Justin Trudeau Will Go Down In History As “DESTROYER Of Canada”: Terrorism Expert

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“It is only a matter of time before the poison fruit of reckless, suicidal policies   will be abundantly clear to everyone.  But by then it is very likely that it will be much too late to reverse Justin Trudeau’s disastrous policies and save Canada from the destruction he has brought upon it.”

“He will go down in history as the destroyer of Canada.”


6 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Will Go Down In History As “DESTROYER Of Canada”: Terrorism Expert”

  1. Quit the BullShit! This article is absurd and only serves to prove that the whiny, emotional, highly unstable far right can’t get over the fact that the majority of Canadians voted rationally and didn’t cave to this fear mongering. Canada’s economy has been doing well and we are a nation of inclusion with strong anti terrorism laws. How many terrorist attacks have we had over the last 4 years with Trudeau as our PM if things are SUCH a disaster??? Exactly…..you sound ridiculous!

    • Get the facts right before you post. Liberals got 33.1 % of the vote and the Conservatives got 34.4 % so Scheer as inept as he was got more votes than Trudeau.

    • The economy has been in a downward spiral since he got in. He gave $10 million to a convicted terrorist. You sound ridiculous and should be put in prison like him


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