Justin Trudeau’s Soft Spot For Islamic Terrorism

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The recent murder of British Parliamentarian David Ammes illustrates the point. Comparing Canadian presentation with international media output reveals a stark contrast. Only within non-Canadian media sources is there an emphasis on the identity of the accused.

The alleged killer is Ali Harbi Ali, a British national of Somali heritage. While Canadian media speculate on the danger of violence toward Canadian MP’s, they omit or downplay the identity of the accused– on purpose.

Media do not want to stir up “Islamophobia.” With this as a pretext, let us consider several incidents of this nature having occurred on Canadian soil.

In early 2019, Nasradin Ali attempted to burn down Langara College in Vancouver. The charges were stayed and the case never went to trial. “He’s from Somalia, and I know other Somalians, even though they’re in their 20s now, have lived with tremendous trauma.”

In August, 2020, Deng Mabiour, a refugee from Sudan, was accused of first-degree murder in the death of Dr. Walter Reynolds, a family doctor in Red Deer, Alberta.  A witness told media that she was in the waiting room when she “heard cries for help and saw a man with a hammer and a machete.” 

The outcome of the trial, if it took place, is unknown. Both Red Deer city council and local media have remained silent to this day.

In July, 2021, 31-year-old immigrant Umar Zameer was charged with the murder of Toronto police officer Jeffrey Northrup. Zameer was arrested and subsequently charged with first-degree murder.

Toronto Police Chief James Ramer alleged the incident was an “intentional, deliberate attack.” The accused was released on bail on September 21st, 2021.

After the news of Zameer’s bail was made public, Ontario Premier Doug Ford tweeted his shock at the accused’s release, saying “this is beyond comprehension.” Minutes later, the tweet was deleted. The fate of the accused cop-killer is unknown.

In July, 2017, 13-year old Marrisa Shen was allegedly murdered by a Syrian refugee by the name of Ibrahim Ali.  The most recent news on the murder case tells us that the trial is delayed until “sometime in 2022”— a five year span without a single piece of relevant news appearing in media.

In 2018, another Syrian refugee, Faisal Hussain, was accused of shooting fifteen Canadians in the Toronto neighbourhood of Danforth.  Among the dead were Juliana Kozis (age 10) and Reese Fallon (age 18).

“Video evidence and eyewitness reports of Hussain’s killing spree show a man who is determined, focused and fully in control of all his faculties.”

All accusations of terrorism were dismissed. As they have been in all these cases. Unfortunately, this is not the only common thread involved. What we have here is evidence of  government, media and legal industry collusion. For all crimes perpetrated by racialized migrants and refugees, details are to be sublimated.

Why? For Cultural Action Party, the answer is found in government priorities. Which is of greater value– immigration and refugee policy, or the lives of innocent children as young as 10-years of age?

Government policy taking priority over life itself? To what extent does this reflect the essence of a free and democratic society? Yet, in a twisted manner, Canada comes by it “honestly.”

“The Liberal Party believe that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship …because I do. And I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that.”

There you have it. Canada is a terrorist-friendly society. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says so. Media work the will of his government. Our academic world stand by in silence.

How far our nation has strayed from its moral principles. The incremental nature of the erosion– coupled with media obfuscation– having conditioned society into full complacency.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

10 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s Soft Spot For Islamic Terrorism”

  1. Trudeau has done nothing good for Canadians in his term and is without a doubt the most hideous leader this country has ever had.

    He is a failure in everything he does and an embarrassment to the country. Unfortunately his supporters fail to see this and with his ability to buy the vote gets him re-elected but only with the support of the NDP which is a party without a clue.

  2. “The Liberal Party believe that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship ”

    Is it considered hate speech to say I hate Justin Trudeau? Why does he have such a deep hatred for Canada and Canadians, much like Singh has for Conservatives?

    • In Canada’s Butts-backward society, those who hate Canada attain the greatest degree of political success. Trudeau, Singh at the top of the dung-pile.

  3. Trudeau must be defeated. Our immigration system needs to be overhauled. The stories above prove that is the situation. I have travelled the world and love people from every country I have been to.

    When we accept immigrants that want to make a new life in Canada, it is imperative that they understand our laws and that they will be enforced. If politicians are not happy with those laws or choose to ignore them, those politicians should face charges as well.

  4. Canada is a just country with just laws and anyone, including immigrants, who break those laws need to accept responsibility.

    Why our politicians are allowing special situation status is not acceptable and stopped. We will not allow immigrants to take the law into their own hands. Our immigration policy needs some serious attention and our laws need to be enforced.

    This should be a major consideration when accepting new immigrants. If we will not enforce our laws with certain individuals then they must be refused entry.

  5. I think its time some one did a count just to see the size of the population of the “Canadian Communist Chinese ” that are living here in Canada.

  6. And you don’t mention the Islamic terrorist (with an ISIS flag on the front seat of his vehicle) who mowed down pedestrians in Edmonton a few years ago.
    Police were chastised/called out for mentioning the flag and the person’s country of origin! By the media and by politicians (both of which are quick to identify white males—esp white police officers—whenever they are involved in any altercations!).

  7. Its truely sickening watching trudeau ruin Canada day by day he needs to be removed hes a dictator and a communist muslim backing terrorist supporter and a complete disgrace to our countty Canada.If anyone needs to be deported its trudeau.


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