Justin Trudeau’s Step-By-Step Plan For A Totalitarian Canada

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“Modern liberals hurtle from extravagant tolerance to suppression without batting an eye. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dramatizes the tendency.”

Recently published in the Wall Street Journal, this comment speaks volumes regarding the condition of Canadian society. It articulates what all citizens should understand– but do not. Under the iron-clad rule of PM Justin Trudeau, there is but a thin line between liberalism and totalitarianism.

In Trudeau’s Canada, all is social equality until a segment of the population disagree with government, and take action. In an instant, Trudeau and the Liberals clamp down on the offenders. The most authoritarian measures in modern history become a social standard, witnessed in government response to the Freedom Rally Protest in February, 2022.

PM Trudeau’s playbook goes like this:

1. Declare a crisis.

2. Construct a narrative around the crisis.

3. Push the narrative via establishment media.

4. Use the narrative to consolidate power.

5. Slander, censor and persecute all those who oppose the narrative.

Students of 20th century history should pick up on a pattern. The establishment of totalitarian states follows this architectural blueprint. From the Russian Revolution in 1917 to the rise of European fascism during World War II, it is a common process.

Loss of personal freedom, erasure of freedom of speech, vilification of communities, confiscation of weapons. What do you know– the Trudeau government are engaging in all of it. Covid limits personal freedom. The Liberal’s Bill C-36 erodes freedom of speech. The Truckers Convoy established a villain community. Bill C-21 confiscates guns owned by citizens. All of this aligns with historical countries which transitioned to authoritarian government control.

Most often, citizens cannot see it coming. A collective blindness exists when media morph into an instrument for dissemination of government propaganda. Intrinsic to success is a specific methodology: roll out the changes on an incremental basis. Massage the public into acceptance. Do not feed the people more than they can chew at any one time.

In order to remedy the agenda, citizens must have an ability to choose leaders dedicated to upholding truth and defending liberty. As opposed to woke globalist governments who exploit social crisis to centralize power and crush dissent.

This ideal is fading fast. At this point in the game, Canadians must question not only the degree of coercion shaping government policy. We need to question whether coercion has reached a degree in which political leaders are being selected rather than elected.

For purposes of brevity, we omit anecdotal evidence. What we put forward takes the form of skepticism regarding the election of specific Canadian politicians. Prompting discovery is recent exposure of the relationship between government and the World Economic Forum. It seems a certain affinity exists between elected officials, and WEF membership.

Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Ahmed Hussen and a host of current Liberal Cabinet members. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, ex-Liberal Cabinet Member Maryam Monsef, ex-Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Call us skeptics, but we have for years wondered how these people find themselves in office. Ahmed Hussen is a half-citizen of Somalia. Elected three times in succession, MP Hussen has held three positions within the Trudeau Cabinet, including Minister of Immigration. Jagmeet Singh won his MP seat with no connection to his riding. In a matter of months he became leader of the NDP Party. Singh is presently banned from entering IndiaNaheed Nenshi was elected as Mayor of Calgary three terms in a row. A rather odd occurance in a city known for conservatives, cowboys and white people. Not that it prevented him from whining about racism the entire time.

Maryam Monsef, half-citizen of Afghanistan or Iran(never clarified), is the youngest MP ever to hold office. She lived in Canada for just six years before Trudeau appointed her to his Cabinet. In 2018, Ms. Monsef attended WEF meetings in Davos with PM Trudeau.

Monsef was, in order, Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Minister of Rural Economic DevelopmentMinister of International Development, Minister of Democratic Institutions and President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada.

No doubt she would have remained indefinitely– until a fatal mistake was made by referring to the Taliban as her “brothers.” Lord knows it is near-impossible to get these people of out office, but this one was just too much. Monsef finally lost in her riding of Peterborough, Ontario. Even under the circumstances, she didn’t lose by much. Conservative Michelle Ferreri received 27,301 votes. Monsef came in second with 24,564 votes. There must be a heck of a lot of Taliban supporters in Peterborough.

Is there a connection between elected officials in Canada and World Economic Forum membership? We cannot say for sure. There are, however, some strange coincidences in the form of incongruous relationships between voter communities and those elected. Two of them recently took place in Alberta. Mayor Jhoti Gondek replaced Naheed Nenshi in Calgary. In Edmonton, former Liberal Cabinet member Amarjeet Sohi was recently elected as mayor.

The two have much in common. Both have followed every directive advocated by Justin Trudeau since the day they took office. So dedicated are they that Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has had to force Gondek and Sohi to drop Covid restrictions. What western leader is playing pandemic restriction hard-ball more than Justin Trudeau? There is none.

There is something very suspicious in all of this. The general feeling being that Canada is not in control of its own destiny. An unspoken but ubiquitous force seems to be guiding our country toward a fate currently eluding the general population.

There is indeed “something in the cards” in terms of the future status of Canadian society. While exact details linger in a political grey zone, one piece of tangible evidence does exist: every bit of it kicked into high-gear the moment Justin Trudeau became prime minister of the dying Great White North.

15 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s Step-By-Step Plan For A Totalitarian Canada”

  1. The entire liberal government needs to be jailed for their horrific views and treatment of the Canadian people. ASAP!!!

    • One hundred percent all of them deserve to be treated by one by one who don’t support Canada and Canadians Citizens.
      Never we should have liberals in the Government.

  2. Is there a connection between elected officials in Canada and World Economic Forum membership?
    Duh! According to Klaus Schwab himself, Trudeau is a NWO poster child and the WEF has infiltrated at least 50% of the Liberal cabinet. Schwab openly brags about it.

  3. “Conservative Michelle Ferreri received 27,301 votes. Monsef came in second with 24,564 votes. There must be a heck of a lot of Taliban supporters in Peterborough.”

    Absolutely. As stated; An election outcome very incongruous to the mostly white; conservative population. Somethings rotten in Denmark. And yet–how much influence does the WEF actually have? How can these ghouls decide elections in Canada? Something ain’t right; especially a Muslim mayor being elected to three terms–In “redneck” Alberta.

    A homosexual–Who took great “pride” in his unrelenting attacks on Pastor Art Pawloski’s Calgary street ministry. Can’t have those horrid Christians feeding the hungry; or sheltering the homeless. Two Muslim mayors; two Alberta cities. Both of them a menace. Examples aplenty of these suspicious election outcomes.

  4. International court, should arrest him along with Freeland and others. Harm against Humanity to start….one of many many charges!

  5. All of the elections have been rigged. From the federal elections all the way down to the municipal elections. It’s very obvious.

  6. From the moment the video showed ONE swastika I suspected the carrier was a Trudeau plant in a convoy that Trudeau knew was headed his direction long before it arrived on his doorstep.

    Likewise the ONE person seen on the tomb of the unknown soldier. And Trudeau and HIS press made hay of those TWO ‘plants’ to cast faulty dispersion on thousands of Canadian citizens who were obviously peacefully and legally protesting his illegal COVID mandates. Likewise ONE confederate flag that protesters dismissed immediately.

    Trudeau himself led suspicion of these as ‘plants’ by ignoring the obvious misfit of them with the convoy, continuing to drum on all three ‘to this day’ as if they were representative of the thousands of peaceful protesters. And on top of these evidences, Trudeau needed the identities of convoy donors in order to freeze their bank accounts – glory-be the database is hacked and their identities published on posters on the streets of Ottawa, ‘just in time for the Trudeau act.’

    On evidence of kidnapping/hostage that police and military already have power to defeat, Pierre Trudeau invoked The War Measures Act in order to crush the ‘FLQ’ (all Canadians?) in 1970 – and got away with dictatorship in a country that HE continually tooted as “democratic.”

    Justin Trudeau is about to invoke its new name, “Emergency Act” in February 2022 to crush a peaceful protest against his violation of the Constitution and Canadian Rights and Freedoms (that has already produced deaths, paralysis etc. etc. etc.) And THAT while many countries have dropped all COVID restrictions BECAUSE the shot does NOTHING to protect the vaccinated or the unvaccinated from COVID. In other simpler words, in order to continue to violate the Constitution and Canadian Rights and Freedoms, Trudeau is on the verge of invoking the War Measures Act (renamed).

    During the ‘campaign’ of the last federal election, video footage showed Trudeau all but tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail everywhere he went in his fan-see bus. And now we see reports of some 250,000 votes that were not counted.

    All of the above seem to show the blind leading the blind.

  7. Funny how Elections Calgary brings in the new electronic voting machines, doesn’t tell a soul until you see them on election day and low and behold Jhoti Gondek is mayor


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