Justin Trudeau’s Half-Brother Supports Truckers, Condemns “Human Experimentation”

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A Canadian man named Kyle Kemper believes a “global corporatocracy” has taken advantage of the COVID crisis to diminish democracy in our country.

Many Canadians maintain “alternate” or conspiracy-type views regarding the pandemic. What makes Kemper  unique is that he is half-brother to Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Kyle Kemper was born to Margaret Trudeau and her second husband, Fred Kemper in 1984.

“On social media, Kyle Kemper urged people to sign petition e2961, sponsored in the House of Commons. It calls COVID vaccinations ‘human experimentation’ and suggests there could be serious adverse effects to taking it.”

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier was pleasantly surprised on Friday to learn of Justin Trudeau’s half-brother’s comments regarding the Trucker Convoy in Ottawa. Mr. Kemper called out Trudeau for his divisive speech towards unvaccinated Canadians. Kyle Kemper openly opposes Justin Trudeau’s Covid vaccination regime. 

No wonder 99% of Canadians have never heard of half-brother. As it happens, Mr. Kemper was one of the Trudeau family members who was paid in full for WE Charity speaking fees. Others included mother Margaret Trudeau, Sophie Trudeau, as well as brother Alexandre Trudeau.

I’m seeing sensible, intelligent people – my friends, my family, our elected representatives – willing to sacrifice their basic human rights in response to this COVID crisis. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines as our way of life gets steamrolled.”

Extent of mainstream media focus on half-sibling Kyle Kemper? Zero. If not for alternate media, Canadians wouldn’t know this man exists– let alone that he loathes government policy perpetrated by his half-brother.

Once upon a time, Canadian media were in the news delivery business. In 2015, Justin Trudeau became prime minister, and media moved into the “Trudeau family protection business.”

Cultural Action Party has published a dozen articles focused on the hidden antics of the Trudeau family. Pierre, Justin, Margaret, Alexandre, Michel– all protected by media from exposure certain to sour public opinion regarding  Canada’s dysfunctional “royal family.”

Royalty Night in Canada is what it is. The time has come to pull the goalie.

35 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s Half-Brother Supports Truckers, Condemns “Human Experimentation””

  1. If Kyle Kemper ” loathes ” government policy by his half brother; he would return the funds that was given to him by the corrupt ” WE Charity ” that his half brother ” Justin ” had his involved in. It is all about money NOT dignity, isn’t it in the final analysis.

  2. I Did not know about the petition e2961. Was the petition posted so the population could see it. Why isn’t this petition on going so more people can view it and decide if they want to sign it.?

  3. Don’t give the money back to trudeau he will just pocket it. Wait till the new prime minister is in then give it back.

  4. That being said and a valid point. I am certainly not a fan of JT or WE. I can’t think of anyone who is furthering their career, or improving their financial standing, by speaking against the Narrative.

  5. Perhaps the half brother was influenced by money/pay off…can’t think of one person who wouldn’t be especially where politics are concerned…money seems to be the “be all..end all”…maybe now he’s just had/seen enough destruction in our country…sometimes our conscience get to us and comes forward as doing some good

  6. Not surprised by anti-Kyle spin. Interesting how no one talks about how WE changed from inception.(started with an idea from students) to what it became until winding down. Put away the pitch forks and start reading.

  7. I don’t like alluding to his family background, but I think Canadian voters should by now realize how important that is compared to other factors when choosing a PM.

    What choice do we have now? There is little choice between the Liberals, the Conservatives the NDPs and the Greens, as we learned in the last election. The only party that offers a glimmer of hope is least likely to be elected (the People’s Party).

    The Globalists have got a tight grip on the reins of power worldwide. I would guess that regaining freedoms lost will be an epic uphill battle.

  8. Guys, Kemper did tell us he recieved around 12000. For the talks he gave. That money paid for flights and hotel rooms for the times he gave his talks. He never made money from that and he didnt mind because he loved to do that.

  9. I just took a look. Can’t see where Kyles name is mentioned with WE in payments. However Justin’s brother Alex was mentioned.
    Anyone have any real evidence on this please post it.


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