Justin Trudeau Wants All Canadians To Surrender To The State

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As most adults recognize, human relationships can take on many forms. A similar principle can be applied to relations between government and its citizens. Some are healthy and productive, while others are steeped in toxicity.

In an authentic democracy, government are mandated to maximize benefits to the general public. Their purpose is one of management– to optimize well being in key categories– socially, economically, culturally. Stability is based on relative affinity between government and the people.

Authoritarian states are founded on different principles. The goal of government is one of social conformity. To control not only behaviour, but human thought, is an ideal within totalitarian societies.

Is this the current state of Canadian society? Is PM Justin Trudeau’s objective one of social harmony, or social chaos? CAP believe it to be the latter– for specific purposes. It is far more difficult to control a society when the population exists as a unified entity.

Is this the root of Liberal government motivation? Is their primary goal one of control, as opposed to management? If Canadians were to put aside media presentation, the majority would likely recognize that the common thread in government decision-making is the fine art of public control.

No finer microcosm for governments desire for control can be found than in the case of Trucker Convoy organizer, Tamara Lich. Her treatment is a giant disgrace. Rather than rattle off examples of mistreatment, CAP present a legal comparison.

In early 2022, a migrant named Saad Gaya was deemed “presently of good character” by the Law Society Tribunal, a necessary step toward becoming a licensed lawyer in Canada.

“The tribunal heard from 26 witnesses supporting him — including a retired judge, several lawyers, law school professors, extremism researchers, his parole officer, imams, and, most surprisingly, one of the RCMP’s national security investigators who helped bring down the terror conspiracy in 2006.”

“The tribunal heard details of the terrorist plot Gaya was involved in, Al-Qaeda-inspired attacks to bomb the Toronto Stock Exchange, Canada’s spy agency(CSIS), and a military base.”

Today, a participant in one the most extreme terrorism plots in Canadian history is a free man– free enough to practice law in our country. Who could ever imagine that engaging in terrorism could serve as a foundation for a lucrative law practice?

In Canada, Islamic terrorists can receive giant cash windfalls. Convicted murderer Omar Khadr got a green light from the Liberals for a payout of $10.5 million dollars for the murder of an American soldier.

Omar Khadr spent his youth moving back and forth between Canada and Pakistan. He had six siblings but his mother wanted to raise their family outside of Canada, as she disliked Western social influences. Khadr’s father, Ahmed, was arrested and accused of financially aiding the Islamic Jihad in the bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan.

Mr. Khadr purchased a luxury home and small shopping mall with his payout from the Trudeau government.

“Tamara Lich was arrested in Ottawa on February 17, 2022 and denied bail on February 22, 2022. On March 7, 2022 that denial was overturned, and she was granted bail on the conditions that she remain off social media and leave Ottawa immediately. On June 27, 2022, she was re-arrested in Alberta by the RCMP for allegedly violating the conditions of her bail.”

Ms. Lich sits in a prison cell as we speak. How do concerned Canadians come to terms with this study in contrasts?

The scenario is mind-boggling. Old Stock Canadians stand in wonder at the state of society. And what of media’s interpretation? Is Canada at a stage in its development where the press are delivering everything but the truth regarding our political condition? That Canada has been, and will continue to be–turned inside out by PM Justin Trudeau and his quasi-communist government.

What to do about those who push-back? How will government eradicate dissention as manifest among Canadian-born conservatives? How about making example out of Tamara Lich. Justin Trudeau will show Canadians what happens to those who publicly challenge political authorities.

History is filled with such characters. Another female dissident, Joan of Arc, challenged political and religious authorities in the 15th century. They burned her at the stake.

Sophie Scholl was born in Forchtenberg, Germany on May 9, 1921. Scholl was a key member of the White Rose, a student resistance group in Munich, and remains one of Germany’s great dissenting heroes of the World War II. Scholl suffered death by hanging at age 21.

The fate of Tamara Lich will be less extreme, but the principle applies. Our government are consciously working toward a maximum degree in social compliance. Those who resist government control are transitioned to outsiders, racists, anti-vaxxers, and/or homophobes.

We use these brush strokes to paint a cohesive portrait of society. The Canadian demographic is being shaped, moulded and fine-tuned into a demographic conducive to authoritarian take-over.

Canada’s Anglo-European population is shrinking, assisted by government policy on abortion and euthanasia. Immigration policy fills our country with Liberal-voting new arrivals with an obvious lack of historical perspective. Many arrive from non-democratic nations, or those employing forms of pseudo-democracy.

As a result of inflation, middle class Canadians are getting poorer. Home affordability has crashed, leaving mainly rich immigrants as current home buyers. Personal debt is at an all-time high.

Can Canadians not see the writing on the wall? Some can, but most do not. Media’s role is to obscure society’s understanding of the political trajectory being forced upon Canada by Trudeau and the Liberals.

Management of country, or control of population? The latter is today the foundation of governance. Justin Trudeau wants one thing from the people of Canada- our complete surrender-to-the-state.

A similar dynamic applies to China, Cuba, Iran, and the rest of the world’s authoritarian nations. Is Justin Trudeau’s goal for Canada to join them?

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