Justin Trudeau To Spend $7.1 BILLION Dollars On Abortion In Africa By 2030

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The Trudeau government has made many statements about the primacy of abortion in its policy both at home and abroad,  but none have been as brazen as this.

According to Lifesite News, while outlining Canada’s new foreign policy priorities in 2017 within the House of Commons, abortion was proclaimed a Canadian value and was said to be “at the core of Canadian foreign policy,” by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland. 

A Canadian value, eh? So says PM Trudeau– but not general society. Once again, Mr. Trudeau appropriates the consciousness of Canada to inform us of what we all believe.

Where does he get off doing this? Simple– he is a Trudeau family member. Therefore, he believes he has the right to proclaim his subjective opinions to be one and the same with those of 38 million Canadians.

Enough to suggest that Mr. Trudeau has mental problems related to narcissism and megalomania.  Abortion is an intricate issue– in no way is it simple and straight-forward. Life and death, mortality, right-to-life– these are complex social issues. People are passionate from both sides– Pro-Life and Pro-Choice.

How does Justin deal with the nuances and complexity of abortion? With a single sentence, and nothing more:

“Women must have the right to control their bodies.”

That’s it, folks–end of story as far as King Trudeau is concerned. Result? An increase in social consternation, as the two sides of the abortion coin battle it out for dominance.

Of course, how could the pro-life folks ever dominate in this debate. Papa Pierre Trudeau set the ball in motion with his “no-term-limit” approach to abortion in Canada. No length-of-pregnancy restriction exists in Canada.

Outside of our country Mr. Trudeau true colours are shining through. Under his global abortion plan, over $7 BILLION(not million) will be extracted from Canadian tax-payers throughout the coming decade, and handed to 3rd World governments to abort their babies en masse. In Kenya, and a number of African countries, abortion is presently illegal. Trudeau doesn’t give a damn. Perhaps for him, Bill Gates’ personal interests take priority over the law.

Why is this all this so essential for Justin Trudeau? Does his job description not call for him to work for Canadians first, and then beyond this, assist with the problems of Third World nations? Has he not reversed this process? What should we call $7 billion dollars–chopped liver? Why does he do this? In truth, no one knows. Yet, there must be a purpose. We know there is no benefit for Canada– with Justin, there never is.

It’s a darn mystery, as everything is when related to this odd-ball PM. Consider what a $7 billion cash injection into the Canadian economy would do for our nation. Deficit reduction. urban infrastructure improvements. New schools and libraries. Improved health care. Clean-up of environmental damage. Clean water on First Nations reserves. Housing those sleeping on Canadian streets.

Instead, the funds go to African nations to pay for mass abortion. Is it not obvious  that something is desperately amiss within this dynamic? Who does Justin Trudeau work for– the people of Canada, or the people of Africa? If a referendum were held today on the topic, would a majority approve his $7 billion pay-out?

Of course not. Yet, we will never find out– because it will be a freezing afternoon in the Sahara desert when Trudeau would approve a referendum in any form. Why do we say this? Because a referendum is democratic in nature. It is a“voice of the people”–therefore PM Justin has no interest.

Abortion in Africa may have relevance–for African nations, and their governments. Therefore, it is the responsibility of these governments to resolve their social issues. Should this funding really be the financial responsibility of Mr. and Mrs. MacKenzie of Kitchener, Ontario? Mr & Mrs. Smith of Salmon Arm, B.C.?

After six-plus years of political malarky, CAP cannot think of a single move Trudeau has made which provides a pure, unadulterated benefit for Old Stock Canada.

Not one thing. What he has done, and will continue to do if victorious, is “nickel and dime”  Canadians to maximize taxation revenue intake, which then gets shipped to Africa. It’s a veritable bleeding dry of the populace.

At present, Old Stock Canada exist as nothing more than a taxpayer base for our PM to play globalist god. Justin Trudeau has single-handedly made Canada the western world’s foremost promoter of world-wide abortion.

15 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau To Spend $7.1 BILLION Dollars On Abortion In Africa By 2030”

  1. get the facts, stop spinning them.

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    The facts: Ottawa spent a total of $6.098 billion on “international assistance” in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018, according to the latest statistical report from Global Affairs Canada. (3 days ago)

    This is for all foreign aid, not just abortion.

    • Please read the line “to spend”. In the meantime, ask what 6.098 billion could do for ‘Canadians’ suffering from hardships caused by the global elite Trudeau is a part of.

    • Thank you for throwing more factual weight to the discussion, that in OnE Fiscal Year Team Trudeau spent $6.098 Billion on Foreign Aid! They’re talking points are always more education (indoctrination) of woman and girls!

  2. I thought he said there was no money for our veterans and senior homes. It’s OUR tax dollars to be spent on Canadians first. What is wrong with Trudeau?? We can’t afford to give awY billions of our tax dollars while so many people are having trouble paying their bills right her in our country where those tax dollars come from. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • Evidence is there that 7 billion foreign aid dollars are going toward abortion in Africa. Btw, abortion is illegal in Nigeria and other African nations–and Canada sends the funds regardless.

  3. Both the medical and scientific evidence make it abundantly clear that the unborn baby is NOT a woman’s body, but rather a seperate human being. NO woman has the right to murder another human being including the one inside her. We need to start facing reality an calling murder, murder.
    The fact that our entitled crime minister thinks it is his prerogative to misuse our money to fund his radical, left-wing ideologies is more than ample proof that he MUST go.
    Sadly, the unthinking, unprincipled populace continues to fall for his lies and con jobs and put in the liberals. Equally sad is the fact that almost all of them will not be able to connect the dots when their taxes rise and our country can no longer afford our standard of living because Trudeau will have put us into an untenable position of either a low credit rating and/or near bankruptcy.
    Already, during this so-called (i.e. man made) “crisis” he has increased the national debt from almost $800 BILLION to approximately $1.1 TRILLION. This means that we have gone from every man, woman, and child in Canada owing $21,600 to owing $29,700.
    Still our crime minister gives away our money like he owns an unlimited bank!!!! He is destroying our economy as well as our good credit rating. His mishandling of this “crisis” has all but destoyed our GDP and we are now in a worse position than Canada was during the Great Depression.
    This entitled. spoiled rich brat, who knows nothing of real hard work or dealing with the financial struggles of 95% of his subjects and having to deal with personal debt needs to be thrown out of our country’s politics – certainly out of leadership.
    I urge anyone reading this to contact their non-liberal MP and urge them to bring down this liberal government. If your MP is liberal, contact them and tell them to get Trudeau out before he brings down their party.

    • meme que nous contacterions les ministres libéraux pour faire entendre raison a cet imbécile ils ne réagirons pas plus pour autant car ils sont tous ses disciples et pret a tout pour leurs grand maitre aller jusqu a se prosterner devant lui et memes a lui lécher les pieds et le derriere pour gagner leurs élections

  4. Why can’t we do anything to stop this guy? It seems like he doesn’t care about Canadiens on his name in the world view and we have to pay for it!! WTH???

  5. If someone took money out of your bank account wouldn’t you stop them? That’s what he’s doing to everybody in Canada.


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