Justin Trudeau Using Immigration To Create A “Liberal Dictatorship”

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A fundamental of Cultural Action Party theory goes like this: the Liberal government of Canada are utilizing mass immigration from the 3rd World to transition our country from democracy to dictatorship. Or at the very least, a “pseudo-dictatorship.”

This is not the first time CAP has delivered this concept to our reader base, who are– generally speaking– Old Stock Canadians,  Conservatives, Christians, Anglophones and Francophones.

At present, the only category the Conservative Party of Canada can be said to dominate are smaller population rural ridings. In 2019, Trudeau’s Liberals won 45 out of 55 seats in the urban stronghold of the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). As buried away by media, the immigrant vote dynamic was a giant component in the Liberal victories.

For the “worldly” Liberal Party, Conservatives holding Canada’s rural ridings cannot stand.  Trudeau’s back room advisors will have none of this– their goal being to hold all 338 seats in Parliament. How to achieve such a thing?

No surprise– CAP has a theory–  to flood Canada, and thereby rural ridings– with enough  Liberal-voting 3rd World migrants to “steal” rural ridings away from the Conservatives.

Methodology:  Justin Trudeau has established the largest immigration quotas in Canadian history. Regardless of economy, unemployment, federal deficits,  household debt, pandemics, health concerns, security concerns, or any other  social issue, Mr. Trudeau never alters his agenda.

A Nanos Research Group poll in March, 2021 found that only 17% of respondents think the country should accept more immigrants in 2021 than it did in 2020.

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It turns out that 83% of Canadians are opposed to an increase in immigration intake quotas. After which PM Trudeau responded to public opinion by increasing immigration quotas to their highest levels in history.

What a tribute to democratic process this is. Trudeau shows absolute disregard for the interests of Canadians. Enter media to do their thing– CBC and such have not said one word about the arrogance displayed by PM Trudeau. Then again, one can argue that he comes upon this “honesty”– his father Pierre Trudeau didn’t give a damn about democracy either.

Naturally, there is a specific reason for the behaviour. There is a long term political agenda at play–one that media never speak of. If Trudeau & Co. can capture let’s say 88% of the seats in Parliament, what is the point of democratic process within Canada?

The method in the madness is simple: import the voters needed to dominate rural Canadian ridings. Such as it is that before ex-Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen vacated his post, a new immigration program was introduced. It is called the Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot Program

Sound familiar? Not so much, is it– because media do not write about it. The program will incrementally expand migrant populations within small town Canada. In theory, as the years pass, these rural ridings will transition over to Liberal Party control.

“Paranoid insanity!” scream the CAP detractors. “What nonsense– the purpose is to fill the void resulting from an aging population and workforce” — a tedious mantra used as a catch-all used against immigration detractors.

Fast Forward to 2038. The Liberals own both urban and rural ridings. As a result, they capture 93% of federal ridings.  Do tell– what is the point of democratic-oriented elections if one party dominates in this capacity?

Quick answer–there is no point at all. Bingo, there you have it. By way of immigration policy, democratic practice in Canada becomes entirely futile.

In CAP’s opinion, this is part of a fifty-year plan to transition Canada from democracy to dictatorship. The process began in 1988 with the Multicultural Act of Canada, and if all goes according to plan, should wrap up somewhere around the year 2038.

— Article by CAP Founder, Brad Salzberg

1 thought on “Justin Trudeau Using Immigration To Create A “Liberal Dictatorship””


    It’s right in front of us!!
    Selective legal immigration; whites need not apply.
    Unfettered access at ROXHAM rd. etc. Brand new welcoming
    centre with gourmet “culture sensitive meals” followed by 5
    star hotels(which we the taxpayer now own).

    Selected immigrants get wages paid for by Trudeau, so fast food
    outlets etc. hire them preferentially(why not, good for the profit
    Federal job openings(non whites only)
    Reverse discrimination=VOTES for the TRUDEAU PARTY!!!


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