Justin Trudeau’s War Against Parental Rights In Canada

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a problem with the traditional family unit, particularly when it comes to the topic of sexual identity.

A recent rise in parental push-back against LGBT indoctrination in Canadian schools illustrates our PM’s curious approach to the family unit. Along with Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, Marci Ien, PM Trudeau is waging war against Canadian parents.

Both believe that the state, rather than parents, should maintain jurisdiction over Canadian youth.

In contrast, Premier of New Brunswick Blaine Higgs recently took a bold stand against the LGBT-for-youth movement endorsed by our Liberal government:

“Ruling conservatives in the Canadian province of New Brunswick this week made changes to rules for schools as they sought to ‘recognize the role of parents’ in questions around gender identity.”

Beginning on  July 1, 2023 forward, children under 16 “must have parental consent to alter their names and pronouns at school.”

Trudeau will have none of this. Regardless of the age of a child, Canadians must not be discouraged from transitioning away from their natural-born sexual identity. Parents must not interfere with the child’s decision– even when said person is too young to comprehend the life-long ramifications of making the decision.

Canadian media back our PM’s positioning with aplomb. All opposition– indeed all questioning–  is branded “hate” by the LGBT-pushers. Like Trudeau, they refuse to distinguish between two key aspects of the equation:

In nearly all cases, parents are not objecting to homosexuality as a lifestyle. The same applies to the topic of transgenderism. What common sense Canadian parents object to is enforced LGBT indoctrination of our children being promoted within Canada’s public school system.

The distinction is easy to understand. PM Trudeau, in addition to “woke” educational warriors, refuse to acknowledge this piece of reality. They would much rather play victim than recognize a vital distinction.

As for Trudeau himself, one has to wonder how he arrived at the “state domination of children” dynamic.  Does our PM have a personal problem with the family unit as it has existed from time immemorial, or is his anti-family stance more political in nature?


“It is a peculiar fact, stated Engels a few months after Marx died, that with every great revolutionary movement the question of ‘free love’ comes to the foreground.”

“By the mid-to-late nineteenth century, it was clear to advocates and opponents alike that socialists shared a propensity to reject the institution of the family in favour of ‘free love’, if not in practice, at least as an ideal.”

PM Justin Trudeau: 

“You should be able to be who you are and love whom you love, free from discrimination and hate. Full stop. No ifs, ands, or buts. We’ll keep working to make that possible – and we’ll always stand with 2SLGBTQI+ people at home and around the world.”

Against the grain, away from media presentation, we discover a vital piece of symmetry. Communist ideology undermines the traditional family unit. Is it not a fact that ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau was an ardent admirer of communism?

In China, government hold jurisdiction over the family. Our Liberal government advocate for the very same structure. Was Trudeau Sr. not an advocate for Chinese-style communism? Of course he was. And as they say, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

“While Marx once alluded to a higher form of the family in communist society, he and Engels usually wrote about the destruction of the family. The relationships they envisaged for communist society would have no resemblance to the family as it existed in nineteenth-century Europe, or anywhere else.”

“Thus it is certainly appropriate to define their position as the abolition of the family. Only by making the term family infinitely elastic can they be said to have embraced merely a reformulation of the family.”

Beauty, eh? Making the term family “infinitely elastic.” Is this not the modus operandi as advanced by the LGBT-warriors? Of course it is, and of course Justin Trudeau is all for it.

So-called son of a communist enthusiast, the motive for Trudeau’s ubiquitous endorsement of transgenderism is rooted in communist ideology. In a million light-years, mainstream media will never allude to the ideological source of the LGBT assault on Canadian society.

‘Taxpayer Funded Drag Queen Camp For 13-Year-Olds In Winnipeg’

“A youth theatre that receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funding from taxpayers is hosting a ‘Drag Camp’  for kids as young as 13. Manitoba Theatre for Young People (MTYP) will hold the camp from Aug. 21 to 25, 2023 for teens aged 13 to 18.”

Kids will be able to become “Drag Things” by being instructed in make up, wigs and drag performances. The camp costs $350 for registration. 

“Do you love the idea of being a Drag King, Drag Queen, or Drag Thing but don’t know where to start? Explore the fun of drag through this week-long introduction to the art form.”  

An art form, eh? How sweet it is to know that the prime minister of our country is funding this form of social debauchery. Want your child to be reduced to a “Drag Thing?”

Step right up, Mr. and Mrs. Smith–it will only cost you $350.00 in greenback– a bargain if there ever was one.

What a disgrace we have in PM Justin Trudeau. The time is now to stand up to the trans-madness, as over 1000 citizens recently did at a rally in Ottawa:

“On Friday, over one thousand concerned parents, children, and allies gathered in Ottawa to take part in the Education Over Indoctrination protest against the promotion of LGBTQ content in schools.”

Degree of exposure from CBC News? Not a word. Like Trudeau, they are fanatical supporters of sex-change transition for Canadians of any age.

A sick prime minister, a sick society? Parents must stand against the LGBT-Transgender war against the family unit, and fast.

The ball is rolling. It’s up to all of us, of all personal backgrounds, to stand against Justin Trudeau’s communist-derived LGBT war upon Canadian society.

2 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s War Against Parental Rights In Canada”

  1. Perhaps the excitable; perverted Trudeau should transfer the 1990’s Canadian Armed Forces recruitment ad–To the LGBT(+) industry. “There’s no life like it!” Speaking of “drag thing”–Will the “long war against God” Trudeau insist that the “camp” blare the 1989 song “Wild Thing” over the loudspeakers? “[Drag] thing, You make my heart sing, You make everything groovy.” Perhaps the abominable Trudeau will silence the Peace Tower quarter hour bells–And play this instead.

  2. And some wonder why this country burns with the woke pos coward that calls itself a PM. What does it say about a country and a society that would chemically and surgically castrate their youth in the name of an ideology so perverse it robs parents of their very basic parental rights over their own offspring. This is why Marxist’s come after your guns and property rights. Including your children. You better stand up to this BS Canada or you have lost your country for ever. If they got your kids there is nothing they won’t come after next. These goat rodeo woke liberal progressive pos marxists are hell bent on our destruction as they have opened a gate of hell in this country. History repeats right in front of us and we never learn.


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