Justin Trudeau Takes Unprecedented Step To Control Mainstream Canadian Media

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The Trudeau government is set to release an “A-list of newspapers and websites deemed reliable under a multi-million dollar subsidy program.” This list will be determined by federal agencies according Blacklock’s Reporter.

Senator Raynell Andreychuk of Saskatchewn pointed out that “Selection committees appointed by the government means they are(Liberals) intruding on  freedom of the press.”

Control of the press is a hallmark of a socialist society. Examples are China and Cuba–both of which are nations Pierre, Justin and brother Alexandre have consistently praised.

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Can Canadians put two and two together to draw a conclusion regarding the TRANS-formation of our country from democracy to dictatorship? Apart from brain-washed liberal supporters, yes we can.

If so, why are so-called intellectual journalists like Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hebert and Christine Blatchford unable to do so? Answer– they are capable, but are RESTRICTED from doing so by their editors and publishers.

Welcome to post-modern Canada. As CAP have speculated previously, our nation is definitely “post-something,” but what this is remains elusive. Therefore, we shall take a wild guess. What is being buried is true democracy in Canada. John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Stuart Mill be damned.  What we have here is TRUDEAU-BRAND liberalism.

This bastardization of democratic principles began with father Pierre Trudeau and his socialist  leanings. Now, under son Justin, classical liberalism is replaced with liberal-socialism, of which media control is a fundamental component.

Want more? All you have to do is vote Trudeau into office for a second term, and your wish will be fulfilled. Want Old Stock Canada destroyed? Tick off the Trudeau name at the ballot box, and your wish is Justin’s command.

Painfully, this is what MILLIONS of Canadians will be doing at voters booths across the country come October 21st, 2019. Voting for the decimation of our country. As far as CAP is concerned, any generational Canadian who does such a thing is betraying the freedom and democracy that has served as a bedrock of our nation since confederation in 1867.

This is how grim the situation is under the iron-clad rule of King Justin of Canada.


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