Justin Trudeau Throws God, Christ Out Of Canada

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‘Directives To Military Chaplains Urge Expunging God, Religion From Remembrance Day, Public Ceremonies’

Directives[from Liberal government] for military chaplains that “tell them to be respectful of spiritual diversity, employ ‘Gender Based Analysis’ and replace religious symbols like crosses and Stars of David with a generic chaplain’s crest could spell the death of the role in Canada’s Armed Forces.”

It most certainly will, and in time, apply to every aspect of Canadian society.

Government demand that society must respect the Liberal vision for post-modern Canada, inclusive of using immigration policy to justify an erasure of Christianity in public institutions. Additionally, the Feds commitment to LGBT politics puts an erasure of religious faith in Canada on steroids.

The director of chaplaincy services for the Royal Canadian Chaplaincy Service stated that “in public ceremonies the directive urges that there should be no mention of God or religion.”

We transition to another government with an animus toward religious faith:

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is officially atheist, and its members are not permitted to join any religion.  In alignment with Leninist-Marxist Communism, Mao cracked down on religion to elevate his political status. Mao Zedong, a persecutor of religions, is now worshiped like a god.”

Something to warm the cockles of Justin Trudeau’s “heart?” Damn right it is. We have here a text-book prototype of communist revolutionary theory, inclusive of the decimation of religion, as well as fulfillment of a narcissist’s deepest dream.

Pure Justin Trudeau it is.

Not that Canadian media give a damn. At present, they’re being paid in copious amounts to tow the Liberal line. With the structure in place, government and their media partners continue to obfuscate a political pattern beginning a half-century ago.

Former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau served as the launching pad for Canada’s descent into neo-communist governance, a passion play which is arriving at its apotheosis under current PM Justin Trudeau.

“It’s a further trek down the road of trying to eliminate religion altogether in the military, said Father Timothy Nelligan, who served over 35 years as a Canadian Armed Forces member, two decades of those as a Roman Catholic chaplain.”

Under a directive issued by Trudeau’s Liberals, an elimination of religion in the Canadian military is all-but certain. What media don’t say, and refuse to delve into, speaks volumes.

What percentage of the Canadian military derive from a secular or religious Christian background? Pretty much all of them. Positioned as an “equitable” venture by the press, the punitive element is almost entirely directed toward Christian Canadians.

“Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and the betterment of our chaplaincy program remains steadfast as we strive to create a more inclusive and respectful environment with the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces.”

In the name of woke liturgy like diversity, gender, LGBT and “Multiculturalism,” Canadian society is being divested of its Christian heritage.

The ten commandments of woke are delivering a powerful punch to the gut of traditional Canada. Historically speaking, Communist revolutions specialized in this very thing.

Media say nothing. Never do they present a high-level, long-term projection of an historical trajectory that should be understood by all Canadians. CAP speak of an incremental, systemic railroading of our nation at the hands of Trudeau and the Liberals.

“A section in the new directive entitled ‘Public Addresses’ urges chaplains to be inclusive and respectful of religious and spiritual diversity during public reflections.”

Tell us, woke Pharisees of post-modernism, how an elimination of religious content from the military equates with “respect” for religious communities.

Truth his, it makes no difference at all. If socialist revolutions and totalitarian take-overs were based on logic rather than emotion, many would have failed.

“The government of the Soviet Union followed an unofficial policy of state atheism, aiming to gradually eliminate religious belief within its borders. While it never officially made religion illegal, the state nevertheless made great efforts to reduce the prevalence of religious belief within society.”

Bingo. We hit the jackpot. Isn’t it comforting to know that a few thousand Canadians will read this article, while 99% of society is hit up with neo-communist propaganda from the CBC and corporate media.

Hello, Globe & Mail. Are you out there, Toronto Star. Neither will touch the socio-historical element of PM Trudeau’s bid to eliminate Christianity from our military, nor will any other mainstream publication.

“The new directive comes after last year’s report from the defence minister’s systemic racism and discrimination advisory panel that recommended Canada cease hiring chaplains from faiths with more traditional beliefs.”

Target: Christianity.

“Religion, the report states, should be considered a source of suffering and generational trauma for some Canadians.”

“This is especially true for many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirited members of Canadian society, the report read in its sixth recommendation, entitled re-defining chaplaincy.”

A perfect example it is. In the name of homosexuality and transgenderism, the Christian element of our military is expunged. A light-bulb moment goes off.

As Cultural Action Party[est.2016] has stated on many occasion, LGBT is communism in post-modern form. Here, we have an example of how the Trudeau government utilize the LGBT industry to advance a socialist agenda.

Think that erudite, “scholarly” people in the press can’t figure this out for themselves? Likely they can, but being under  control of government, will never express observations of this nature.

At the helm of the entire operation stands the most hated national leader in Canadian history. If and when Justin Trudeau ventures into regions devoid of major ethnic presence, his personal safety is jeopardized.

“It cost more than $30 million annually in each of the last two fiscal years to protect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family. In 2003/04, it cost only $10.4 million to protect Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and his successor Paul Martin.

Deja vu time all over again? How common is it for political despots controlling authoritarian societies to walk freely down main street without major security?

Not common at all. In 2023, Trudeau can’t do it either, suggesting what CAP already suspect. The current PM is the closest thing to a dictator that Canada has ever had.

Now, his government choose to throw the Christians out of the woke temple he calls “post-modern” Canada. We stand witness as Justin Trudeau pushes the buttons for a revolutionary purge of Christianity from Canadian society.

Now, his government choose to throw the Christians out of the woke temple he calls “post-modern” Canada. We stand witness as Justin Trudeau pushes the buttons for a revolutionary purge of Christianity from Canadian society.

With a host of half-citizens and foreign-born MPs, our “Prophet of Wokism” continues to tear down the temple of freedom and democracy in Canada.

17 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Throws God, Christ Out Of Canada”

  1. CAP: “Justin Trudeau Throws God, Christ Out Of Canada.” The mangy wolf attempts to banish the Shepherd. We’ll see how that works out. Trudeau has no clue; neither do his false “gods” at the WEF/UN.

    “Every year, Freedom House, a secular organization, conducts a survey to analyze the situation of democracy and human rights across the globe. Year after year, it concludes that the most rights-based and democratic nations are the majority-Protestant ones. On the other hand, Islam and Marxism, the latter a secular religion, seem to offer the most serious obstacles for the realization of democracy and human rights. In fact, the denial of the broadest range of basic human rights comes precisely from Marxist and majority-Muslim countries. The worst violators of human rights are Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan, and the one-party Marxist regimes of Cuba and North Korea.35

    In contrast to Islam, Christianity has democratized political manners, and still is the main moral force that holds democratic values together in the West. It provides the strongest argument for the protection of basic human rights. For Paul L. Maier, Professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University, ‘no other religion, philosophy, teaching, nation, movement—whatever—has so changed the world for the better as Christianity has done’.36

    The West–Canada–Has a choice: Freedom; or the despotic; increasing loss of our historical; Bible-based freedoms. It appears that Canada has made its sad choice. The false shepherd is herding the sheep into a place of dryness, and want.

    Excerpts quoted from https://creation.com/the-christian-foundations-of-the-rule-of-law-in-the-west-a-legacy-of-liberty-and-resistance-against-tyranny. Footnotes: (#35) Karatnycky, A., Piano, A. and Puddington, A. (Eds.), *Freedom in the World 2003*: *The Annual Survey of Political Rights and Civil Liberties*, Freedom House, New York, pp. 11–12, 2003. (#36) Maier, P.L., foreword to: Schmidt, A.J., *How Christianity Changed the World*, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI, p. 9, 2004.

    • Great points all. It’s just stunning this could happen here. I would have thought, without looking, that we had rules in place to prevent a pm deciding on his own to become a dictator who changes us over to a totalitarian communist, Marxist type nation.
      Shocking how much latitude was available to ring in full censorship and make us resemble the CCP country more than what we were. The one big piece still to come is the elimination of elections and other political parties but I am very confident that only fits perfectly and there is plenty of time to bring that about. Ongoing nation pandemic arranged by the who should do it once they get ceded ultimate control next May.

    • He probably did it to save Canada from the fate the US is facing now with the Religious Right. They just elected a Speaker of the House that is so radical he believes the US should be governed by the Bible, the very reason the US was founded on ‘separation of Church and State’. We can worship all we want anywhere else it has no place in Government. In the wrong hands religion is dangerous. Canada is a great Country don’t mess it up by following the US down their MAGA rabbit hole. Canada cares about their neighbors and communities. In the US the mindset is ‘hooray for me and F you’ it’s not what any Canadian should want to emulate. Please re-think your hatred towards Trudeau it’s misguided. You don’t want a Trump wannabe he was and is a disaster.

  2. The godless communist Canadian Cuban cigar just cursed Canada, North America is going to cease to exist because of these feral pigs who have zero morals, and are pathetic filth.

  3. Basically the majority has to give up what the believe in and this shouldn’t be offensive to them but the minority want be subjected to see or hear what the majority believes in because they may be offended, Remember this, nobody can make an atheist pray but by reducing your faith to an inability to pray to the only one true God before becoming cannon fodder is not good for your eternal soul.

  4. It’s ‘Justin Trudeau’s “heart”?’, not ‘Justin Trudeau’s “heart?”‘

    And how do you “tow” a line? Do you call a tow truck or do it yourself? The expression is “toe the line”, as in behaving before getting ready to run a race.

    Also: “Religion, the report states, should be considered a source of suffering & generational trauma for some Canadians.” should read: “Religion”, the report states, “should be considered a source of suffering & generational trauma for some Canadians.” Same for the sentence following it.

    “Deja vu time all over again?” “Déjà vu” already means “all over” or “once again”.

    Why did you repeat this sentence: “We stand witness as Trudeau pushes the buttons for a revolutionary purge of Christianity from Canadian society.”

    Anyway, yes, the hated Justin completed what his also-hated father Pierre started. Poor Justin wants to be everything to everybody; but that never works. No wonder Sophie took off. Very sad.

  5. Remember what happened the last time a nation removed God and the Christian Religion?

    The Bolsheviks took over and about 90 million Russians were killed (according to Solzhenitsyn’s estimates/opinion)…

    Dobre pazhalavat v GULAG Tavarish!

    • Actually you have that in reverse order. The Bolsheviks took over, removed the Christian religion, but installed the tribal god Yahweh while making Auntie Shem-itism punishable by death.

  6. The Globalist Traitor, Comrade Trudeau, is slowly dismantling our Culture and Heritage. All those Men and Women that sacrificed their lives to stop Authoritarianism has been for nought

    Soros-trained Chicom-loving child molester wannabe Dictator, Trudeau is a present danger to our fair Country. It wasn’t recent immigrants that put their lives on the line., it was Canadians that fought in two World Wars and Korea, plus those that have done extensive missions as UN Peacekeepers.

    This man is a National Disgrace. Stop voting that Shithead into power!

    • Jordan Peterson is not what you think he is. He is as much a globalist, US and Israeli toady as Trudeau, Poilievre and Singh.

  7. Why should one particular religion be allowed to promote itself on national occasions? We are a multicultural, diverse country with a relatively high level of non-believers/athiests and a variety of religions other than the “official” one.

    I don’t like much of what Trudeau has done, but this suits me just fine. I don’t want to live in a theocracy of any kind or any religion.


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