Justin Trudeau Walking Canada Down Path To End Of Democracy

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“Fascism is characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, bigotry against a demonized ‘other,’ and strong regimentation of society.”

PM Justin Trudeau suppresses public opposition by vilifying traditional Canadians as racists and bigots. The Liberal government has established a demonized “other” among anti-Vaxxers, Trucker Convoy protestors, and the working class. Regimentation of society has been created through Covid pandemic regulations.

 “Fascism is hostile to classical liberalism and its individual freedoms of expression, conscience, and peaceful assembly. Fascism creates a divide between ‘us and them’ to deny equality to members of the bad minority.”

The Liberals are working to erode freedom of expression through internet censorship Bill C-36. Peaceful assemblies are transformed into gatherings of racists and white supremacists. “Us and them” communities are defined by the anti-Vaxxer versus Vaxxer social dynamic. Denial of equality is created through the Emergencies Act and its “frozen bank account” measures.

In his book How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them, Yale University professor Jason Stanley describes how fascist regimes normalize the intolerable:

“What normalization does is transform the morally extraordinary into the ordinary. It makes us able to tolerate what was once intolerable by making it seem as if this is the way things have always been.”

Canadian media maintain a thoroughly annoying habit of presenting unprecedented social developments as common place circumstances. While society has experienced its greatest erosion of personal freedoms outside a period of war, legacy media refuse to place the situation in proper historical context. If they did, long-term citizens would  recognize Canada’s shift from liberalism to pseudo-communism.

To illustrate, we turn to what media never speak of– fundamentals of democratic governance:

“In a democracy, a government of the people, for the people, should govern for the greatest good of the greatest number.”

 — Laws Of Government: Legal Foundations Of Canadian Democracy

To state that PM Trudeau adheres to such jurisprudence is laughable. He never has, and as long as the Liberals are in power, they never will. The source for the breakdown of traditional liberalism comes from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982), as founded by our current PM’s father Pierre Trudeau.

The problem is not found in the wording of the Charter, but rather in its application. Media never properly articulate the seismic transformations resulting from its implementation. Charter Rights shifted Canada into a “special interest” society. If one wonders, for example, why Transgender rights are so prominent among a population which is 99.5% non-transgendered, the Charter is the source.

Thus it is that the “will of the majority” lost its political relevance. Over the course of forty years since the Charter was entrenched into our constitution, no politician has leveraged its essence like current PM Justin Trudeau. The man transformed minority rights into a veritable religion.

A by-product being the labelling of those who fall outside the spectrum of “racialized” Canadians as racists, bigots and xenophobes. The result has been social division on a scale our country has not seen in nearly a century.

All the while, Justin Trudeau continued on with his “Diversity Is Our Strength” mantra. The irony is palpable. The proclamation is the exact opposite of the outcome. In many ways, this is the phenomenon which best captures the political career of our current prime minister.

Currently on a promotional tour of Eastern Europe, Mr. Trudeau this week stated the following regarding the war in Ukraine:

“President Putin wants to snuff out the flame of freedom and democracy in Ukraine. But however dark the coming days and weeks may be, the flame will continue to burn. Europe and North America will help keep that flame alive.”

Justin Trudeau has been snuffing out the flame of freedom and democracy since the day he took office in 2015. Ever-increasing in implementation, the process has been methodical in nature.

Deciphering the motives behind our PM’s decision-making has never been an easy task. Whether naive or malevolent, it arrives at the same outcome. The ideological rock that is woke globalism is an irrepressible element of Justin Trudeau’s character.

10 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Walking Canada Down Path To End Of Democracy”

  1. No surprise in this historical observation, but noteably absent from the whole Freedon Convoy and the resulting drop of mandates is anything reporting on anything Bristish Columbia. So, since I am aware that Western Provinces are once more beginning to think in terms of separating from Canada with the Trudeau nosed turned up at anything Western, I have begun to check American news reports to see if anything about the ‘new American State of B.C. Materializes. If it happens in any quantity, it could easily sway my vote on Western separation. And if that happens Westerners will have to watch the biden regime leading the States into dictatorship, just like almost every leadership in any democratic country across the globe these days.

  2. Trudeau is hated by the majority of Canadians. Everyday more Canadians are awakening to Trudeau’s authoritarian actions and they don’t like it.
    Trudeau’s and his lap dogs (Singh) days are numbered. I estimate that these two eejits be gone within a year.

  3. Now I am no expert by any means ,but PT did not not draft the current Constitution and Charter, he walked away from the table after 17 months of negotiations with the Premiers , PT wanted it his way or no way. It was the Premiers that worked together to ratify the Constitution. Brian Peckford the last surviving soul to construct it can attest to that. The real Constitution has all the signatures of the participating Premiers not just PT

    • PET was forced to add the Notwithstanding clause in order to placate a number of Premiers, otherwise the Charter would not pass. This stands in contradiction to your comment.

    • The Charter has been reduced to toilet paper by Trudeau. It is critical that the Weste separate. We have absolutely no need for anything East of Sudbury.

  4. trudeau can’t represent both sides nor does this look good when they all unify as globalists against Russia . treasonous trudeau talks democracy and then colludes with the enemy globalists to destroy democracy with his actions . give this some thought about all politicians . The Ideology Distinction Argument or Test can easily identify any enemy of Democracy and the Free World .
    The Free World ideology supports democracy , freedom , rights and the capitalist system and Our elected officials are expected to protect and support this accepted ideology .
    Klaus Schwab , the world economic forum and his supporting entities – WEF , UN , WHO , Paris Accord , IMF and more as well are all supporting an ideology of World Domination with a one World government and total control of humanity through electronic surveillance , 100% compliance and the end of democracy , freedom , rights , the capitalist system and the Free World .
    This makes Klaus Schwab and his supporting entities the number one ENEMY of the Free World .These two ideologies cannot co – exist with each other as by their opposing ideologies , are distinct enemies .
    What current and former World leaders have collaborated with Klaus Schwab and his entities to attack the Free World from within and continue to collaborate with the Enemy to continue to weaken and defeat the Free World . How is this not TREASON .
    All elected politicians cannot publicly or privately support the ideologies of the Enemies of the Free World .
    This is how every individual and groups of politicians can be publicly challenged to see if they have openly supported Democracy or the enemy – They can’t have it both ways . This is a very difficult position for corrupt politicians to defend .
    The same principle can be applied to corporations , and elites , ( soros and gates and their entities for example ) .
    I think this is a real narrow area of argument that could be a valuable tool against Enemies of the Free World .


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