Justin Trudeau Transfers Canadian Border Control To United Nations

The Compact begins a TRANSFER OF AUTHORITY from national governments, to the centralized authority of the United Nations, turning migration (AKA control of national borders), into something dominated by supranational institutions.



37 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Transfers Canadian Border Control To United Nations

  1. Trudeau needs to be tried for treason, found guilty and then made a windchime for all to see what happens to traitors! Totally illegitimate usurper, fuck him!

  2. This was a grand country and now it has been destroyed by a party who fares less what happens to it. This party is so corrupted they should all be in prison or like the old days treason is hanging boy are they all lucky or there would be a line up to see who would pull the ladder first under each and all of then. This PM just sold this country down the river and there is nothing that can be done well clap your hands the people who put this clown in office now pay the prise you all sold out this country.

    1. I agree…how is it he keeps his office and how is it that the Patriots in that country, not stepping up to liberate it from his control, is beyond me

  3. Justin just signed our future and security not to mention our dignity to the new world order.
    He needs to be removed from office immediately so that Canada can regain control of their country. This is absolutely terrible.

    1. From what I understand – this is a binding agreement with the U.N. and cannot be changed. You are going to have to revolt against this which could lead to a civil war and a lot of bloodshed. Yes, you are now part of the New World Order. The U.N. is led by the Muslims. God help you all going forward.

  4. Yes UN migration treaty signed into law December 10th in Morocco.Several countries bowed out including USA, ITALY, Austria, Hungary Checkoslovakia and a few more.
    This is the basis of signing into law open borders for migration
    Shame Shame on Trudeau.

  5. The people taking back control is the only way. If it weren’t for Trump we;d be in the same boat,With the Obama mess we were very close to a open revolt .They want to blame Russia. People are so blind.It’s the UN that is pushing this because they are mostly muslim nations and they want this to spread to every country. So sorry for you guys, Look around at how many countries are turning around now saying no.


  7. When you Canadians allowed them to take your guns away, it was only a matter of time that they would betray you. Now you have no way to protect your soverienty or yourselves from from their heavy hand. I want you to consider this: why is it, after the took your guns, they started to militerize the police and against whom?

  8. I’m firstly confused by this article, it’ short blip on the radar and secondly conservatives are sounding just like the Trumpster and you got to know he’s insane so what does that say about you and your values?

  9. My friends we can understand the agony he and leaders like him imposing on the sovereign nations, but at the same time , this is what the bible says , the antichrist will rule the world and so this becomes necessary for these who have already accepted this deal of the devil to do anything and everything the it or those who wants to rule the world .
    Jesus Christ is returning soon is the ultimate truth , proved and proved with satanic move .
    The Lord God has said, everything else will pass away but my words will never pass away.

  10. what u gonna replace him with the noelibs that wrecked your country for so many years.. what a clever idea… idiots voting for idiots is catching

  11. speaking to all the great people in canada , remove this trader he will destroy your country don’t forget mob rules hit the streets don’t just site home complaining

  12. To my Canadian friends to the north, ” elections have consequences” . I could see this coming 20 years ago when I spent 6 months in the TO area . The utter disdain I felt
    and heard towards ANYTHING remotely conservative or “American” was a telltale sign . I truly hope you can get this lunatic under control for not only your country’s sake but ours as well .

  13. Canada you got what you voted for; you ignored the warnings from people in the US and now you have this. I hope you can somehow reverse it without people’s lives being ruined (or worse) in the process.

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