Trudeau Works To Reduce Terrorism Offences To SIX MONTH SENTENCES

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Bill C-75 calls for a whole raft of crimes to be treated under summary conviction.”

“These offences currently have sentences ranging from a maximum of five years to 14 years in prison. Under Trudeau’s Bill C-75, that could be reduced to a MAXIMUM OF SIX MONTHS in prison.”


That includes terrorism offences.

  • Participation in activity of terrorist group
  • Leaving Canada to participate in activity of terrorist group
  • Advocating or promoting commission of terrorism offences
  • Concealing person who carried out terrorist activity
  • Concealing person who is likely to carry out terrorist activity




1 thought on “Trudeau Works To Reduce Terrorism Offences To SIX MONTH SENTENCES”

  1. terrorism is act against the people our. We know that Trudeau, WHO and Tam knew the virus would be passed on from person to person in Jan, He was warned by the military intelligence. He knew , After he knew he made the decision to give visas to a Wuhan citizens who we found was positive of this virus. He knew before the visa so once he allowed citizens to enter the country and since he knew he used the virus as a weapon against the Canadian people the weapon was the virus. He further ensured the country did not have the medical supplies for front line workers by given our materials to China. He did not keep the supplies active which was against the Act to have material ready for a pandemic after SARS. This allowed the virus to spread. He lied that there were strong processes at the airport which was untrue. The borders needed to closed to stop the spread of the virus. Any party or party member who did not vote for the borders to be closed acted against the Canadian people and were in involved with an act of crimes against humanity. We know the larger groups of positives were in the provinces with international flights from hot zones and no changes check procedure in these cities. The MP of Bloc allowed foreign workers in with out testing and isolation. Making there decisions to all the virus to kill more Canadians makes these parties and members who did not vote against the liberals to close the borders makes the culpable to crimes against humanity. Trudeau did not allow the infected seniors to be moved to the hospital and left the healthy seniors locked down ensure they would catch the virus while on the other side those who were sick from covid in our prisons were not moved to another building instead unlike seniors murders and rapist were go without testing or isolation. This makes Trudeau terrorist and his party and all members who did not close the borders or let criminals out all become factors in the terrorism and their acts against humanity. This is what they will be their legacy and each Canadian should charge them as well as charging bias and conflict of interest and obstruction of Justice in the Snc and the charge of treason given to them by Tom Quiggins


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