Justin Trudeau’s Homosexual Obsessions Continue With $150 Million Giveaway To FOREIGN LGBT Communities

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He’s back. Like some bastardization of the introduction to the Johnny Carson Show, Prime Minister Trudeau is once again handing out hundreds of millions for LGBT rights in foreign countries.

Not to imagine he has forgotten about Canadians- our domestic LGBT folks in Alberta are good for a million big ones from Justin’s tax-funded personal piggy bank.

According to Post Millennial News,the Trudeau government are giving over $1 million to three different LGBTQ+ organizations, the federal department of Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE) announced in a news release Thursday.

“We all have the right to live with respect, safety and freedom. That is why our government is taking important steps to address past and current discrimination against LGBTQ2 people across Canada, and to celebrate and strengthen our country’s diversity,” says Maryam Monsef, Minister of International Development and Minister for Women and Gender Equality.

What a load of bird-droppings. If this Monsef lady truly cares about women’s rights, she would stand up in the House and condemn Sharia law-based  female mutilation practices in Canada. She won’t. After all, this would result in a condemnation of an aspect of her faith, and those like this lady never do such a thing.

Next, we hear from Trudeau’s hand-selected Minister of LGBT:

“It is our commitment to reconciliation, it is our commitment to ending discrimination, it is our commitment to making sure that everybody, every diverse voice in this country is heard,” says Randy Boissonnault, MP for Edmonton-Centre and Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on LGBTQ2 issues.”

Yet what this transgender-pusher omits is that their is a mountain of evidence confirming the danger of sex change surgery–particularly for children. Transgender hormone therapy has resulted in blood clots, strokes, and an increased chance of heart attack.

In an interview with The Telegraph, world-renowned genital reconstructive surgeon Miroslav Djordjevic said his clinics are experiencing an increase in “reversal” surgeries for those who want their genitalia back. These people express crippling levels of depression and, in some instances, suicidal thoughts.

Claudia MacLean, a transgender woman, is quoted as saying her psychiatrist referred her to a sex reassignment surgeon after having only a 45-MINUTE consultation. “In my opinion,” MacLean said, “what happened to me was all about money.”

Physical and psychological well-being should be a concern, given that 41 percent of transgender people will attempt suicide at some point in their lives, and people who have had sex reassignment surgery are approximately 20 times more likely than the general population to die by suicide.

Get it, Mr. Boissonault? Of course he doesn’t. Rather, he zips his lips regarding the entire downside of the transgender movement. But wait a sec–isn’t his job to protect the health of the homosexual and transgender communities? Of course– so why doesn’t he do the job?

Conclusion? Neither Maryam Monsef or Randy Biossonnault are doing their job properly. No surprise–neither does MP Ahmed Hussen, nor Trudeau himself.  Monsef–hypocrite. Mr. “Randy”- hypocrite. This is simply the Liberal way

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“In addition to these initiatives, the federal government has expressed a desire to fund, develop, and perpetuate cultural events across Canada, specifically Pride events. This desire has led to the federal government making multiple million-dollar pledges to various organizations involved with organizing Pride parades across the country.”

“According to Mélanie Joly, Minister of Tourism, Official Languages and La Francophonie, these investments are part of a broader goal of expanding the tourism sector by reaffirming Canada’s support of LGBTQ2+ persons and events to attract LGBTQ2+ persons from all over the world.”

Common sense conclusion: Justin Trudeau is advancing Canada as a homosexual nation. Manhood is discouraged, transvestite behaviour promoted, transsexual support provided for people of any age. All anti-masculine, and all backed to the hilt by the Trudeau government.

CAP Salient Question Time: Who voted for our nation to be trans-formed into the homosexual capital of the western world? This would be no one at all. When running for PM in 2015, how much of this agenda was delivered up for public consumption to facilitate informed voting amongst 37 million Canadians?

Answer: NUNAVET!  There’s your post-modern Canada for you– an anti-democratic, pseudo-totalitarianism dressed up in pink t-shirts and frilly dresses. How Justin Trudeau.

And guess what? For as long as Justin is in politics–and most likely beyond–he will push the same agenda as always: Islam, Gays, Sikhs and Transgendered are the most relevant and important Canadians within our nation.

Anglophones, Christians, Nationalists, Conservatives–you bigots best go soak your head in Lake Superior, for the new Canada has been ushered in, and you people are not part of it.

Let us face facts: Canada currently has a ruling government OBSESSED with homosexuality. How strange. What is even more baffling is that they maintain the same level of obsession regarding the Nation of Islam.

More weirdness. Aren’t the LGBT and Muslim communities polar opposites in belief and ideology? Yes, they are. So why does King Justin promote/obsess over BOTH communities?

CAP has an answer: It has nothing to do with their divergent belief systems, and everything to do with the Liberal-Globalist animosity toward the Christian faith. By supporting both movements–in addition  to no-term-limit abortion in Canada– Justin Trudeau has proven himself an adversary of the Christian faith.

Then, Andrew Coyne of the Globe & Mail published exposing the entire sordid affair. Quite. Of course he didn’t, and of course no other establishment media journalist did so either.

These are topics rendered taboo by the globalist-liberal hegemony. The negative elements of Abortion and Transgenderism–these are topics our government render off-limits for mainstream media.

$150 Million more big ones for the promotion of homosexuality in nations outside of Canada. A brilliant use of Canadian tax-dollars, eh?



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