Justin Trudeau’s OBSESSION with LGBT, And Other Sexual Fixations

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Does Canada have a prime minister with “sex on the brain?”  CAP believe so–emphatically. Since taking office in 2015, the Trudeau government has focused an INORDINATE amount of energy into issues of a sexual nature.

Liberal government reach into the private, family and sexual lives of Canadians is unprecedented. Too bad the general public lack an awareness of the situation. As with other elements of the globalist conquest to re-define Canadian identity for all-time, media REFUSE to put together and reveal the BIG picture of the sexual policy obsessions of Justin’s Liberal government.

What is it about homosexuality which has kept Justin Trudeau fixated on the topic for his entire four-year term as prime minister? Truly, he behaves like a MAN POSSESSED. Pride Parades, Transgenderism, Gay Rights–you name an element of the LGBT movement, and Justin is there with PINK BELLS ON.

In 2016, PM Trudeau made a critical change to a piece of government legislation. Was this a matter of the safety and security of Canadians as it relates to terrorism, refugee fraud or illegal immigration? Nope–the issue was anal sex. Trudeau felt it essential to LOWER the minimum age for this practice from 18 To 16. Quite the critical social issue, eh?

While on the topic of the macabre, we move to the tender world of sex with animals. In 2016, the Supreme Court of Canada made a decision fundamental to the well-being of ALL Canadians. In their infinite wisdom, they decreed that bestiality is only illegal if it involves(gasp) penetration.

In 2017, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel introduced a bill  that sought to broaden the definition of bestiality to include ANY contact by a person, for a sexual purpose, with an animal.” Most Conservative MPs and Liberal MPs, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, voted AGAINST IT and the bill was defeated.

Way to go, Justin Trudeau. Sex with animals–another critical issue within society.  As informed Canadians understand, Justin Trudeau is Canada’s number one poster boy for the LGBT movement. See Justin waltz through adoring crowds as he lifts his “transgender” flag high in the air. Such dedication, such PRIDE.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, the parents of a 6-year old girl are suing their daughter’s school for mental trauma resulting from SOGI-style LGBT indoctrination in her classroom.

A Grade One class at Devonshire Public School, part of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board network, six-year-old “N” watched a YouTube video as part of her teacher’s lesson plan on gender.

N is the kind of child that adores school—or did until the particular morning that prompted this column. The video was entitled, “He, She and They?—Gender: Queer Kid Stuff “The video contained statements such as “some people ARE NOT BOYS OR GIRLS.”

The lessons continued and so did N’s distress, to the point of asking to see a doctor about her fears. In another case, a parent revealed her son’s story, which bore similarities to N’s in that the child had NEVER shown the slightest sign of gender confusion before lessons on gender theory began in school.

The parents took their son to see a psychologist. When she was told the NAME of the school and teacher, the therapist exclaimed, “You are the SEVENTH SET OF PARENTS from that class who have come to me with this problem!”

Oh, the joys of the world of transgenderism! During the transition process, dangerous hormone drugs are injected into the bodies of children as young as 12-years of age. Drugs reveal these drugs INCREASE chances of heart attack and stroke. The drugs are NOT approved by the FDA for use in sex change therapy.

Justin Trudeau likely knows nothing and definitely CARES NOTHING about the reality of the sex change industry. In typical fashion, all he can see is the superficial, pride-oriented element of the equation. This he rides with into the sunset for the purpose of capturing the gay and trans voter-base.

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Many Canadians are aware of what goes on at Pride Parades. In some cases, grown men walk around half-naked(or all naked) in front of Canadian children. Good idea? Please do tell–what percentage of Canadian parents would be in favour of such a thing. Only the mentally-twisted types, which CAP will estimate to be perhaps 5% of the population.

What does our PM have to say about this? Would you believe…NOTHING AT ALL? Transgenderism for our children. Not a problem by way of King Justin. Mass abortion? Come one pregnant woman, COME ALL. The operation can be performed at any time from conception to FULL TERM. While not strictly a sexual issue, it does tie into Justin’s overall sexual aesthetic.

Anal sex. Bestiality. Sexuality for 16-year olds. Sex change for 12-year olds. Voyeurism at Pride Parades. Promotion of homosexuality. Promoting  transvestite behaviours.

Yes, one might expect this from the average sexual degenerate–but from the federal government of Canada? How does Trudeau get away with this UNSCATHED? Simple–our mainstream media.

Has any major(or even minor) Canadian media figure articulated these ideas  for the purpose of enlightening Canadians on the sexual proclivities of Mr. Trudeau? OF COURSE NOT.

Within post-modern Canada, delivering in-depth, investigative reporting regarding issues of this nature is strictly TABOO. Media’s job is not to expose this information, it is to PREVENT its exposure.

Reminding anyone of another of Justin Trudeau’s obsessions? It does for CAP— namely, the relationship Justin Trudeau/Media have with the Nation of Islam. Although LGBT is  the polar OPPOSITE of Islam, the very same dynamic applies to Mr. Trudeau all-encompassing support of all-things-Islamic, and media cover up of the very same.

Coincidence? Not a frackin’ chance. The same dynamic exists because the forces driving to entrench Islam within our society are the same as those driving the LGBT assault.

There is a school of thought which maintains that liberalism and deviant sexuality are closely related. It is difficult to argue that pedophilia has not become more prominent within society in the past decade–particularly in the past few years. Rumours abound of political figures involved in this nefarious activity. Think uber-creep, Jeffrey Epstein, and his island.

Does EVEN ONE of the decisions Justin Trudeau has made regarding sexuality and related laws/legislation constitute an attempt to IMPEDE the growth of deviant sexuality–particularly as related to OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN? Has the Trudeau government taken a SINGLE STEP to discourage and condemn another child sexuality- related practice– female genital mutilation for Islamic teenage girls?

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Seems Justin Trudeau has better things to do than PROTECT innocent Canadian children. Rather, it appears King Justin has an open-door, “no hold barred” attitude toward “alternate” sexuality– including sexual activity as it relates to our children.

What on earth would motivate the prime minister of Canada to behave in this manner?


8 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s OBSESSION with LGBT, And Other Sexual Fixations”

    • He is a sick fucking bastard and the media has ensured that this behaviour by our completely useless PM isn’t brought into society.

  1. All one has to do is look at the way Trudeau presents himself in conversation with anyone from other countries as he sits with them. He has his legs crossed in a feminine way and loves to show off his fancy socks of the day. He strikes me as not being a feminist but rather one who swings both ways. His actions and the way he presents himself in most cases is that of a feminine not masculine either. His actions within Government by enacting legislation reducing the age for consensual anal sex is further proof for my assertion.

  2. He’s effeminate which is why he appeals to liberal women (they love feminine males because these beta-males reinforce the notion that there is no natural difference between the sexes). Just the way he behaves and talks is strong evidence (IMO) for him being a closeted homosexual. But even if he isn’t, he’s weak and effeminate, and those types of men crave tyranical power to make up for their personal weaknesses. Regardless, he’s just one of very many WEF psychopath puppets.

  3. His provinces are burning up , sickness and death everywhere, from covid they say, Millions and millions sent to promote wars while are hospitals decay before our eyes, Major flooding across our country truckers are thugs and criminals , for blowing there horns while he praises china s political system gas at 2 dollars a liter . go ahead Canada vote him in again you deserve what you get a Playboy


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