Justin Trudeau To Receive Green Light For Social Media Censorship In Canada

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Facebook says it welcomes increased regulation by the Canadian government, including rules for what kind of content should — or should not — be allowed on social media platforms.

“In an interview with CBC News, Kevin Chan, global director and head of public policy for Facebook Canada, said Parliament should make clear what kinds of content aren’t allowed.”

Admittedly, Cultural Action Party of Canada are a skeptical bunch. An empowerment from social media giants for the Liberal Government regarding censorship on the internet strikes us as one step away from unbelievable.

CAP has been keeping a close watch on social media censorship as it related to PM Justin Trudeau and zillionaire Mark Zuckerberg. From what we have seen, this media mogul has never given a damn about Trudeau’s attempt at internet censorship.

Suddenly, it appears tables have turned. Fact is, Mr. Zuckerberg could buy and sell Justin Trudeau’s growing financial fortune one thousand times over, and still have money left for Tim Horton’s coffee.

Be that as it may, this scenario seems unlikely at best. Of course, if it is accurate, freedom of speech in Canada is about to fall. Not that incremental impediments haven’t existed during Justin Trudeau’s five-year run as pseudo-dictator of Canada.

Of course they have– this is, after all, a proven method of success for public seduction within historical dictatorships of the 20th century.

Assuming the Liberal government get their way, what shall be the forthcoming landscape of social media platforms in Canada?

The answer is implicit in Kevin Chan’s initial statement: Justin Trudeau will set the standard. On this basis, CAP will take a guess at the outcome:

The standard will be everything that Trudeau and his Great Reset evangelists want for the future of our nation.

CAP Crystal Ball:

— Criticism of 3rd World Canada and related issues will be banned.

— Criticism of Old Stock Canada, Anglophone and Christian Canadians will remain.

— Condemnation of abortion policy will not be permitted. Nor shall any negative rhetoric related to LGBT and transgender social issues.

— No negative commentary will be permitted regarding specific religious communities– for example Islam and Sikhism.

–Government policy condemnation regarding all aspects of immigration and refugee policy will be banished from the kingdom of social media content.

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These are the basics. From there, censorship will proceed to become more granular as specific off-shoots of the above become increasingly targeted.

Beyond this, we have the critical issue of what forms of social media groups will be permitted. As it stands at the moment, a tangible erosion of popularity of “right-leaning” individuals and organizations is now taking place on Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Within a year, CAP expect social media to exist on a similar scale as network television. This is, in fact, a two-fold issue. It is not merely a matter of what is will be banished. What remains is just as impactful as what will disappear.

Alluded to above, the bashing of specific communities will continue unabated. Subtle as it often is, patriots should expect the same degree of attack that exists largely in subliminal form within establishment media practices.

Canada now stands at the crossroads of what PM Justin Trudeau claims is a post-modern society.  Never having defined its meaning, the pseudo-totalitarian nature of his proclamation has now come to light.

— Brad Salzberg(CAP Founder(est. 2016)





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  1. Magnificent again another terrific insight in to bowels of our marxist socialist government’s underhanded tactics to silence, censor and muzzle our God given right to free speech and expression.
    Thanks Brad 👍🙏

  2. I want to know where the military and RCMP stand on what is happening in Canada right now. Are they for the people or against?


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