Justin Trudeau’s Foreign Aid Billions To Middle East FUNDS TERRORISM: Report

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Here is a subject that CAP has harped on about for months–the theory that Justin Trudeau’s globalist-pleasing “foreign aid” giveaways actually end up in the hands of terror-related Islamic organizations in the Middle East.

One reason for this belief relates to how the foreign aid phenomenon(talking billions of dollars) is communicated within Canada’s establishment media. Is this a curiosity, or not:

CBC and the rest inform Canadians that billions of dollars are taken from tax-payers each year, and shipped off to foreign nations such as Ethiopia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Nigeria.

Yet, we are never told anything regarding the process of these giant financial giveaways. How does all this work? Does the money go to specific “humanitarian” organizations without the respective governments maintaining an ability to take the money for themselves, and then hand it to whomever they please.

Logic states if the latter was the case, tens of millions– or perhaps hundreds of millions — could be handed to militant groups aligned with the government agendas of theocratic, religious supremacist nations.

How odd-ball is this? Think about it– over the past decade something in the area of  10 billion Canadian tax-dollars have gone to Middle Eastern and African Nations, yet not a single word has appeared in mainstream media which addresses the questions brought up herein.

Why so casual? Is this suppossed to be some kind of inconsequential, benign concept? Of course not.

Taxpayer-funded Canadian foreign aid in Syria has been stolen by a terrorist organization linked to Al Qaeda.”

According to a Global News reportthe terrorists stole laptops and cellphones that were funded by Canadian foreign aid:

“Gunmen raided an office in northwest Syria and walked off with almost two dozen electronic devices that were part of Canada’s humanitarian contribution to the region, the declassified documents show.”

As noted in the report,Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, is listed as a terrorist organization by the Canadian government. If any Canadian gave resources to HTS knowingly, they could face 10 years in prison. The items bought with Canadian foreign aid and then subsequently stolen are three laptops four projects, 13 iPads, a two-way radio, and two mobile phones.

Caught in a moment and you can’t get out of it…or can he? Seems no matter how incriminating the evidence, King Trudeau of Canada maintains his crown. Sound to you like democracy in action? Not forCAP it doesn’t.

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How does Justin Trudeau become indemnified with Canadian society? Simple–by way of purchasing the Canadian media. As CAP have stated incessantly, we believe Trudeau is a man born to destroy.

Alberta Anger. Wexit. Islamic favouritism. Sikh Sanctimony. Oil Sands. Pipelines. Name the social issue, and you can bet Justin Trudeau has made the situation infinitely worse.

Remember a fella named Andrew Scheer? He is the politician currently be pounded into the pavement by Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest of Gerald Butt’s media slaves. This politician has the audacity to suggest Canada should CUT BACK in “foreign aid” to these nations.

How did the “ene-media” respond? He’s insane! What an outrageous suggestion says CBC.

The truth is, the suggestion is perfectly valid and sensible–no wonder Globe & Mail labelled it one step below sedition. Proving– yet again–that within King Justin post-modern Canada, media are nothing more than globalist lemmings leading our country over a globalist cliff to perish in national hell-fire.

Of course, it doesn’t help matters that PM Trudeau created a form of “sub-parliament“within the Liberal caucus. Here we speak of Justin’s “cabal” of ethnocentric half-citizens from the Third World– for example, MP Iqra Khalid, half- Pakistani citizen and MP Ahmed Hussen, half-Somalian citizen.

The empowerment of these individuals–in tandem with the empowerment of “multicultural” not-for-profit organizations such as National Council of Canadian Muslims– ensure that a “built-in bias” exists within government to facilitate the trans-fer of billions to despotic Middle Eastern nations.

Now for something which may well annoy the tens of thousands of Canadians who follow our writings: this is the true Canada. Sorry to say, but what is herein described is the real, authentic Canada of 2019.

Buried By Media:  Justin Trudeau’s Brother Alexandre Worked For IRANIAN GOVERNMENT

All establishment media publications deliver a variation on a theme. While harping about climate change in public, behind-the-scenes the Trudeau government are working for geo-political globalist causes.

Justin Trudeau’s purchase of Canadian media has led to a most peculiar phenomenon– media deliver a narrative which hides and obscures the true Trudeau agenda: Full-on, never-ending support for the Nation of Islam’s various interests within western democratic nations.

When government own media in a “communist” fashion, this is what trans-pires. This is the exact state-of-affairs our nation finds itself in  under the pseudo-communist government of King Justin Trudeau of Canada.


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  1. Sounds like treason to me trudeau should not be above the law he should be arrested tried and convicted then do 50 years in prison never to do politics again…..

  2. Every single time since Justin Trudeau was elected in 2008, when choosing between Canadian values & political Islamic values, he has ALWAYS taken the path of hard-core political Islamic values. He is constantly defending them, deflecting criticism and making statements that we have to accept Islam
    in Canada. Justin Trudeau Gave $160M to Hamas.


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