Justin Trudeau’s China Election “Rapporteur” Appointment Is A Sham

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Responding to criticism of a vacation taken by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the home of Ismaili-Muslim leader the Aga Khan, our PM stated that  “I’ve always considered the Aga Khan a close family friend, which is why I didn’t clear this family trip in the first place.”

Interesting it is to note the same status Trudeau has accorded to his choice for Chinese Election interference “rapporteur” David Johnston. In 2017, Mr. Trudeau described Johnston as “a family friend, a man of strength, intelligence and compassion.” 

Upon which Cultural Action Party draw a brazen conclusion: it’s more likely that the Aga Khan would find the Liberals guilty of election interference collusion than David Johnston.

Simply stated, the appointment is a sham. The main reason for his selection is found in political optics. The number one impetus for the choice of Mr. Johnston is found in the fact that he was once selected as Governor General by former Conservative PM Stephen Harper.

This way, Canada’s leftist media can position the rapporteur appointment as unbiased, reasonable and fair. It isn’t– not by a long shot. Trudeau’s backroom schemers understand the thinking of the Canadian majority. Based on a quick scan of news articles, the Johnston-Conservative connection will successfully propagandize Canadians to think the way the Feds want them to think.

Beneath the surface lies a different story. For one thing, David Johnston is currently a member of the Trudeau Foundation, presently implicated in China’s interference efforts.

“Concerns have been raised about Johnston’s appointment due to his close relationship and friendship with the Trudeau family, membership in the Trudeau Foundation, and past meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping.”

Holy Crow. Turns out that the esteemed Mr. Johnson has met face-to-face with the President of China. And this person is going to take an objective approach to the China election interference investigation?

Let us not dwell in the land of absurdity. What truly falls into this category is not only the selection of  a Liberal government stooge. The entire legacy of PM Justin Trudeau has descended into the saddest absurdity in the history of Canadian politics.

Are Canadians presently living in what has been transitioned to a Liberal Government Dictatorship? Not “at some point in the future,” or “one day it could occur.”

No– we mean right now– at this very moment. Is democracy dead within our “no core identity” society? CAP bet all the farms in Cuba that David Johnston will return with a verdict of “not guilty.”

Trudeau and the Liberals will survive the China-scandal, for one fundamental reason. Our country has been hijacked away from its true owners as specified under the tenets of traditional democracy: the citizens of Canada.

Time to face the neo-communist music: in 2023, Canadians do not live in a bona fide “country”– we are living in what is best described as a “post-modern experiment.” An experiment which gives equal credence to the Nation of Islam and the Nation of LGBT-Transgenderism. If this doesn’t qualify as an absurdity, what does?

Point being that the will of government and the will of the people exist within a dichotomous relationship. Never the twain shall meet– with an exception of specific communities. Gays, Muslims, Transgendered, Sikhs, and any other segments which government-media position as Canada’s “oppressed” peoples.

Just this week, an article from the Vancouver Sun informed Canadians of the following:

“At the River Rock Casino in Richmond, B.C. for a Lunar New Year banquet, notoriously Beijing-friendly Senator Yuen Pau Woo, China’s Vancouver consul-general Yang Shu, Liberal MPs Parm Bains and Wilson Miao, and a former provincial NDP cabinet minister were in attendance.”

“Yuan and two of his associates also show up in a peculiar injection of money from Metro Vancouver Chinese donors to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Papineau riding association in 2016 totalling more than $60,000 over two days, as reported recently in Le Journal de Montréal.”

Translating from simplified Chinese, these developments suggests that China’s election interference is in no way limited to federal politics. 

In simplified English, the situation speaks of a possibility that no Liberal Party member or member of Canada’s paid-off press will suggest to the citizens of our country.

Has Canada’s entire political arena– federal, provincial, municipal– become tainted by Chinese money and influence from the government of China?

Can it be that the Liberal Party of Canada, and Chinese government are, in fact, political partners, and have been for decades? Naturally, this is the kind of talk that could get a website banned from the internet. Perhaps this is the purpose of the Liberal government’s emulation of China’s “Great Internet Firewall” in the form of pending internet censorship legislation.

No matter how you carve it up, the meat within Canada’s democratic system has gone bad. Our days as an authentic western democracy may be gone for good.

In 1971, former PM Pierre Trudeau travelled to China to engage with communist dictator Mao Tse-Tung. In 2023, Canadians experience the fruits of his labour.

The 50-year history of democratic decline is nothing short of a media-protected national tragedy.

3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s China Election “Rapporteur” Appointment Is A Sham”

  1. Trudeau’s appointment of Chinaphile Johnston is a complete farce. His (foregone) “conclusions” are already in the bag. We know it. Trudeau knows it. Trudeau knows that we know it. Trudeau doesn’t care. This is yet another huge middle finger in the eyes of most Canadians. BTW–How much will Trudeau’s bootlicker be paid for this pretense? One thousand dollars/day; plus “expenses”? That useless NDP character w/ the Rolex had better get off his bicycle–And help pull the plug on this shameful; wicked government. After all; according to him–“When I’m prime minister.” Lol. Now’s your chance to move up in the approval ratings–“TikTok man.”

  2. Amazingly deafening silence from the Chinese community in Canada. It’s called the 5th column. So much for escaping the oppression of communist overlords in China only to recreate it here in Canada under Mao Xideau. We have all been duped again, polite, and woke idiots for far too long. Good bye Canada the illusion was sweet while it lasted.


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