Justin Trudeau Welcomes Interference From China’s Government

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A great deal of consternation of late has resulted from media’s exposure of alleged Chinese government interference within the Canadian political system. You know the controversy is extreme when the Liberal government-funded CBC get in on the action:

‘Trudeau Refuses To Clear Up Confusion Over Communication Of China Interference Allegations’

“It’s clear that information never made it up to the political level in my office, to me, or even to the minister of Public Safety at the time,” stated Trudeau this week.

‘Trudeau’s Department Was Sent Report Of China Threatening MP’

“MP Michael Chong says CSIS report was sent to PM’s adviser, contradicting Trudeau.”

For mainstream media, these are heavy statements. For those who have followed Liberal-China relations for decades, not so much. Cultural Action Party are one of those long-term followers, and as such, take one step beyond media rhetoric surrounding our prime minister, his family, and their support for Communist China.

Unbeknownst to Canadians, Liberal Party-Chinese Government relations date back to when Pierre Trudeau became prime minister of Canada in 1968. Among the media hand-wringing related to the current Chinese government inference scandal, not one mainstream media outlet has referenced this fact.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, National Post. Not one has mentioned that the source of China’s infiltration of Canadian society is rooted in the diplomatic behaviour of three-time Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau.

Why not? Because to do so would open a can of communist worms that current PM Justin Trudeau in no way wants exposed. CAP has written of these roots on a number of occasions.

Trudeau Sr.’s meetings with Chairman Mao Tse Tung in the early 1970’s. The subsequent infiltration of Canadian universities, and the anti-Canadian, anti-colonial animus developing in its wake.

Canada-China Business Council, established toward the end of PET’s run as Canadian PM. Justin Trudeau’s attempt at a Canada-China Free Trade agreement, which if successful, would qualify as the most unbalanced foreign policy agreement in the history of our country.

Our current PM’s appointment of Senators Yuen Pau Woo and Peter Harder, former board members of Asia Pacific Foundation, and Canada-China Business Council. Senator Woo easily qualifies as the biggest “China-pusher” of all-time in Canada. As CEO of APF, Woo once made a proposal to the Feds for every public school in the country to teach Mandarin to its students.

We move forward from anecdotal evidence. The manifestation of all of the above has resulted in what CAP refer to as a “Liberal-Quebec-Laurentian Mountain” elite class, who today control Canada, and more ominously, are directing Canada toward its future socio-political status.

And what would this be? Call us excessively paranoid, but we say the goal is emulation of the Chinese government-public dynamic on Canadian soil.  The decline of personal freedoms. The end of free speech in media, and on the internet(Bill C-11, C-18).

In this pursuit, PM Trudeau is fully compliant. Part of his compliance relates to the influence of the Chinese government on Canadian political affairs. To our way of thinking, there exists just two possibilities:

  1. Trudeau is indifferent to Chinese interference in Canadian politics.
  2. Trudeau welcomes Chinese election interference.

Why? It doesn’t take Prof. Stephen Hawking to deduce the answer. Trudeau Jr. is a raging narcissist with an insatiable desire for power and control.

As such, his will-to-power [Nietzsche, philosopher] overrides any ethical aspects of his character, if they exist at all. The way CAP see it, Justin Trudeau is Canadian history’s greatest political prostitute. Throw money his way(LGBT, Islam) and he comes running to tie your shoes.

If China can help him win elections, so be it. His level of moral consciousness being next-to-nothing, Like all megalomaniacs, Trudeau hides behind a veneer of feigned righteousness. Take away the veil, and it’s a whole other ball game.

“The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)  told Conservative Party of Canada MP Michael Chong that he and his family were the targets of a spying and intimidation tactic campaign by an agent of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Followed by PM Trudeau’s favourite political tactic– blaming others for the problem:

“After calls from [Conservative MP Michael] Chong and the Conservative Party to come clean about what he knew, Trudeau shifted the blame for Chong being in the dark by saying CSIS is responsible for notifying MPs when they are spied on.”

“Trudeau claimed he did not know about the spying incident. He then said that CSIS did not send the top-secret report regarding Chong up the chain of command, because the agency felt it wasn’t a significant enough concern.” 

Upon which we juxtapose the PM’s response with the following:

MP Michael Chong stated this week that a 2021 intelligence report created in 2021 on this matter had been shared with Trudeau’s National Security and Intelligence Adviser, Jody Thomas.

Justin Trudeau doesn’t care, never has cared, and thereby tosses aside all information related to China’s political interference in Canada.

Pourquoi? Because it’s  keeping him in business– that’s why. The same dynamic can be applied to CSIS leaks indicating that 11 federal riding outcomes were targeted by China in 2021 federal election campaigns.

In truth, Justin Trudeau’s has always been China’s boy. The Liberal-China axis has existed for the past 50-years. A direct line connects founder of China’s infiltration Pierre Trudeau, and supposed son Justin Trudeau. For the past half-century, establishment media in Canada have buried this piece of reality.

Eight years in office is a long time to keep the Trudeau-China dynamic under wraps. Perhaps Justin would have been better off with a truncated time in office. The longer the term, the greater the risk for exposure.

Being a sheltered, spoiled and out-of-touch rich kid has its disadvantages. So much so that the truth about the Trudeau families dedication to the behemoth communist nation could transition to common knowledge among Canadians.

This month, a national security source has stated that the targeted MP was Conservative Michael Chong, and that Zhao Wei, a Chinese diplomat in Canada, was involved.  Recent calls for deportation of the Chinese government representative are falling on deaf ears.

“The Liberal government is assessing how painful China’s retaliation would be if Canada decides to expel a diplomat accused of targeting Conservative MP Michael Chong and his relatives in Hong Kong.”

Right. The Liberals are living in fear of retaliation from Beijing. Do tell, fellow patriots–if the Feds are not fully invested in support from the Chinese government, why do they fear their retaliation?

In other words, action taken by Trudeau’s hottie-on-the-side Foreign Minister Melanie Joly will not be what is best for Canada. It will be what is best for Justin Trudeau, Melanie Joly, and Liberal Cabinet Ministers Francois Philippe Champagne, Jean Yves-Duclos, Stephen Guilbault, along with the rest of the Liberal-Quebec political cabal.

The goal being a Liberal government in perpetuity, a knock-off of the style of governance PM Trudeau so admires: Communism.

Who better to learn from than the government of China? In fact, why stop there? Why not emulate their style of governance in totality? Here we discover the reason why our prime minister will never take a hardcore stand against China.

Number of Liberal MP’s who voted for an official public investigation into China’s meddling in Canadian politics:

One out of a total of 160 MPs. Guess you know whose side the Liberal Party of Canada are on.

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