PM Justin Trudeau’s Covert ATTACK On Anglophone Canadians

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Before former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper was ousted from office by Liberal challenger Justin Trudeau in 2015, he popularized a succinct but under-utilized term–“Old Stock” Canadians. This refers to Canadian-born, generational citizens of Anglophone and Francophone extraction. Good thing, as subsequent to Trudeau seizing control of the Canadian consciousness this community has been transformed into our nation’s “invisible” community.

For the past four years, Justin Trudeau has been waging a tacit form of warfare upon English Canada. The attack comes from two fronts: A firm and perpetual dedication toward the entrenchment of Islamic ideology into government and society, coupled with a punitive approach toward those who follow the Christian faith. The examples are glaring. As one example, reinstatement of citizenship for ISIS killers on one hand, enforced Liberal members of parliament for fetus-destruction on the other.

While this covert battle occurs media remain silent. During the forty-odd years since multiculturalism was forced upon society not a SINGLE MEDIA ARTICLE has appeared taking a look at how Old Stock Canadians view the great Trudeau social engineering program. How do the Canadian-born actually feel about these societal changes?

Conversely, each day we here from liberal-oriented and Third World journalists on the trials and tribulations of the immigrant experience. “Islamophobia” is consistently thrown in the faces of Canadians, including myriad grievances depicting white Canadians as racists and xenophobes.

Curiously, Justin Trudeau does not defend these communities, but rather LEADS THE ATTACK. While spending time speaking and praying at various Canadian mosques, it took Trudeau three and a half years of a four year term to step foot in a church. His many apologies for the historical behaviour of Anglo-Christians has branded the community the nemesis of all others.

While condemning a person rumoured to have torn a hijab off a young girl’s head(she lied), Justin has never once spoken out  against the mass murder of Christians in Africa and Middle East.

Old Stock Canada has been rendered a dinosaur by Trudeau. He has no interest in a shrinking demographic having few children. Why? Because he understands this is a demographic who will never buy into his “no core identity” deceptions. Therefore, these Canadians are today EXPENDABLE. This is the way historical despots behave– a number of them high on the admiration list of the Trudeau family.

What Justin Trudeau is really interested in–and taking tangible measures to establish–is a post-modern Canada transferring power from a “relic” community into the hands of globalist ideologues intent upon a reinvention of Canada as post-Christian society.

Thus far–with media’s assistance— Trudeau has done one hell of a job moving the agenda forward.



2 thoughts on “PM Justin Trudeau’s Covert ATTACK On Anglophone Canadians”

  1. The reason why you are powerless is because of the traditional division with the other old white stock society, the one Trudeau hails from. It’s called Quebec or French Canada.

    • Justin’s father is from Quebec/French Canada, not Justin himself and although he did go to school in French, he is much more comfortable speaking English. I am English, grew up in Quebec and I do speak French. French Quebec appears to be the only province holding onto their traditions and values and not apologizing for it (hence the law prohibiting religious symbols like the hijab in public sector workplaces) while English Canada appears to have advocated in favour of multiculturalism.


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