Justin Trudeau’s Canada: From Racism To “Racism And Islamophobia”

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What a difference four years can make. Once upon a time(2014), Canada had social issues related to racism. As it happens, so does every nation on earth. Within Canada, efforts are made to establish equality among all ethnic communities. After all, racism and bigotry can impact any one of the plethora of ethnic and religious communities in Canada.

Then, Justin Trudeau became prime minister. Once this occurred, the nature of how racism is approached in Canada began to morph into a variation on a theme.

“Racism” in Canada has magically  trans-itioned to “racism and Islamophobia.”

Why? CAP are seriously wondering about the redundancy in the phrase. Is  the term racism not inclusive of Islamophobia? If not, why isn’t “Christophobia” or “Jew-ophobia” included in the wording?

Why the exclusive for one specific community? Darn good question–no answer from government or media. Could the root of this phenomenon be found in Pakistani national and MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 motion? Damn straight it could be.

A new report highlights two years of work to combat Islamophobia in the province[Newfoundland], and urges the provincial government to create institutional change to combat such racism.

“We want the province to start with the idea that Islamophobia and racism exist, that it has an effect on real people, and we have to do something collectively and collaboratively to address it,” said Sobia Shaikh, an associate professor of social work.

One such institution is the public education system, as Selby said their community consultations revealed an “overwhelming amount of racism and Islamophobia that their children are experiencing in our schools.”

Did you know? M103 also refers to the social situation as racism and Islamophobia. What a coincidence. Therefore, logically speaking a sensible(non-snowflake) Canadian can deduce that Khalid’s motion has elevated the Nation of Islam above all other religions in Canada.

Now, it is filtering down to general society, and is likely to be entrenched within Canadian vernacular for good. Victory, Iqra Khalid, Sobia Shaikh, MP Omar Alhagbra, and various ethnocentric Third World non-profit organizations Canadians fund with their tax-dollars.

Who founded M103? Khalid, in combination with the Nation Council of Canadian Muslims. Result? The Islamic-Canadian lobby have successfully created special status for themselves within Canadian society.

What does this mean for race-relations in Canada? CAP will respond: Not nearly as much as will mean in the year 2039. Islam is the fastest-growing identifiable community in Canada. Birthrates are also the highest among our various communities. Justin Trudeau has entrenched fundamentalist Islam within Canadian government. In this, he is unique among prime ministers. Trudeau appointed a Muslim Somalian as immigration minister. An ominous sign, indeed.

So what does the future hold in regards to this globalist set-up? What will occur when Islam is a full-on political and religious mega-force within Canadian society? At that point, they are no longer the “weak and oppressed” within society. The community is fully empowered, yet still has the ace-in-the-pocket of M103.

Outcome? Not one of oppression, but one with an ability to oppress others–namely, those who do not like the ways of an archaic, misogynist 7th century religion. End game: Islam lords it over the rest of the nation. Anything deemed “Islamophobia” is the real deal–no questions asked.

CAP Theory: This is not an isolated, one-time incident–it is part of a long-term agenda of Liberal-Globalist cultural degeneration. This is not the people of Canada. This is the people of the United Nations, and Billioniare George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation.”

It is Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, and MP Ahmed Hussen. It is where Canada is headed if our traditional communities do not get their act together. Think this ominous? Try this on for size. First, a question:

Can a “motion” such as M103 be trans-fered into law? Yes- any motion has this potential. So once Trudeau’s Islamic lobby achieves a level of power to make this occur, what’s to say M103 will not become law?

Answer: Nothing at all. The year is 2039. Let’s say 35% of Canadian MP’s are Third World folk at this time. That’s a lot of power. M103 transitions to law. Bingo: The Nation of Islam is indemnified from all criticism and condemnation within Canadian society.

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Goal achieved: Canada has successfully transitioned into a pseudo-totalitarian state. Winner: The Globalists. Losers: Anglophone, Francophone, Christian and First Nations Canada.

Canadian patriots– CAP beseech you! If Anglophone Canada does not wake up to this globalist agenda of cultural decimation we are all but finished–in the long term. Keep in mind, Justin Trudeau and Somalian Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen, are diluting our populations with each passing year.

As Hussen informed us, he is bringing 1 million Third Word migrants to Canada over the next three years. Doing the math, that’s 10 million migrants in a 30-year term. Our current population is 37 Million.

Bye now–enjoy your ride, Old Stock Canada. If you enjoy being on a one-way street toward disempowerment and marginalization within Justin’s “No Core Identity” Canada, have yourself a ball.

For others– common sense Canadians, non-moronic snowflakes, patriots and nationalists, we stand on guard for thee. Pourquoi? Because if Old Stock Canada does not get itself together politically, the globalist agenda of Justin Trudeau and his motley gang of cultural assassins will steamroll right over our identity, and replace it with what Justin refers to as “post-modern” Canada.

CAP believe we are in a post-modern stage at this moment: post-Anglophone, post Francophone, post-Christian, post-conservative, post-freedom of speech. POST- racial equality.

Justin Trudeau is placing the Nation of Islam in society’s driver seat. M103 is the seed for this. Who voted for it? No one. What percentage of the Canadian populace voted for, or approved this? Zero %.

And here some folks still think of Canada as a “democracy.”








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