Justin Trudeau Treats Us Like “Neo-Colonial Master” Says African Human Rights Leader

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January 22, 2021—  “The Canadian government under Justin Trudeau is no better than a ‘neo-colonial master’ to the people of Africa when it uses  aid money to push ideologically-driven programs that are contrary to African values and culture.”

Author, filmmaker, and human rights activist Obianuju Ekeocha told former Canadian Ambassador to China David Mulroney in the documentary that African people need aid, but not the kind of aid offered by Trudeau that goes against what it means to be an African.”

What to make of yet another paradoxical aspect of Trudeau government policy? The irony is as obvious to Cultural Action Party as winter snow in Yellowknife.

In terms of the historical formation of Canada, Justin Trudeau has inherited a blind hatred of the concept of colonialism from father Pierre Trudeau. And yet, here comes an African human rights leader who claims colonialism lies at the heart of Liberal government foreign policy for the African continent.

What lessons are to be gleaned from this surreal circumstance? One that patriots can count on is basic: there is no chance in Hades that CBC will touch this with a 10-foot pole.

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This is, after all, serious abhorrence of the man Trudeau emanating from the 3rd World. This does not “make the cut” in terms of establishment media presentation of Canada’s pseudo-dictator in residence.

“The Canadian government was very keen to the fact that they are now going to be making all efforts to make sure that abortion is accessible, and abortion is provided in all of these countries where they were funding things,” Ekeocha said.

“Behind the Western push for contraception and abortion on the African people, according to Ekeocha, is an attempt by white elites to exercise “population control” on black people.

Holy Cow. And here Cultural Action Party were thinking along similar lines regarding “traditional” populations at here in our Canadian ‘base-camp.”

Could be that both have validity? In no respect would CAP ever put this past the ruling PM of Canada.

Since day one we have suspected that seriously nefarious activity is the modus operandi of ruling government. Shadowy, hard-as-hell to pinpoint, whatever covert agenda Mr. Trudeau is driving includes a fundamental factor:

The goal lies outside the needs, wants and desires of 38 Million Canadians. Whatever it is, this involves social manipulation of an unheard of scale–at least within North American society.

What a difference five years makes. It was this long ago that Canada was functioning as a relatively healthy, free and democratic society.

Then, on October 19th, 2015, Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada. There should be no doubt our nation will never be the same again. And to think establishment media hid the whole picture away so that government could succeed in a grand deception of all Canadians.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016).


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