward, once elected, how would Mr. Trudeau treat these various globalist entities? Does it make sense that he would comply with their collective desires?

Do tell, patriots–what has trans-pired in this regard? Has, or has not, Canada’s “King of Kings” adhered to the globalist philosophy of every one of the these entities? CAP say Oui!–damn straight he has.

And just to think: If even one article with these contents appeared within establishment media publications in Canada, Trudeau would be finished. He would then more than likely go down in history as Canada’s Pied Pier–or perhaps Peter Pan–of Canadian political history.

Justin Trudeau–Prince of the Politically Puerile. CAP have a name for this situation– the “Great Globalist Swindle.”

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau. Voters–you have been warned.

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