Justin Trudeau’s Legacy? Importing The PROBLEMS of The Middle East Into Canada

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Sixty-three Canadians were among the 176 people killed when a Ukrainian passenger plane crashed near Iran’s capital only minutes after takeoff.

The Ukraine International Airlines jet, Flight PS752, hurtled into farmland outside of Tehran only minutes after taking off from the capital’s main international airport.

All 176 passengers and nine crew members on board the Boeing 737-800 aircraft were killed. Upon hearing this distressing news, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a canned statement he has issued so many times during his tenure:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he’s “shocked and saddened” to hear about the Ukrainian passenger plane crash in Tehran, Iran which killed 176 people including 63 Canadians.

“Our government will continue to work closely with its international partners to ensure that this crash is thoroughly investigated, and that Canadians’ questions are answered. Today, I assure all Canadians that their safety and security is our top priority,” Trudeau said in a statement.

CAP Commentary: Trudeau is lying– and this is why: If it were factual that the safety and security of Canadians was government’s top priority, illegal refugees would not be welcomed into Canada to live off the tax dollars of working Canucks.

Additionally, convicted ISIS terrorists would be banned from returning to Canada. Are these people not an obvious risk to the safety and security of 37.5 million Canadians?

So King Justin is “shocked and saddened”-– why? The world is in turmoil as a result of the geo-politics of Middle Eastern nations, theocratic governments, and militant Islamic terrorism.

As it happens, the Trudeau government has supported  these entities in no uncertain terms. Why doesn’t he apologize for this? Oh, CAP almost forgot–he has been to busy demonizing Anglophone Canada by way of apologies to Sikhs, Chinese, Jews, Muslims, First Nations, Gays and the Transgendered. 

What a strange and curious fellow Justin Trudeau is. A real mystery man. Trying to understand the logic in his decision-making and public commentary would make a common sense Canadian’s head spin.

Speaking of common sense–something CBC and media perpetually eschew– let CAP posit a simple question:

After four-plus years of PM Trudeau, have the social conditions within Canada– inter-community harmony and social equality among all communities–White, Black, Asian, Arabic, Sikh— improved, or deteriorated?

C’mon, fellow patriots–the answer is obvious and apparent. It is also what CAP predicted would occur after Justin first put on his Canadian crown. The examples are myriad, so for brevity’s sake we will focus(no surprise) on one particular aspect.

Here it is: the manner in which Justin Trudeau “came out of the gate” as a Third World advancing, Islamic-promoting national leader.

The first move Trudeau made as PM? Importing 35,000 Syrian refugees into Canada. Oh, the joy our ruling government took in tossing this one into Canadian society. Did this not help Mr. Trudeau solidify his position as “hero-messiah” of the globalist brigade?

BURIED BY MEDIA: 76% of Justin Trudeau’s 2015 Syrian Refugees UNEMPLOYED in 2019

From there, it was four steady years of importing, promoting, financing and indemnifying the Nation of Islam within society–as well as government. Cabinet positions for first time 31-year old Middle Eastern migrant, MP Maryam Monsef. Approval of half-Pakistani MP Iqra Khalid’s ethnocentric M103 “Islamophobia” motion. And of course, selecting a Somalian Refugee as immigration minister– half- Canadian citizen, MP Ahmed Hussen.

Then, as if to rub salt in the would, PM Justin informs Canada that for his second term as PM he will be taking more of a “low-key” approach to governance.

CAP get it, buddy-boy. Establish the fading, former “Great White North” as a Third World repository. Empower Sikh and Muslim political figures like never before. Import enough Third World voters to potentially lock in the Liberals as “government-for-life.”

Then, once the goals of his globalist string-pullers are accomplished, take a back seat, appoint a Deputy Prime Minister to do the dirty work, and spend your time digging in the sand in Costa Rica.

What can a sensible, non-snowflake Canadian say about this character? CAP has a practical idea: STOP being the prime minister of Canada. Face it–you have failed Old Stock Canadians in no uncertain terms.

Remember these folks? They are the 20 million-odd Anglophone Canadians who Justin has not mentioned or referenced even on a single occasion. Yet, conversely, Trudeau has functioned in a “saviour-like” capacity for Sikh and Muslim-Canada.

Justin, our people hate you. How much more frank can one be? Quite a lot, actually–it’s just not presentable material to include in a published article.

CAP’s Deepest Wish: That the family of Pierre, Justin and brother Alexandre Trudeau take their proper place within the continuum of Canadian history.

Please step into the political trash bin you so deserve to occupy.






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