Justin Trudeau’s Pro-3rd World, Anti-Anglophone “SILENT REVOLUTION” In Canada

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If it were not for pre-meditated media positioning by way of Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” media cabal, a majority of Canadians would have an ability to recognize a profound truth regarding our country:

PM Trudeau is leading a national “revolution” within present-day society. The signs are tangible--yet obscured by media so that news readers have a difficult time tying together the “loose ends” of this globalist-driven social rebellion.

CAP Theory: The government of Canada are presently– at this very moment--turning our society “upside down.” The end game is serious– Anglophone and European-Canadians are being transferred to the “doghouse” of society.

This CAP claimed to become a reality upon the ascension of “globalist” cultural assassin Justin Trudeau to the throne of Canada. This was in the year 2015. In 2020, we state that the “revolution” is rolling along at lighting speed.

At the heart of the matter is what CBC and corporate media are hiding from 37.8 Million citizens— Trudeau has transferred Canadians of European Heritage into post-modern “second class” citizenship status.

CAP has coined this “Second Nations” Canada. Within this context, Trudeau’s chosen Third World communities are set to accumulate whatever power  “Old Stock Canada” held previous to Trudeau’s “Silent Revolution.”

Think about the term “systemic racism” which is today all-the-rage among Canada’s plethora of Anglo-hating social forces. Multiculturalism is the weapon, as are mass immigration, die-versity and rampant refugee-pushing.

Here’s a recent development which well exemplifies the agenda:

“When it comes to things that inspire Canadian pride this Canada Day,the country’s association with the British monarchy ranks dead last.”

So says CBC News— Canada’s premier Anglo-bashing, Euro-trashing news/socialist propaganda media outlet. On the opposite side of the spectrum, CBC continue their perpetual “luv-affair” with the usual suspects.

Turns out the CBC love Gays, the transgendered and above all–the Nation of Islam. For Canadian media in general, Islam can do no wrong. Their community leaders are not prejudiced against non-Muslims, and in no manner promote racism, bigotry or xenophobia.

Muslim nations are free of racism(CBC never breathe a word), free of oppression of Christians(never speak of this ever), and contribute copious amounts of greatness within Canadian society.

Consider this state of reality for a moment– what is your opinion as a Canadian about this piece of social reality:

The founders of Canadian democracy were of British origin-Sir John A. MacDonald was Scottish in heritage. Canadian governance– inclusive of civil/human rights laws and legislation–are British in origin. Ditto for our legal and court systems.

Every fundamental machination within governance and legal jurisprudence in our society are rooted in western democratic tradition. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press– all rooted in European-derived governance.

Now, it is a fact that those presently bashing ands trashing white Canada are utilizing these fundamental freedoms of Canadian society for the purpose of throwing Anglo-European Canada in a proverbial trash bin.

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CAP Conclusion: Witness as your country– as well as one specific identifiable community–is tossed aside like so much trash– by way of our very own laws!

See the game they play? And this is far from the only example. Consider the concept that Anglo-European Canadians are PAYING for the decimation of their own communities. This the globalist lobby refer to as “multiculturalism.”

Know where CAP think this strategy comes from? Here it is: former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau’s series of meetings with China’s Chairman Mao Tse Tung in the early 1970’s–that’s where.

Sure, it’s a “hunch”– but for CAP, this seems like communist scheming straight outta 1970’s Beijing.

What CBC Never Speak Of…The Future of Canada:

What’s next up for this government/media assault upon our people? So much of CAP would like not to believe the following. Post-modern warfare, that’s what. The globalist agenda is now shifting to the following political strategy:

Political Islam mesh with Black Lives Matter. BLM blend with World Sikh Organization. Sikh-Canadian politics influence Black community politics- and ’round and “round we go.  In other words, a consolidation among what were once disparate Anglo-bashing forces.

Here in Canada, our prime minister fully endorses this plan of action. In fact, truth be known–Justin Trudeau is the leader of this movement. Keep in mind this person is among the “global elite” of the planet.

Trudeau, Aga Khan, Bill Gates, Clinton Foundation, United Nations, George Soros’ Open Border Society, China, geo-political Islam. This is who Justin Trudeau really is.

The above is a form of “religion” for these uber-rich globalism strategists.  Fact is, the concept of nationalism is the last thing a Liberal-Globalist billionaire type wants to witness. People like Justin Trudeau despise Canadian patriotism–especially when it “reeks” of Anglophone-Canadian support.

Upon the successful integration of BLM and related white-hating not-for-profit organizations, war is declared. Not publicly, of course. Just as the agenda thus far has rolled without Canadians becoming conscious of the agenda, the merging of these movements into a consolidated political force will be obscured by socialist warriors at CBC and the rest.

The battle for the “soul” of Canada is well underway. Our side is LOOSING big-time. Pierre Trudeau started an attack upon Anglo-Canada, and spawn Justin is here to finish off the job.

Canadians of European heritage should be prepared–which is, of course, the last thing Trudeau, his Liberals and his media slaves want to be understood by Canada’s Anglo-European communities.

“What a wicked game they play!”






2 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s Pro-3rd World, Anti-Anglophone “SILENT REVOLUTION” In Canada”

  1. I certainly agree with the opinion throughout this article. Having said that, I will add that bits and pieces are either overlooked or forgotten.
    1.Do not let yourself be fooled, many people in Quebec feel the same way as what’s being described, in the article, for Anglophones inside and outside of QC.
    2.What is this obsession with the Monarchy? Specially when we know that they’re part of the New World Order and that they belong, under more secrecy than most, to the International ‘Pizzagate’ pedophile ring. Wake up!
    3.Trudeau will be extremely difficult to oust from his throne due to all the money used to “buy” voters in various social and business spheres. It is no time to divide Canadians any further; it’s time to unite and fight!
    I encourage readers, and all Canadians, to search how Iceland kicked out its corrupted Government, got rid of its debt and learn about their ‘modus operandi’ as it would also be applicable in Canada 🇨🇦.


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