Justin Trudeau’s Brother Alexandre Lobbied To Keep ISIS Terrorist In Canada

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“I urge you to use your unique position as minister, and the discretion afforded to you under the law, to EXEMPT Mohamed Harkat from deportation and let him stay and live a productive life in Canada,” Alexandre Trudeau wrote.

8 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s Brother Alexandre Lobbied To Keep ISIS Terrorist In Canada”

  1. Another Lunatic in the Dingbat family (The Trudos)…Tell me what are they trying to prove…We should ask Star General Andrew Leslie what he thinks of his leader and brother…didn’t General Leslie MP in Orleans directed some members of our Canadian Arm Forces in Afganistan who got killed by some of ISIS supporters…I don’t know, just asking?????

  2. Where did this brother come from? I have never heard of him until now. Pierre only fathered 3 boys, one has passed over. That leaves 2 of the boys neither named Alexandre .

    • Alexandre sometimes goes by the nickname “Sasha”– he is very much alive and working for non-democratic nations like China and Iran. Btw Pierre took the name Sasha from a communist revolutionary in the former USSR.


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