Justin Trudeau’s Democratic Replacement Theory

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“Kick the treasonous Great Replacement Theory out of Canada before it takes us off the rails” writes Max Fawcett from the National Observer. As a woke journalist, Mr. Fawcett encapsulates the post-modern breed of “progressive” Canadian media.

When in doubt– shut them up. For Liberal snowflakes like Fawcett, there is much to hate about Great Replacement. Primary of which is that it offers speculation on the demographic future of Canada. Our Liberal government hate that kind of thing. Mr. Fawcett, nor any other of his ilk, dare suggest a pragmatic method to resolve the dispute: show us the numbers.

A study from Eric Kaufmann, Professor at the University of London, states that “Canada is experiencing the fastest rate of ethnic change of any country in the Western world.”

Prof. Kaufmann is quoting Statistics Canada report projections, and he suggests that based on current immigration patterns, Canada will be 80% non-white in less than a century.

There you have it. We don’t need no stinkin’ theory– the demographics tell the story. On the 12th of Never, mainstream media will reference these statistics. Instead, in the spirit of government, they will continue to trash those who dare to stand up to their “progressive ways.” Which, in terms of ethnic-oriented politics, include no progression at all.

Things Mainstream Media Are Paid To Say By The Liberals:

“In Canada, though, it’s a different story, and it’s already become a major issue in the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race. Patrick Brown called on his fellow candidates, and specifically Pierre Poilievre, to denounce the “great replacement theory” cited by the Buffalo shooter as motivation for his hate crime.”

Max Fawcett fulfills his job description. The goal being to associate the Conservative Party with racism, hate crimes and white supremacy. If Max and his cohorts do their job properly, the connection between racism and Conservatism will be entrenched into the minds of Canadian voters.

This is to result in the Liberals winning any future federal election– mission accomplished. Even if the GRT is a pile of bunk, we can always turn to an alternate concept– one which Cultural Action Party has branded Justin Trudeau’s “Democratic Replacement Theory.”

Since day one in office, our current prime minister has been squeezing the life out of freedom and democracy in Canada. Enough anecdotal evidence is available to fill a sequel to Tolstoy’s War And Peace. It will never happen, as Trudeau’s media dollars keep the eye on the ultimate prize– the demise of democratic governance in Canada.

As surely as the Last Spike completed a coast-to-coast railroad system in Canada, our transition from democracy to dictatorship is rolling down the track. Covid, World Economic Forum, WHO, internet censorship, Chinese “social credit,” Digital ID. It’s all there for the people of Canada to see. Incredibly, we don’t seem to be getting the picture.

In the meantime, locked away at Rideau Hall, lacking any tangible relationship with Canadians, our post-modern king sits on his throne. Why should he be concerned? Turns out his competitor– NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh–is the greatest Liberal Party supporter in the country. So much so he recently gifted Mr. Trudeau with a three-year leadership extension– a gift from the globalist gods if there ever was one.

Hence, Justin Trudeau is free to continue to walk Canada down the plank from a democratic society to a pseudo-dictatorship. After which arrives the real thing. Justin Trudeau is interested in replacement– from myriad perspectives. Great Replacement Theory, or any other form of speculation on future society, has been rendered social taboo.

The result for journalists such as Max Fawcett of National Observer is the Fear Factor. “Oh no, the general public are not playing by Woke Liberal rules– no fair!”

No dissent permitted in Liberal la-la land. Alternative theory be damned. Don’t you know? Ours is a progressive liberal society. As such, there is only one path to be taken– the one espoused within Justin Trudeau’s Democratic Replacement Theory.

5 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s Democratic Replacement Theory”

  1. “Covid, World Economic Forum, WHO, internet censorship, Chinese “social credit,” Digital ID. It’s all there for the people of Canada to see.” Including–In tandem w/ Digital ID–Central Bank Digital Currency. (CBDC.) Currently in progress under the auspices of the (seemingly) Trudeau controlled Bank of Canada.) It’s all one big loss-of-freedom package.

    • “Federalism must be welcomed as a valuable tool which permits dynamic parties to plant socialist governments in certain provinces, from which the seed of radicalism can slowly spread.”

      — Pierre Trudeau.

  2. If Canada becomes 80% non white than those whites who are left and happen to be successful will become part of a despised minority. The same thing has happened in other parts of the world to other minorities, if you are too successful than your less successful folks resent you and start demanding you be brought down to a lower level. A wonderful legacy for the young folks eh!!


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