Justin Trudeau Tightens Screws On Media Control With Unifor Union Push

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The minister responsible for overseeing the rollout of nearly $600 million in subsidies to select media outlets is vowing that the decision-making process for who will be getting this funding will be transparent.

CAP believe this statement to be disingenuous. Pourquoi? Because we believe EVERY decision made by Trudeau and his cronies is disingenuous toward Canadians. Our belief is that all decisions by government are designed to gain re-election for the purpose of continuing on with a pre-meditated agenda of cultural trans-formation. Justin Trudeau cares nothing about the well-being of Canadians–unless they hail from the Third World.

“The whole process will be public,” said Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez in an interview with Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Question Period. This comment was made as he sought to defend what has become a controversial decision: to include Unifor, the largest private sector union in Canada, on the panel to pick representatives who will give advice on who should be eligible for the federal dollars.

Who is on the panel?   The National Ethnic Press and Media Council, who state:

“We will avoid stereotyping by race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity,  geography, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance or social status.”

No you won’t. You will continue to denigrate and vilify Canadians of European Heritage–Anglophones in particular.

Unifor, which does represent 11,900 people in the media sector, has billed itself as “the resistance” to Scheer,and his “worst nightmare.” The organization as a whole represents workers in several other industries as well including in the auto, retail, manufacturing, education, and hospitality sectors.

And here the Liberals claim the media watchdog council will be “unbiased” and “objective.” At this stage of the Justin Trudeau show, what percentage of Canadians would believe such a thing? Under the ruling Liberals, skepticism toward our leading institutions is at an all-time hugh. Media are being exposed as veritable “partners in crime” on a number of insidious developments– SNC Lavalin, Admiral Mark Norman trial being two of them.

The current government of Canada have a singular interest–doing anything and everything to win the October federal election. Buy the media if you have to, just DO NOT LOSE in October. It all has the feel of an edict being declared from a powerful third party– the United Nations and/or other shadowy globalist forces

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Trudeau has always projected the the aura of a virtue-signalling errand boy sent by globalist grocery clerks. The smirks, the body language–like he knows something special about Canada that the public does not.

As the federal election nears, Justin Trudeau gets more and more Orwellian in his desire to CONTROL the people of Canada by way of media control. This is the real impetus, at least on the psychological level. Trudeau is an ideologue selling Canadians a globalist brand of cultural decimation.

With the media bailout, Justin Trudeau is emulating government policy found in the Trudeau family’s hero-nations of China and Cuba. It’s entirely blatant—the very reason why establishment media will never articulate this to the Canadian public.

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