Justin Trudeau’s Canada: China, India INFLUENCING Upcoming Federal Election Outcome

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Some of the federal government’s top bureaucrats have been warned that China and India might try to use their respective migrant communities in Canada to advance their own interests.

Such actions include cyber-attacks, spreading of misinformation and using diaspora communities  to steal technology, influence elections and target the Canadian economy and infrastructure.

The stark warning is in a secret report prepared for deputy ministers attending a retreat on national security last year that also flagged the challenge in preventing foreign countries from launching “hostile actions” against Canada.

The article fails to mention one important point: The government of Justin Trudeau ALSO indulge in “hostile-state activity”— against their own country.

Justin Trudeau is a globalist national leader. Therefore, his job is to work toward global assimilation–the erosion of barriers and borders between nations. This is the one area where Trudeau really shines. He loves it. Let’s import illegal refugees. This will erode the meaning of Canadian citizenship.  Free trade agreement with China? Excellent– this will erode national sovereignty. Continue ad nauseum.

Even without a free trade agreement with China, the behemoth nation still has its hooks in Canada. Much of the responsibility leads directly to the Trudeau family. Pierre, Justin, and commie brother-in-the shadows, Alexandre, have been or are today admirers of China.

So much so that current PM Justin cannot bring himself to demand two Canadians on death row in China be released immediately. Guess we know where his loyalties reside.

Now, Trudeau remains silent while the PMO is accused of facilitating China and India’s influence upon Canadian society. Why does China have such an influence? Try the Canada-China Business Council. This organization was created by Pierre Trudeau and billionaire Quebecois family named Desmarias. They are the founders of Power Corp Of Canada.

For decades this group has worked to integrate all-things-China into Canada. Naturally, they are in favour of Trudeau’s predatory Canada- China Free Trade Agreement. Why not?The agreement calls for Justin Trudeau to open the door for the communist government of China to BUY our major corporation. Perfect–for China.

Another aspect, of course, is immigration. King Justin has “blessed” our nation with the highest immigration intake quotas in history. Pit-bull Somalian immigration minister Ahmed Hussen is at this moment pushing for an increase in refugee quotas, as well as an increase in family reunification intake numbers. The result is more migrants, and therefore more power within our society. Therefore, the power of China’s government within Canada also increases.

Justin Trudeau loves this. Pourquoi? Because it leads to assimilation–the erasure of the relevance of national borders and national sovereignty. See how these things all fit together so nicely? The Somalian pushes an agenda blessed by Justin. The power of Third World diaspora communities and Third World government increases exponentially within Canada.

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Liberal-Globalist mission accomplished. Well, not quite. What is needed now is a comprehensive propaganda campaign to fool the people. Enter establishment media. As it happens, under King Trudeau, media are more than ever before integrated into government policy. Post-Trudeau billion dollar bail-outs mean media now work to protect a hidden agenda of national decimation.

But wait. Isn’t this the nature of the relationship between government and media in China? Yes it is. Made in China media–within Canada! Let’s  hear it for that Trudeau-boy. This man not only imports China to Canada–he utilizes Chinese government and media policies to get the job done.

“Under the rubric of ‘hybrid or asymmetric or information warfare,’ adversarial states have increased the use of covert technical and human-based intelligence platforms to advance their security, defence, economic or foreign-policy objectives.”

Ever heard of Huewai Corporation? This company is a giant player in telecommunications in Canada. They are on a  Security blacklist in the U.S.A. American officials accuse Huawei of facilitating Chinese spying. Its founder, Ren Zhengfei, said in June the company has cut sales forecasts by $30 billion over the next two years due to curbs on access to U.S. chips and other components.

What steps has Justin Trudeau made against Huewei in Canada? You guessed it– nothing at all. They are a mega-company controlled by the government of China, so naturally, Justin will not criticize them. Our PM has little to no concern regarding cyber-security attacks delivering sensitive material to the Chinese government.

Regarding Huewei, in May, 2019, Justin Trudeau on Thursday said his government would make an eventual decision on Huawei’s involvement in building a 5G network based on intelligence advice and facts rather than on politics.

“We know that is it is extremely important that our citizens are safe and protected while at the same time give them a choice, opportunity and flexibility when it comes to technology,” Trudeau told a press conference in Paris.

Doesn’t sound like a condemnation to CAP. In fact, we brand this typical Trudeau-speak. Make noises with your voice–  just never say anything of substance.

Conclusion? Justin Trudeau is a protector and defender of the people– people in China, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Therefore, by default, a supporter of their Canadian diaspora communities. Add  state-controlled Chinese corporations– including one accused of spying and stealing top secret government and corporate data.

According to Justin Trudeau, all is forgiven For Justin and Alexandre Trudeau, China is true blue. Conversely, according to this commie-tag team, Canada is a racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic and genocidal nation.

Quite. Justin Trudeau is a unique prime minister–the very first to trans-form Canada into a nation whereby foreign nations are top priority and the people of Canada are incidental.  Not all of them, of course. Third World Canada gets the Trudeau thumbs-up.

As for the rest of us– let them eat cyber-data! The Trudeau-Liberal-China power cabal  lives on. If the globalists get their way, Canada will within one generation trans-ition from democracy to dictatorship.

The Trudeau-China dynamic is merely one piece in an equation of national decimation.




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