Justin Trudeau Using “Ethnicity, Religion, Tribalism” To Win Canadian Federal Election

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Tarek Fatah is a internationally known Pakistani-Canadian journalist, writer, broadcaster, secularist and liberal activist. Some of his activism has been met with criticism from right-wing Muslim groups.

Cultural Action Party is not surprised. Fatah is a gutsy writer, unafraid to confront the dark side of religious fundamentalism. For his efforts, he has been threatened and harassed on multiple occasions.

According to Mr. Fatah, a “slow and steady ghettoization of Canada’s urban political scene is gathering pace. Ethnicity, religion and tribalism is being promoted as a tool in the upcoming October elections, instead of debating competing visions about Canada’s future.”

CAP could not agree more. Justin Trudeau is Canada’s great divider. Under Trudeau, our collective citizenship has been divided into ethnic and religious silos. For the purpose of winning the federal election in October, 2019,  the Liberal government work to develop “block voting.”

It is known that immigrants tend to vote for the party in power at the time they enter our country. Because of this,  Trudeau has established the highest immigrant and refugee intake quotas in history. Because migrant families tend to vote in unison, the Liberals increased the Family Reunification program by 400% over the quota established by the previous Conservative federal government.

These are details establishment media HOLD BACK from public knowledge. Recently, Justin Trudeau spoke at a 1000-guest Islamic Eid Dinner in Ontario. There he informed the crowd that Conservative Canadians are racist, and so is the opposition Conservative party.

Mr. Trudeau was lauded and applauded for his words. On NEWSTALK1010 radio Lisa Raitt,  Conservative Party Deputy Leader,  stated “It was SO SHOCKING, I did one of those things where you go he couldn’t have said what I just thought he said because how could a Prime Minister invoke the office of the Prime Minister and then call the Conservative Party of Canada a bunch of racists?”

Then, the Globe & Mail did a major article on the event– NOT! CBC, Toronto Star, National Post all buried the story. Understandable, as what trans-pired at the event was that Justin Trudeau informed one thousand Muslim-Canadians that Canada is a racist nation.

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Is this emblematic of Justin’s tedious “diversity is our strength” mantra? Is his behaviour an example of an attempt to UNITE Canadians and heal wounds resulting from inter-community conflict? NOT A CHANCE. Rather, it is the exact OPPOSITE of an attempt at social cohesion.

In a Toronto Sun article, Mr. Fatah continues: “Political commentators in the media, academics in universities and vote-hungry politicians may have become numb or blind to what is unfolding, but the rest of the world and most immigrants like me are watching our democracy being used to promote religious hatred, ethnic division and extremism overseas.”

Enter King Justin, stage left. His speech at the Eid dinner was entirely DIVISIVE. Please do tell– how can PM Trudeau honestly be working to unite Canadians when his word betray the very idea.

As the Huffington Post reports, Trudeau encouraged Muslims to engage with the Conservative Party, “So that never again would any mainstream party in Canada think it’s a good idea to stoke fears and divisions against Muslims or any other group of Canadians.”

Conservative Deputy Leader Raitt: “It was a moral condemnation of the ENTIRE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT.  The Prime Minister using his voice as the most important politician, the one who make the decisions in Canada, especially in a majority of government, has labelled the 45% of Canadians who identify themselves as conservatives that they are all a bunch of racists.”

Conclusion? Justin Trudeau is a fraud. CAP understood this from the first week Trudeau was in office. Mainstream Canadians– not so much. It is not their fault. In Justin’s post-modern Canada, media serves not as an objective news reporting industry, but rather as a facilitator of globalist-liberal propaganda. This is manifested not only in what Canadians read in the news, but perhaps more importantly, what establishment  media OMIT from their reporting.

The Conservative-racist condemnation by Trudeau at a Muslim political event is a perfect example. Within a society based upon democracy, free speech and freedom of the press, this story should have been FRONT AND CENTRE.

Think about it– if, for example, if the National Post released an article with “Trudeau Brands Conservative Canada Racist at 1000-Person Islamic Event,” how would Canadians react? More than likely, Trudeau wouldn’t be elected  a Boy Scout leader, much less prime minister of Canada.

This is the power of media in Canada. It is also the power of Justin Trudeau, who by way of financial support now controls establishment media content. Is this good enough for him? No, for he is now working to control Social Media content as well.

On June 21 in Toronto, many prominent Liberals appeared alongside a group called ‘Canadian Muslim Vote’, where Justin Trudeau himself implied opposition Conservatives were Islamophobic and racist, sending the partisan Liberal Party Muslim tribe into a thunderous applause.

CAP will now go out on a limb. It’s far from the first time. We maintain that the truth regarding the federal Liberal is that under Mr. Trudeau, Canada’s most successful federal party has undergone a profound change.

The Liberals have transformed themselves into the Liberal-Islamic Party Of Canada. Only thing is, they haven’t informed Canadians of the truth behind this transformation. Liberal strategists like Gerald Butts and Katie Telford believe they found the magic key to locking down control of government long-term.

The project is to morph into a representative party focused upon what is to become the dominant demographic force for the next 50 years of immigration to Canada– Islamic, African and Middle Eastern migrants. These folks have the highest birth-rates of any so-called “minority.” It is they who comprise the lion’s share of the tens of millions of world-wide “displaced peoples.”

This is the exactly reason why Trudeau is preening and pandering within the Islamic community. The present-day Liberal Party is the future Islamo-Liberal Party. This was understood BEFORE Trudeau was installed as prime minister.

Justin is the great facilitator of the transition from liberal democracy to pseudo-socialist dictatorship. It is Trudeau’s DEEPEST DREAM. Within this scheme, the labelling of Old Stock Canada as racist bigots is essential. This is why Trudeau has branded our nation racist. This is the reason for his endless apologies, as well as the labelling of Anglophones as genocidal maniacs by way of the historical treatment of First Nations peoples.

Journalist Tarek Fatah GETS THIS. Like CAP, he has Justin Trudeau’s number. He understands the big picture ideological and demographic agenda. If establishment media emulated the writing of Fatah for one week, Justin Trudeau would be finished in politics FOR LIFE.

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They won’t. Instead, sensible Canadians, Conservatives and Patriots live in fear that our place within society is on shaky ground. Justin is working for Islam to supersede Christianity as the dominant religion in Canada. He is working to overwhelm Canada with Third World migrants– a gesture which in time will alter society FOR ALL TIME.

Dividing Canadians into cultural, ethnic and religious silos EXACERBATES social division. To rub salt in the wound with sweeping statements informing us “half the country” is racist only DEEPENS social division.

Then again, this is Trudeau’s real job. In his megalomania, he aspires not to be an effective prime minister, but rather some form of post-modern globalist saviour— more like a religious figure, really. Megalomania among historical despots has ALWAYS resulted in major trouble for a society. The situation with Justin Trudeau is no different.



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  1. Prime minister Justin Trudeau is an embarrassment to Canada he is a traitor to his country and to all Canadians. He is trying to make Canada a Third World country and he is trying to divide us. If you vote for Trudo you are absolutely insane you can say goodbye to Canada.
    Trudeau allowing people that aren’t even Canadian citizens vote how stupid is he! I think Trudo has turn Muslim and he is working for the enemy,!


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