Justin Trudeau Using China, India To Win Elections In Canada

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Despite what media would have us believe, the “internationalization” of Canada is in no way a post-modern phenomenon. It’s roots go back to the late 1960s, at the point when former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau took over from predecessor Lester B. Pearson.

Media have never zeroed in on a decision which over the decades transformed our nation into the polyglot society it is at present. It was decided by government that immigration should transition to a “points-based” system. Pressure from the United Nations was just one contributing factor to the re-imagining of Canada as a so-called “multicultural” society.

Based on a revamped immigration policy, in addition to Multiculturalism and a related Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada’s traditional identity as a bi-cultural English & French-Canadian society was abandoned by government.

It was Pierre Trudeau who steered our country toward its current social status. Mass immigration from the 3rd World is his innovation. Unilaterally forced on society– devoid of public approval– Multiculturalism is another PET innovation. Charter Rights entrenched into our Constitution by the Liberals in 1982 has proven itself critical to an accumulation of political power for those driving Canada’s “diversity” bus.

That mainstream media in Canada constantly evade these realities has been a disservice to those who have never benefited from societal transformation at the hands of a succession of Liberal governments. Not that the Conservative Party didn’t chip in with indulgences in globalist transformation– the most obvious being the signing of NAFTA under the Conservative government of Brian Mulroney.

With the seeds of disempowerment of Anglophone communities sown, the first challenge to sovereignty under the new global order” arrived from China. Pierre Trudeau was the first western leader to embrace the communist nation. Over the decades, Beijing’s influence on Canada has multiplied exponentially.

So much so that at present, investigations into federal election interference by the Chinese government have become a lightning rod for an affront to democratic governance in Canada. Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to have little concern for the situation:

Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to be of little concern:

“Trudeau Liberals Shrugged For Years As Foreign Interference Multiplied”

According to journalist Sabrina Maddeaux from the National Post, “Canada allowed it to become a global problem within our borders.”

True objectivity calls for a caveat: The Conservatives may have dabbled, but the phenomenon is pure Liberal Party politics. Canada didn’t allow this– the Liberals permitted it to occur, and benefitted from the result.

“A 1997 report from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the RCMP provided a warning that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials, organized crime bosses, and business tycoons were cooperating to infiltrate Canadian businesses, steal intellectual property and interfere in the management of the country.”

Upon which we fast-forward twenty-five years:

 Canadian media reports alleged that the People’s Republic of China had made attempts to interfere in both the 2019 and 2021 Canadian federal elections.

In late 2022, the Global News television network reported on a “suspected attempt by the People’s Republic of China to infiltrate the Parliament of Canada by funding a network of candidates to run in the 2019 Canadian federal election.”

Degree to which Justin Trudeau gives a damn? Begin at nothing, and don’t stop till you get enough. He doesn’t care, for one simple reason: all of this results in personal benefit for Canada’s “post-modern” prime minister.

After stumbling around for months at the hands of Liberal stooge David Johnson, Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc  announced that the Quebec Court of Appeal judge Marie-Josée Hogue will preside over an independent inquiry investigating interference by China.

A purely Quebecois affair, Liberal Party donor Marie-Josee Hogue announced a time line for investigation results: December 31st, 2024.

If a Liberal-China political scandal of this magnitude cannot bring down the Trudeau government, than perhaps a fresh scandal in the form of harbouring Sikh and Khalistani terrorists can.

“India’s Requests To Extradite Terrorists Ignored By Canada: Officials”

According to India-based media outlet NDTV, “multiple dossiers have been handed over to the Canadian [government], but India’s deportation requests have gone unaddressed.”

Blimey– you mean to say that PM Trudeau and the Liberals don’t give a fig about Sikh nationalist infiltration of Canada? It appears to be the case.

“At least nine separatist organizations supporting terror groups have their bases in Canada, Despite multiple deportation requests, Ottawa has taken no action against those involved in heinous crimes.”

Again with the “no action.” What the heck is up with this?

Cultural Action Party has some thoughts on the situation. Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government want to win elections. Nothing unusual about that– all political parties desire the very same.

What sets Team Trudeau apart is found in the degree to which they are willing to sacrifice the health, safety and well-being of our country to accomplish their goals.

Simply put, it well appears that Mr. Trudeau has no qualms about permitting election interference from China, and Punjabi-inspired terrorism to accomplish his goals. For this purpose, our PM will obfuscate, propagandize and deceive 40 million Canadians.

“Eight individuals involved in terror activities and as many gangsters, who have been conspiring with Pakistan’s spy agency ISI, have found a safe haven in Canada.

“The officials said Indian authorities had requested for the deportation of Gurpreet Singh, who is also involved in terror cases, and provided his Canadian address but no action was taken.

“In 2018, I Gave Trudeau A List of Terrorists In Canada — He Did Nothing.”

“It is strange that the Canadian government, which initially had ruled out any foreign hand in [Hardeep Singh] Nijjar’s killing, has now started pointing fingers at India. What prompted Trudeau to come out with such baseless allegations is not lost on anyone. He is running a minority government with the support of the New Democratic Party led by Jagmeet Singh, a known Khalistan promoter and supporter.”

No action taken, eh? You mean just like it was in the case of the Chinese government’s infiltration of Canadian politics?  Yes, that’s what we mean. Not to mention collusion between pro-Khalistan partners Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh.

So Justin Trudeau doesn’t give a damn about China’s meddling, nor does he have concern for Sikh-Khalistan terrorism on Canadian soil? It appears to be the case.

Why is he like this? It doesn’t take Prof. Stephen Hawking to arrive at a sound conclusion.

First of all, he doesn’t care. Secondly, Justin Trudeau is a globalist. This form of politician cares nothing about national sovereignty. Like Pierre Trudeau before him, opening Canadian borders to malevolent international influences is a good thing.

Upon which we move to the ultimate political purpose: Justin Trudeau’s desire for Canada to maintain a Liberal government in perpetuity.

If the endeavour calls for China to win federal elections for the Liberals, so be it. If pandering to Canada’s Sikh community will get the job done, that’s fine with our PM.

Will Justin Trudeau sell the soul of Canada in order to remain prime minister? It appears that he will, and is doing so as we speak. It’s a Faustian bargain of the highest order.

Clearly, the selfishness of this misguided woke politician knows no bounds.

7 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Using China, India To Win Elections In Canada”

  1. am i the only one here who knows that china funds pakistan which funds punjab/khalistan/sikh which is competing against india?

    am i the only one who understands that trudeau despises US/americans?

    am i the only one who understands that mass inflation, grocery prices and rent is going high because having no more income to buy american/western products means that chinese imports will take leadership due to cheaper prices?

    the problem is trudeau is scared to tell americans whats happening, because he fears backlash…. so it has to be a bit more “covert”

    when america notices whats going on… they will just “annex” canada and remove the flag. which begs the question, is this american’s plan after all? to pretend canada is moving in with china, just so US has an excuse to invade and take over?

    then… forming the north american union?

    • Same thought occurred to me. Could China have been working behind-the-scenes w/ souring the Canada/India relationship, and the murder/assassination of the Khalistan terrorist? Zero mention of this possibility. However; My wager is that all roads lead to Trudeau’s enabler; the “NDP” racist putz Jimmy “Jagmeet” Singh.

    • The problem is that once a politician in Canada gains office, there is no mechanism available to the public to remove them from office.

      In other words, in Canada, democratic rights exist one day every four years–federal election day, and that’s all she wrote.

      Not very democratic I would say, only the BARE MINIMUM.

  2. Well its clearly unanimous alot of brain dead Canadians have been fooled by these traitorous POS libtards but now the big question is how many lines in tbe sand are we all gonna stand behind while our country is crumbling ?? Hopefully coming soon Freedom Convoy 2.0
    Keep up the good work Brad

  3. As I said before this is what you get when a narcissistic physcopathic drama queen gets in power. Hijacked by an antiwhite racist lecturing ingrate the likes of a Sikh kalistan supporting activist allowed to occupy our parliament. So how’s all that diversity and inclusion working out for us now in Canada. eh???

  4. LOL! Thanks for my morning laugh out loud. You describe the situation very well.
    “What sets Team Trudeau apart is found in the degree to which they are willing to sacrifice the health, safety and well-being of our country to accomplish their goals.”

    I’m old enough to remember J.G. Diefenbaker’s time in office and how, in complete contrast to all the wonderful eulogies written, he capitulated what was looking like a bright future to the demands of the U.S. and the Crown. Think; Avro Arrow among other slights.

    According to one write-up, old John welcomed the first Chinese-Canadian and Ukrainian-Canadian members of parliament and allowed the Indigenous vote to count – a balancing act that I can only fully appreciate now that I have a bit more life experience.

    My point is that Canada has never been able to dictate its own path and we have always been at the whim of money and power, both internally and externally. Canadians have grown used to that fact – we expect this – which is why the likes of todays political leaders have been allowed to slide into their seats.

    Poilievre or Trudeau or Singh – it makes no difference – Canadian society is no longer cohesive enough to defend ‘everyone’s’ rights and Ottawa knows this. Ottawa knows that by focusing on the inclusion of every minority under the sun they alienate anyone who believes there could be a Canadian identity. An identity that does not include a Red Serge or other colonial (and now Global) control measures.

    Will we ever have true sovereignty? No – Canada is too big with too few people who really appreciate what we have here. I can see a sovereign group of western provinces, I can see a sovereign Quebec but these will only exist when Ottawa has fallen; a messy, deadly prospect especially for ‘new Canadians’ – but maybe that is also my point…


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