Justin Trudeau Walks Out On Parliament Apology To Admiral Mark Norman

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Trudeau made a rare appearance at Question Period, after having skipped the past few sessions to avoid accountability in the Mark Norman affair. But even when he returned, he didn’t even stay long enough to show his support for the motion apologizing to Mark Norman.

As Conservative MP Erin O’Toole accurately noted about Trudeau, “He has personally apologized in the House for incidents prior to Confederation, but would not even stay for this symbolic motion for Admiral Norman.”

As any informed Canadian understands, Justin Trudeau is the king of the public apology. During his tenure he has apologized for so-called “historical wrongs” to our Sikh, Chinese, Muslim, LGBT, Inuit and Jewish communities. Yet, he has never apologized for his personal decisions on any of the endless faux pas committed which impact communities outside of Third World and special interest communities.

Walking out on the Norman apology suggests Canada has a prime minister who believes himself to be without reproach. This is, of course, laughable to the extreme. Trudeau’s ego-based decision making proves Mr. Trudeau to be disingenuous political figure. Much of the problem relates to one of selectivity. During his tenure, Justin has vehemently backed specific communities while shunning others. The Nation of Islam, Homosexuality, Transgenderism, Sikh-Canada. But NEVER has he supported any element of  Anglophone or Christian presence within our nation.

In this regard, Trudeau has behaved in a punitive manner. Abortion, de-funding Church Organizations. Euthanasia -all the way through to macabre issues such as anal sex and bestiality. How bizarre. While a number of western governments have addressed the issue of genocide of Christians within Middle Eastern nations, Justin Trudeau has been stone-cold silent on the murders of millions. He has not issued a SINGLE COMMENT regarding these tragic events.

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Simply put, Justin is an odd-ball of a PM. Discerning exactly who he works for is no easy task. For himself, obviously. Beyond this, a common sense Canadian(a non-Liberal or non- snowflake type) might believe he works on behalf of the United Nations, as well as a number of select foreign nations. Saudi Arabia, for one. It is well known Trudeau is gunning for a seat on the U.N. Security Council. For this purpose, he is willing to sacrifice the security of Canadians by importing convicted ISIS killers into Canada. Other bets would be China, Iran, and various Middle Eastern theocracies.

But never the founding communities of Canada–Anglophone, Francophone, Christians and First Nations. How curious this is. Canadian citizens should be OUTRAGED. Many are, but a lot more would be if media did not obscure and protect this aberration of a national leader.



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