Justin Trudeau’s Pandering To Nation Of Islam Leads To “Terrorist Threat” Designation

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The book exposes several of the Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, and their successful efforts in penetrating the education system, their charities and their methods of funding Islamist intimidation campaigns. All these and more, while attempting to RESHAPE THE COUNTRY IN THEIR OWN IMAGE. 


4 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s Pandering To Nation Of Islam Leads To “Terrorist Threat” Designation”

  1. Justin Trudeau, is demolishing everything that’s dear to Canadians. Will he preside during the breaking up of Canada? Not a nice way to go into the history books, is it? Not a nice way to treat Canadians either. In another country, he would have been forced to step down, long ago. In Canada? Nah, we just go belly-up and give in!

  2. Justin Trudeau is hiding behind OUR CANADIAN FLAG, not his flag. He is a traitor to our Canadian ways and should be branded as traitor. Not only remove him from office but take away his Canadian Citizenship rights. Also, take away any of his pension rights to Our Money. Canadians are fighters. Take a look at Our Military History. Ban together Canadians and in October remove this Anti-Canadian fool and his party from politics. Then charge him with treason.


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