Justin Trudeau’s Legacy: Self-Appointed LEADER Of The Third World

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Within the spectrum of present-day Canadian politics, a plethora of curiosities exist. Among mainstream media– CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and others– a strange consistency exists among those tasked with delivering authentic news to our citizenship.

Indeed, the “mystery” behind the decision-making of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ranks as the most vehement anti-Canadian behaviour of any previous national leader. Even Papa Pierre Trudeau cannot compare–and neither does the media coverage during the time period the founder of globalism remained national leader.

Euphemistically referred to as “Multiculturalism,” Trudeau Sr. literally forced this pseudo-communist piece of social engineering upon an unsuspecting Anglophone population.

Fast forward to 2020— and now we do “suspect.”¬† As in, perhaps 10% of Old Stock Canadians today comprehend what the Trudeau “Dynasty” has truly delivered to our dying Great White North.

That’s 10%— as opposed to the 90% of citizens who would understand Trudeau “reality” if media had presented even a modicum of truth over the past four decades.

Example: Take multicultural policy. Together with mass 3rd world migration, has this not functioned as the most extreme form of social trans-formation in modern Canadian history?

Of course it has. Degree of media analysis, journalistic commentary and academic analysis of this piece of anti-democratic legislation? Nothing at all.

Now, why would media of a so-called free and democratic society eschew commentary on such a transformative government policy?

Simple Answer: Because government SAYS SO. For CAP, this is an incredibly poor reason–not to mention ominous and dangerous.

Fact: Multiculturalism is a unilaterally-enforced social policy. No Canadian voted for it. No citizens agreed to it. The people of Canada were shut out of the greatest social policy decision in history, while Globe & Mail failed to communicate this to the general public.

Know what CAP call this? Pseudo-socialism. Due to the nature of government in Canada, it gets far worse–like this:

Fast forward to 2020, and meet PM Justin Trudeau:

— Polls inform us that the Canadian majority are opposed to an increase in immigration quotas–Trudeau increases them from 310,000 to 340,000.

— Polls reveal the Canadian majority oppose illegal refugee intake— Trudeau approves the intake.

— Polls reveal the majority of Canadians steadfastly disagree with re-instatement of citizenship for ISIS terrorists–Trudeau does it regardless.

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Perhaps 5% of Canadians will get this, while the lion’s share will not.

Why? Because CBC hide these concept from Canadians. Anything else? To quote that political genius Austin Powers“yeah baby yeah.”

There is an ideological affinity between the social policy of father Pierre Trudeau, and son Justin Trudeau. CTV say nothing. It is an historical truth that the son has come to fulfill the father’s dream of a socialist Canada modelled upon Trudeau family hero-nations like Cuba and China.

Media obfuscate the entire scenario. Obviously, Toronto Star and National Post are in favour of Canada continuing to walk the plank toward our transition from democracy to pseudo-dictatorship.

A very recent example: Utilizing the Covid-19 debacle, PM Trudeau attempted to take total control of government:

“The Liberal government will table emergency legislation that would equip Finance Minister Bill Morneau with far-reaching powers to raise taxes up until the end of 2021.

“The bill, tabled in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, would allow cabinet to create, remove or modify any tax through regulations, and therefore without the approval of Parliament.”

What CAP call this: The single greatest socialist-style power grab in political history.

What CBC call this: Business as usual.

For establishment Canadian media, this little “tid-bit” appears to be no more ‘ground-breaking’ than the Alberta mine Mr. Trudeau recently cancelled on behalf of Tides Corporation.

See what CAP is getting at here? We are talking monumental, unprecedented non-democratic power-grabs of the highest order.

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, Justin Trudeau has re-affirmed the largest immigration quotas in Canadian history. Not a significant development, eh?

In fact, this is absolutely reprehensible behaviour, while CBC’s Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hebert approach it as if it is no more relevant than “Dust In The Wind.”

Enough with examples–the data is in, and validated. CBC expose nothing of the sort–not a single sentence which would expose any aspect of what is expressed herein.

TRENDING ON CAP: Globalist Agenda, Phase 2: Trudeau Creates SOCIAL CHAOS In Canada

Lesson To Be Learned:

Government and Media work as a single unit–a sure-fire sign of communism. The favourite form of governance of the family Trudeau? Why, communism is the one.

These ideas are, in fact, not complex at all–they are simple and clear. Enter mainstream media for the purpose of twisting the information into a jumble of nothingness on behalf of the Trudeau government.

CAP Conjecture: The prime minister of Canada does not work for the people of Canada. Not even close. His true “masters” are the United Nations, Geo-Political Islam, Sikh Nationalism, Communist China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other political entities antithetical to the Canadian way-of-life, as well as our traditional form of governance– democracy.

Final point eschewed by media: Canada is a dying democracy. If media hide away this concept, than media too are working for the same forces as Justin Trudeau.

And guess what, folks– Covid-19 is, in our opinion, a critical piece of the globalist puzzle. King Justin’s giant pay-outs to Canadians are positioned as a purely positive development by CBC.

CAP cannot agree–what we see is the deadly pandemic utilized to subtly transform our citizenship into government-dependent peoples–the exact format which exists within a communist nation such as China.

In other words, it is political “subterfuge”– defined as “Deceit used in order to achieve one’s goal.”

This, fellow patriots, is the very essence of Justin Trudeau’s agenda to transition Canada from democracy to dictatorship.



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