Justin Trudeau’s Multiculturalism Morphs Into “Monocultural” Third World Political POWERHOUSE

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“Oh, that’s so out-of-style.”  A common phrase indeed, yet one which in a million years will never be applied to Multiculturalism in Canada.

Perhaps a better word to describe this uniquely Canadian phenomenon is “archaic”out-dated, backward, antiquated. This is what CAP believe is the present-day state of multiculturalism in Canada. This social imposition was founded in 1971, and in 2019, its 100% out-dated.

There are myriad reasons why. One contender is the fact that the original purpose of so-called “diversity” in Canada is to create an “equal playing field” among Canada’s various identifiable communities.

Is this what has truly trans-pired? Not in CAP’s books. Rather, what we see within contemporary Canada is this agenda morphing into something completely different:

Multiculturalism in 2019 Canada is a political weapon–a power-grab of magnanimous proportions. Let us be clear in what we are communicating– yes, Canada has diversity of peoples. Yet, in terms of political power, there is nothing of the sort.

Justin Trudeau’s brand of “multiculturalism” has little interest in diversity, and every interest in solidifying power for specific ethnic communities. In terms of an accumulation of power by way of elected MP’s, Justin Trudeau’s diversity is limited to two particular communities– Sikh Canada and Muslim Canada.

This is more than apparent post-2019 federal election. In colloquial terms, Sikh and Islamic Canada “rocked the house” in the recent election, racking up dozens and dozens of wins, particularly in the globalist-created Third World powerhouse of the Greater Toronto Area(GTA).

Why did this occur? Quite simple, actually. the GTA is so jam-packed with new arrivals and older immigrants from the Punjab and Middle Eastern nations that there was literally zero chance an MP candidate from outside these communities could win their seats.

How multicultural is this? Depends on one’s point-of-view, really. Ever heard of globalist-speak like a “majority-minority” community? This is how government and media deceive the public.

If this propagandistic term was not utilized by establishment media deceivers, these ridings–Brampton, Markham, Ontario and many more– would be referred to as what they truly are: “White Minority” ridings.

When will CBC and the rest trans-sition to these proper labels? Simple–on the 12th of NEVER. Conclusion: Anglophone Canadians are getting fracked over like never before in history.

Now, because we have a Trudeau as national leader, it gets worse. Not only is Sikh and Muslim Canada our Liberal government’s “chosen people.” The flip-side of this relates to  who are PM Trudeau’s “un-chosen.”

Simply put, they are Anglophone and Christian-Canadians. Our ruling government– King Justin as PM with commie-in-the-shadows, advisor Gerald Butts— are trans-fering Anglophones to the nemesis community of Canada.

Talk about a 1-2 globalist blow to the brain! Advance Sikhism and Islam, while running “Old Stock” Canada into the dirt by way of branding our peoples racists, bigots, and xenophobes.

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Intriguing Question Time: Considering that many of those who run down Anglo-Canada are themselves Anglophone Canadians, what conclusion can be drawn from this dynamic?

Please do tell– is Sikh Canada running down Sikh-Canadians? Is Muslim-Canada vilifying Muslim Canadians? Of course not! It is white Canada, and white Canada only, who engage in this form of self-flagellation.

Does this sound “natural” or organic to you? Or rather, does this appear to be a product of a specific social agenda? CAP will state the following: Darn rights its an agenda. Do we see Chinese Nationals in China slamming their own communities? How about the people of Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan?

Of course, one good reason why this does not occur is because those doing the slamming may well be shot dead by police on the street–generally a deterrent for most sane human beings.

There is more: CAP will boldly state that, in fact, multiculturalism in Canada is one giant myth. Here is a reason why: this globalist propaganda campaign is “exclusive.” It fully boxes out specific Canadian ethnic communities.

Examples: Italian Canada, Polish Canada, German Canada, Ukrainian Canada, and Irish Canada. What do all these have in common? Simple–they are all European-Canadian communities.

Now, put this together with the globalist-enforced powerhouse of bi-cultural Sikh and Islamic Canada.

This is the true state of so-called “multiculturalism” in Canada– what CAP sometimes refer to as “die-versity.” We coined this term, and we are proud of doing so. It speaks volumes relative to “diversity”– a globalist lie if there ever was one.

So Justin Trudeau is elected as PM by the myriad ethnic and religious communities in Canada. Then, once elected, he goes to work on behalf of Sikh and Muslim Canada. This is why we despise this man.

Of course, Justin’s form of “work” involves dancing like a whirling dervish while wearing Islamic garb, as well as prancing around like a pratt in “Bollywood” style Punjabi outfits.

Media go along for the ride. A moment’s diversion, please. Can anyone imagine the reaction to former PM Stephen Harper donning an all-black Hasidic Jewish outfit complete with furry black hat and those curly locks orthodox Jews often wear?

Would this not have been the most surreal occurence in Canadian political history? Would media not “crucify” Mr. Harper for this bizarre behaviour? All trust in the man’s sanity would be lost forever.

Not so with Justin Trudeau. In simple terms, CBC and the Globe & Mail behave as if Trudeau’s “tickle trunk” costume antics are as natural as rain in North Vancouver.

What a giant sham this is. Justin Trudeau has made a mockery out of Canada. Even worse, however, is the tacit trans-fer of power from Old Stock Canada to Third World Canada.

Our PM is a so-called “Old Stock” Canadian— so why has he betrayed his own people? Look for this on an upcoming 30-minute feature on this topic on CBC’s “The National.”

Yeah, right. It will never occur–because in effect, the Trudeau government now own CBC and the rest of establishment media in Canada.

Multiculturalism as a panacea for the nation of Canada? Give CAP a damn break–it is nothing of the sort. Rather, diversity  is  social weapon for a transfer of power from Old Stock Canada to “New Stock” Canada— Sikh and Islamic Canada–and no one else.







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