Justin Trudeau’s Six Year Path To Neo-Totalitarian Governance

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Definition, to·tal·i·tar·i·an·ism

“A system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.”

Skill-testing question: Does Canada in 2021 require complete subservience to the state from its people? Correct answer: Not yet.

Such is the nature of systems of government based upon the authoritarian. The history of totalitarian seduction of nations reveals that an incremental approach is most effective.

Underneath the surface of the Covid pandemic lies a seldom-discussed social issue. To what extent has the worldwide pandemic opened the doors for an emulation of authoritarian governance?

The school of political science speaks of a number of core traits involved in the rise of totalitarianism. Critical to the conquest is mass communication to spread propaganda.”

The internet is an unprecedented advancement in worldwide communications. Does this have the potential to serve as a vehicle for an establishment of neo-totalitarianism? In place of dictators arrive billionaires, their money, and their non-profit charities.

A cornerstone of the advent of state authoritarianism is found in censorship. In Canada, we are at present staring this in the face. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hell-bent on passing Bill C-10 and Bill C-36. While the former is corporation-oriented, the latter is aimed straight at the pens(keyboards) of average Canadian citizens.

Authoritarianism, a derivation of the totalitarian ethos, is defined as:

“Favouring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom.”

This fits the post-modern Canadian condition. Despite media obfuscation, erosion in the power of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a by-product of Covid regulations. Other than during a time of war, never before in our nation’s history have the rights of the individual been suppressed as they are at present.

Moving to the topic of leadership, let us consider what defines a dictatorship:

“Form of government in which one person or a small group possesses absolute power without effective constitutional limitations.”

Does Canada have constitutional limitations at present? We certainly do. Yet, in application, these limitations are far less stringent than at any point in history other than during a time of war. It is also a fact that consolidation of power is more concentrated in the PMO than ever before.

In fact, we can take a step beyond this, and state that never before have non-elected, state-empowered figures held sway like they do at present. The quintessential example being Dr. Theresa Tam. No one elected this person, nor any provincial health minister. Non-elected means non-democratic–  another sign of political transformation. 

A dictionary definition of fascism speaks of “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism.”

Here, synergy is discovered in Canadian media’s treatment of the Opposition Conservative Party. At no time has such uniformity existed in media’s malevolent treatment of an official Opposition.

As defined in Wikipedia, totalitarian regimes are characterized by “widespread personality cultism around the person or the group which is in power.”

Enter Justin Trudeau. This man is, without question, the most unfathomable political figure in Canadian history. Simply put — no one likes him– yet there he remains. A three-term winner who has done more to benefit foreign nations than he has ever done for the benefit of Canadians.

There is no question that the Liberal Party maintain cult-like characteristics. We find this in a government which maintains control based not on policy– but rather through ideology. At the root of their success is an emotional charge– as common to dictatorship of the past.

Along this path, another commonality is unearthed. Dictatorships of history accelerate their success through designation of a “villain” community. Step right up, all you unvaccinated citizens of Canada.

Don’t you now? It is you who are responsible for the problems within our society. Government and media have corralled you into a fenced-off outsider community. Ostracized, the controlling institutions sneer and jeer in your direction.

Extend to which media reflect any aspect of what is herein expressed? Zero is the answer– as fits the mould of state-controlled authoritarian governance.

All of this accomplished within the six years that Justin Trudeau has served as Prime Minister of Canada. 

7 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s Six Year Path To Neo-Totalitarian Governance”

  1. If totaliterianism is what we have to endure he is definately NOT the person to lead! He is, without doubt, the most arrogant, narcissistic, mentally deranged, self serving criminal to have ever graced any seat of power!

    Why is he allowed to cross the line of justice so many times without penalty? What the hell are our “Federal Police” doing? They let this corrupt bastard get away with the most heinous of crimes while incarcerating innocent people for not wearing a stupid mask?

  2. Theresa Tam. Unelected, and likely taking orders from China. Most assuredly subservient to the WHO. (Is there any difference?) Let’s not forget that all of the provincial health lords were not elected–And hold us hostage to their capricious whims.

  3. Dominion voting machines distorting elections, destroyed democracy long ago.
    Constitutional Republic rules of law, under
    God must be instituted, to break WEF terrorism!

  4. Canada needs a “Second Amendment” and fast – and the good thing is Trudeau’s Canadian Military of 45,000 feminists is a farce and would likely side in and help putting down Trudy’s “Emperorship” in the bud and save Canada for Canadians!!

  5. What Trudeau has done to our country is mind boggling! We are quickly turning it into a Communist country but even the overwhelming gate for this man has done nothing to stop his totalitarian agenda.
    Trudeau us a bonafide narcissist, and sadly, there is no way to get through to a narcissist. He believes that he is truly omnipotent and can do anything he wants….force people to get vaccinated, stop the. from travelling in our own country or the world, censor ANYTHING that criticizes him and totally controls the media. I feel so badly for our growing children, who will never realize what a wonderful free country we once had.😢
    The one news network that actually is reporting the truth as to what is going on is being censored by Trudeau because “he can’t handle the truth!!!” He is a tyrant and despicable in every sense of the word!


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