Justin Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” Transform Friendly Canada Into A Cold-Hearted Society

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From a year 2020 perspective, PM Justin Trudeau’s 2015 proclamation of a “sunny ways” society appears entirely baffling. Here is what CAP would like to know:

How would five years of draconian, pseudo-communist behaviour of the part of the Liberal government result in said “sunny ways?”

Without question, PM Trudeau has spent his time in office incrementally eroding Canadian citizen’s inherent rights of freedom of speech, freedom the press– in additional the steady erasure of democracy in Canada.

All of this is positively punitive. That is, toward what ex-PM Stephen Harper coined as “Old Stock” Canadians. Who are these folks? Why, they are the communities which government  transitioned to the “doghouse” of post-modern society from 2015-2020.

Media say nothing. Their post-modern role is to insulate the agenda, thereby facilitating its expediency. CBC hide all this away on behalf of our national trans-formation into a neo-Liberal Dictatorship.

Now, let CAP move to the “street level” of the situation. Consider present-day life in Vancouver, B.C.– ground zero for Cultural Action Party of Canada.

First off, we must mention that we believe Covid19 is an instrument of communist social control. It comes from China, and is designed to disseminate a socialist lifestyle among western democracies.

For CAP, a massive transition has taken place. Once a friendly–and trusting society– things have really changed. Vancouver is cold as ice– in August, 2020. Not the weather, but rather THE PEOPLE.

You wanna have your hand bitten off by a masked grey-haired lady on Granville Mall in downtown Vancouver? Just wave your arm too close to her face, and watch the fur fly.

Truly, the “vibe” in the street is awful. Dirty looks, total mistrust in their eyes, our society has become bitter as hell. What makes it so much more extreme– in CAP’s opinion– is how our communities are presently being FLOODED with 3rd World migrants and refugees.

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CAP do not care what CBC has to say about current immigration intake. Rather, what we see is an explosion of Middle Eastern and African immigration to Canada as we speak.

Furthermore, CAP know who is responsible. In choosing one individual who most established this 3rd World intake agenda, the answer is MP Ahmed Hussen, ex-immigration minister within Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet.

CAP has provided copius amounts of evidence and ideas on this, so we hereby eschew the specifics. The point is, against the WILL of the people– every poll shows public opposition-— half-Canadian citizen from Somalia, MP Hussen, set up the necessary ties with African nations to make this massive intake a reality.

Degree of focus by CBC? Nothing. Extent of commentary from Globe & Mail? Also nothing. Toronto Star’s exposure? Again, nothing at all. Talk about one GIANT cover-up!

Yet, this is life in 2020 Canada. Our government  have been diligently transforming our country from democracy to dictatorship. For this to occur as fast as possible, massive 3rd World immigration dominates Canadian society in 2020.

The deception of 38 Million Canadians in this regard is 100% calculated. The agenda is successful for one good reason: PM Trudeau has successfuly emulated the government media structure in his family’s “home-boy” nation of China.

This is the story of how Canadian society has been hi-jacked– and re-invented– by PM Trudeau and his motley crew of Liberal cultural assassins.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)



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  1. You have low IQ people voting for this Moron. I am 70 years old and have never ever voted for the Liberals, and never will. What he has done to this once great country, he should be charged and put in jail, with the key being tossed away.


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