Justin Trudeau’s Half-Brother Kyle Kemper Slams The Woke Agenda

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A Canadian man named Kyle Kemper believes a “global corporatocracy” has taken advantage of the COVID crisis to diminish democracy.

Many a Canadian maintains “alternate” or conspiracy-type views on issues of this nature. Yet, what makes this Kemper fellow unique is the fact that he is a half-brother to current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Kyle Kemper was born to Margaret Trudeau and her second husband, Fred Kemper in 1984.

How entirely fascinating this is. Surprisingly, an article on this situation has appeared within mainstream Canadian media.

A recent National Post article states that Kemper is wanting “to overturn a power structure in which his brother sits at the apex. That’s some pretty heavy attitude for a man one step away from immediate family.

The article, dated December 9th, 2020, further states that  “Kemper has not shied away from views that Trudeau would disown.”

According to National Post, he[Mr. Kemper] has “promoted ideas that Trudeau’s Liberals found so reprehensible they called for a Conservative MP holding them to be kicked out of the Opposition caucus.”

“On social media, Kyle Kemper urged people to sign petition e2961,  sponsored in the House of Commons by Conservative Derek Sloan. It calls COVID vaccination “human experimentation” and suggests there could be serious adverse effects to taking it. On his Facebook page, Kemper blasted “the Great Reset.”

No wonder 99% of Canadians had never heard of half-brother until 2020. As it happens, Mr. Kemper was one of the Trudeau Dynasty members who got paid in full by way of WE Charity speaking fees. Others include mother Margaret Trudeau, Sophie Trudeau, as well as brother Alexandre Trudeau.

That one barely made it into media, however Cultural Action Party did publish the following article in July, 2020:

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Reviewing the National Post source article, one enlightening thought began to percolate. “This fellow Kemper is pretty smart guy.” More supporting evidence that he is not the full brother of the current prime minister of Canada.

“I’m seeing sensible, intelligent people – my friends, my family, our elected representatives – willing to sacrifice their basic human rights in response to this COVID crisis. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines as our way of life gets steamrolled.”

Mr. Kemper added that “after 9/11, people said they were sacrificing their rights for freedom. That’s pure Orwellian doublethink. It doesn’t make any sense that in order to be free we need to sacrifice our rights.”

 Indeed, there is great irony in the fact that Kyle Kemper maintains political views diametrically opposed  those of Justin Trudeau. If a Canadian was not mistaken, they might almost think Mr. Kemper does not like half-brother Justin.

If so, he would be joining millions of common sense Canadians in their assessment of the five years that PM Trudeau has been selling society his brand of the “woke” globalist agenda.

Frankly, these people don’t like him either. Kyle Kemper for prime minister? Actually, CAP will pass–our mantra being “no member of the Trudeau family shall maintain political power in Canada in the future.”

6 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s Half-Brother Kyle Kemper Slams The Woke Agenda”

    • The story was on Rebel News and Breitbart as well. I can’t believe what a traitor this self serving s.o.b. is to Canadians. He should be thrown out now before he does anymore damage.

    • If only the people would listen to what he says, among many others. So many are on their high horse thinking they know everything because that’s what CBC, CTV, Global, etc. tell them. So many people are immune to physical evidence and facts. It’s disgusting. This is not the freedom I served for.


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