Justin Trudeau Ushers In “Anti-Anglophone” Era In Canadian History

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After observing the George Floyd incident in America, CAP believe we may have figured out what Justin Trudeau meant by his “post-modern” Canada proclamation.
Our interpretation is that along with the western world, Canada is now entering an epoch of history we will brand the “Anti-Anglophone Era” of the 21st century.
CAP will not mince words–this “era” is filled with danger for Anglophone and European-derived communities of Canada. One good reason for this is that the leader of the movement is also the leader of our nation–Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
No one is denying the awfulness of what the police officer did to George Floyd. This has thrown American society into chaos. As CAP has purported previously, social chaos is integral to political transformation.
In Canada, the weapon is China’s Covid-19 dissemination agenda. This provides PM Trudeau with the necessary social chaos to lead our country toward its pending socialist society without the general populace picking up on this incremental plan of a re-organization of political structure.

Currently, Parliament is suspended in Canada. Despite media obfuscation from CBC, CTV and the rest of Trudeau’s media puppets, democracy in Canada is being purposefully eroded by the ruling government of our nation.

 What else are Liberal-Globalist power players up to? Try the vilification of white Canadians. As most are aware, Justin Trudeau kicked the whole thing off with a series of community apologies to Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, First Nations, Gays and Chinese-Canadians.

 This effectively branded our people racists, bigots, xenophobes, homophobes.
Interesting Observation: What is common to all the racist branding is the following: not ONCE do CBC, Global News, Globe & Mail, National Post or Toronto Star actually NAME the perpetrators of the racism– white people.
Why not? If all this rampant racism exists against non-white communities, how come CBC never explicitly name the perpetrators?
It is here patriots will discover the “method to the madness.” After several centuries of European-derived dominance, the globalists are punishing those they label the perpetrators.
Within Canadian society–rather than maintaining the essence of what “diversity” actually represents,  PM Trudeau has twisted it into a punitive agenda to damage  Anglophone Canada.
Rather than upholding the original purpose of Papa Pierre Trudeau’s“multiculturalism,” Justin Trudeau is eroding Christian-Canadian identity in Canada. In its place comes Islamic Canada, which Trudeau has promoted like wildfire since becoming PM in 2015.
The George Floyd incident in America has also lit a fire underneath anti-Anglophone Canada.
Where did this phenomenon originate? CAP readers know what we believe–it began with ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau and his enforcement of “multiculturalism” upon Canadian society.
Guess what? No Canadian ever asked for this, or voted for it. Pierre Trudeau unilaterally forced this upon society without public buy-in. How many times has CBC pointed this out over the years?
Try ZERO times–because the CBC never analyze multiculturalism, they only back its nefarious component. This is the “flip-side” of the ideology–the labelling of Canadians of European heritage as a demonic community filled with racists and bigots.
What to do? Increasingly, Cultural Action Party of Canada are being asked this by our readers. Make no mistake–the situation is ominous as heck. All three major players within society– the Liberal government, establishment media and Canadian academia are in 2020 Canada an anti-European Canadian conglomerate.
Our prime minister is anti- Anglophone, as  Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister, MP Francois Philippe-Champagne.  Ex-immigration Minister, Liberal MP from the powerhouse GTA region, Ahmed Hussen,  despises anything related to the British Commonwealth. 
More that media throws aside: Anglophone/European Canada is being railroaded into a minority community as we speak. This Justin Trudeau is accomplishing through an establishment of the highest per-capita immigration quotas on planet earth.
CBC say nothing.Globe & Mail hide the truth as the ruling Liberal government trans-forms Canada into an entity no citizen ever asked for.
Socialism is coming to Canada. This is preceded by “pseudo-socialism”–meaning an historical time-period where the citizens of Canada are wholly unaware of the transformation taking place “under their feet.”
Who are these men of “lust, greed and glory?” Try Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen, Liberal Cabinet, United Nations, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, George Soros’ Open Border Foundation, along with an international banking cabal of magnanimous proportions.
CAP Common Denominator: Beneath the veneer of the entire affair lies a punitive agenda toward European-Canadians. The murder of George Floyd is America’s catalyst. Within Canadian society, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the kingpin.
What to do? Organize politically based upon European-Canadian identity. In other words, copy the privilege and success that Pierre & Justin Trudeau delivered to Chinese, Sikh and Muslim Canada by way of Multicultural policy.
Do it– or sit back in that typically passive Canadian manner that the Liberal government are now exploiting for their advantage. Why do you think all attempts at community pride for Euro-Canadians are branded racist?
Because “they” want to keep our communities down politically– that’s why. GTA MP Ahmed Hussen helped establish a social prison for our people, and he damn well wants to keep us there. For this purpose, he and his Liberal-3rd WorldMP cohorts have set up white Canada for a fall.
This fall has already begun, and if CBC did not hide this away for the benefit of the Liberal-Globalists,  perhaps all Canadians of European origin would be comprehending the punitive agenda against Anglophone Canadians.

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  1. Trudeau is a filthy Traitor to the Citizens of Canada . Trying to take control of your Country away from the native born Canadians buy the economy won’t recover from a couple of years and when people can’t work or support their families then this immigration BS will backfire and kick his ass out of office


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