Justin Trudeau Uses Covid-19 Pandemic For “SOCIALIST STATE CRACKDOWN” Attempt In Canada

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Leave it to the pariah-like powers that be within Canada’s ruling Liberal Party government.

As the thousands of regular CAP readers know all-to-well, we believe the goal of the the Trudeau government is to transition Canada into a pseudo-socialist nation-state.

What better method to get the ball rolling then the following:

“The federal government will table emergency legislation Tuesday to give cabinet ministers broad powers to hike taxes and spend money without Parliament’s approval for more than a year.”

“The extraordinary measures — which will stretch until Dec. 21, 2021 — are contained in legislation to be debated during a short sitting of the House of Commons with just a small number of MPs.”

So elucidates Toronto Star, which CAP consider nothing less that a propaganda arm of the Liberal government. Naturally, there is no way in Hades that this media outlet–or CBC for that matter–would ever allude to the idea that the Trudeau-Morneau Globalist Power Grab is anything but an attempt at “prudent” politics.

In our opinion, they are lying. Justin Trudeau has a unique mandate as PM of Canada: to incrementally erode democratic process on behalf of those he truly works for– United Nations, geo-political Islam, Sikh Nationalism, Communist China and the George Soros “Open Border Foundation.”

To attempt to leverage the greatest viral epidemic in modern history in order to seize control of Canadian society is an abomination. Yet, no common sense Canadian should be surprised at all.

Pourquoi? Because every political move Trudeau & Co. make is underpinned by an agenda of national seduction. Make no mistake, fellow patriots–Justin Trudeau has come for your country.

Highest immigration quotas in history. Highest refugee quotas in history. Largest quotas for foreign students and foreign workers. Did you know? In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Trudeau has announced a program to import 82,000 Nigerian students to Canada.

While Covid-19 rages, Trudeau has set up a new Visa program for both China’s and Iran’s citizens to come to Canada–with a path toward eventual citizenship.

HIDDEN BY MEDIA:Trudeau EXPANDS Visa Program From China, Iran During Covid Crisis

Degree to which CTV and Globe & Mail expose this behaviour? Nothing–not a single sentence. There’s your “post-modern” Canada for you, fellow patriots.

“The draft legislation, viewed by the Toronto Star, could allow cabinet to unilaterally make decisions that are now subject to the debate and approval of MPs. On taxes for example, cabinet ministers would have the power to make decisions on their own until “before 2022.”

Let CAP get serious for a moment. Note the word “unilateral” in the text. For certain,CAP has utilized this term endlessly within our media output–like this:

Pierre Trudeau’s decision to trans-ition Canada from a bi-cultural English & French society to a so-called “multicultural” nation–unilateral decision.

Mass 3rd World immigration to Canada? Unilateral government decision. Refugee policy. ISIS terrorist citizenship. Unilateral decisions. Illegal refugee entry to Canada. Carbon taxation. “Post-Modern” Canada. “No Core Identity” Canada. M103 “Islamophobia Motion.

Frankly, CAP could go on till the cows come home on an Alberta Beef Farm–if they still exist in Justin Trudeau’s “unilateral” Canada.

Point being is this: Every  decision as it relates to the social element of society is indeed unilateral. Media say nothing.

Now, the parasitic globalists have reached a post-modern level of pathos–using a deadly pandemic to accelerate Canada’s transition from democracy to dictatorship.

And what progress! Trudeau and his globalist posse– MP’s Ahmed Hussen, Marco Mendicino, Francois Philippe-Champagne, Omar Alghabra and Iqra Khalid just about got a nice break in their nefarious agenda.

No matter how one slices it, this unprecedented Liberal power-grab reeks of socialist and communist ideology. CBC say nothing of the sort. National Post appear too lame in the brain to figure this out for themselves.

CAP Conclusion: Trudeau, Cabinet, Caucus are working to destroy democracy in Canada. As it happened, CAP stated this in no uncertain terms after one month of the Trudeau Trolls.

And patriots are supposed to believe what CBC and the rest of establishment media are serving up as reality in the dying Great White North?




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  1. Why is our a–hole PM bringing in 10’s of thousands of students when our schools are all but closed. Can’t they do studies from their own computers in the countrys they reside in? Totally ignorant plan by our so called government. Show the WHOLE Liberal party especially mister trudope the door. Better yet charge them all with treasonous acts against the citizens of Canada and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law – NO EXCEPTIONS!!!.


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