Justin Trudeau’s Dictatorial Leanings At Forefront As Election Looms

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Despite media obfuscation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has from day one in office  flexed political muscle to keep Canadian citizens in line. Trudeau — in autocratic style — is perverting our justice system on behalf of his uber-rich friends and political pundits. Furthermore, he is getting the police TO GO AFTER those  inconveniencing his government by revealing some of its shady back-room dealings.

SNC- Lavalin. Omar Khadr. Admiral Mark Norman. Jody Raybould-Wilson and Jane Philpott. Supreme Court Judicial assignments– just a few of the examples of serious government over-reach– of not an actual BREACH of Canadian law.

How does he get away with it? One element, of course, lies in media presentation. Yes, some mainstream publications are giving him a rough time now–three and a half years into his tenure as PM. It wasn’t always this way–not by a long shot.

Yet, all the while, the essence of Justin Trudeau–the man and the politician–has yet to be properly articulated to the general public. Justin Trudeau is an aspiring DESPOT. His political heroes are not the founding fathers of Canada, or historical heroes of democratic process. Rather, like father and brother, Justin idealizes and pays tribute to communist leaders. This is his true political “bread and butter”– and we are witnessing this in his increasing attempt to CONTROL the Canadian political narrative.

As the federal elections gets closer, Trudeau’s accusations of “white supremacy” are picking up steam. Andrew Scheer, white supremacist, says not only Trudeau, but immigration minister Ahmed Hussen(laughable), as the man simply does not like Anglophones or Christians. And there are others tucked away within Justin’s globalist cabal.

So on we go with the Liberal-Globalist charade. In reality, their party manifesto should be something along the line of “any Canadian who disagrees with us is either a xenophobe, racist or bigot.” But when a government actually GOES AFTER  people to inflict punitive damage upon them for espousing dissent, citizens must realize Canada only functioning as a democracy in name only. 


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  1. Trudeaus’is a communist, globalist, no care for the people. 2 things he hates. It toke 3 yrs to find the real truth. Is this America in the future? Yes! But u better realize before you VOTE! Pls do your homework.


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