Justin Trudeau Supports French-Canadian Culture While DECIMATING English Canadian Identity

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An analysis of the four years Justin Trudeau has been prime minister of Canada reveals something rather telling–so of course, establishment media will not tell Canadians about it.

Degree to which PM Trudeau has supported patriotism and nationalism in Canada: Zero percent. Number of occasions when Trudeau has verbally referenced Old Stock Canada, Anglophone Canada or Christian Canada: Zero percent.

After four years in office, Mr. Trudeau finally references cultural identity in Canada:

Yet, Trudeau tells English Canada one thing and French Canada– Quebec in particular–another. In the French debate last week he actually praised Quebec lowering their intake of immigration.

“That’s a good thing because of the Quebec identity and because of the need to protect the French language and if he wants to apply a values test, well, he can do that and it’s appropriate,” Trudeau said.

Tepid and weak–but the comment is there. So King Justin gives half a “thumbs up” to French Canadian cultural retention. Now, let’s look at his approach to the rest of our nation.

For four years, Justin Trudeau has run-down English Canada, and its Anglophone communities White Canadians racists, says his apology to Sikh Canadians. Also, we are bigots per our treatment of Muslims. We hate Jews–hence the refusal of the ship St. Louis during WW2.

Additionally, Anglophones are genocidal regarding our historical treatment of our Aboriginal communities. Any person who questions immigration policy is a racist. Any Canuck who inquires about the costs related to illegal refugee intake is a xenophobe— and on and on and on.

CAP Conclusion: Justin Trudeau has it in for Anglophone Canada. Never in four years–not once–has King Trudeau issued a single statement which displays any degree of pride in our European-derived nation.

How fascinating, seeing as every fundamental  component of government in Canada is rooted in Western European governance. Parliamentary structure. Law. Justice system. Habeas Corpus. Human Rights. Jurisprudence. House of Commons. Electoral systems. Hidden Ballots.

Not one of these core components are rooted in Justin’s chosen nations– Cuba, China, Iran and other communist and theocratic nations. Yet, the man cannot find one good thing to say about Canadians of European Heritage. It’s as though we are Canada’s “post-modern” invisible people– which in fact, is what we are headed for in totality if Trudeau continues as prime minister indefinitely.

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Moving one step beyond,  just imagine the reaction from Trudeau if any other part of the country said we need to slow immigration because of our identity?

He wouldn’t call it appropriate; he would call it racist. Obviously,  Trudeau has one set of rules for Quebec and one set for the rest of the country. In fact, the situation goes far beyond this hypocrisy.

Justin Trudeau also has one set of rules for Third World communities, and another for Anglophone and Christian Canadian communities. The fact is that within Trudeau’s Canada, non-white communities maintain the right to inflict racism upon Anglophones with impunity.

Branding us awful bigots and racist has indeed trans-sitioned to a socially-sanctioned trend. Everyone’s doing it these days:

Government, media, universities, public schools, libraries. Justin Trudeau, Iqra Khalid, Ahmed Hussen. Globe & Mail, CBC, Toronto Star. Simply put, it is open season on hating white Canadians.

On the flip side, we have the Nation of Islamindemnified from criticism and condemnation by way of M103, the “Islamophobia” motion created by half-Canadian citizen, MP Iqra Khalid.

Within the motion, there is just one religious community explicitly mentioned- Islam. Say “no-go” for Christianity and Judaism.

Let’s ponder on this for a second. If within Canadian society we have a scenario whereby people are free to throw white Canada in a trash bin, branding our people disgusting bigots, while Islam is protected from criticism by government, what may be the long-term outcome?

CAP will inform: Exactly what Justin Trudeau, advisor Gerald Butts and butcher-boy MP Ahmed Hussen want it to be: the dissolution of English Canada, and its replacement with Third World/Islamic Canada.

Notice how neatly all this fits together? Notice how CBC and the rest never breathe a word about our pending fate?  Fact is, white Canadians are headed for minority status within our nation in due time. Notice how the Canadian ene-media refrain from informing the people of Canada about this inevitability?

Put it all together, and what do you have? Old Stock Canada trans-sition to a marginalized and demonized minority community. This is in payback for what was done to our Aboriginal communities.

Here is bottom line logic– “Whitey, you stole the land in the first place, so you deserve to have the land stolen back.” Pretty ominous stuff, eh?

But the real kicker is this: the people stealing it back are not First Nations–they are Third World. In other words, the “genocidal” Anglo-Christian is not going to be replaced with Aboriginals–we are going to be replaced by those those personal and family heritage were in no way affected by historical racism in Canada.

If the multicult moaners did not live here at the time, and were not personally impacted, why then to they have the right to brand whitey racist?

The answer is simple: because they do. The reason they do began in 1971 when Pierre Trudeau imposed “multiculturalism” upon our society. Since this day, it has been nothing but a downhill trajectory for the descendants of the founding peoples of Canada.

Then, millions of Canadians run out and vote Justin Trudeau. For CAP, this is nothing short of the “crime of the century.”


3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Supports French-Canadian Culture While DECIMATING English Canadian Identity”

  1. I’ve been thinking about why Justin Trudeau is treating the European descendants this way. It’s just an excuse being planned by UN to take our lands & natural Resources & clean water etc. for themselves. A slow invasion of 3rd World Countries to steal all what we’ve worked so hard for. Ignoring our Judeo Christian Heritage & peoples. Since they won’t give 1st Nations land back to them, they plan to replace them also !*

  2. Pierre Trudeau’s adaptation of multiculturalism in 1971 has never worked for Canada as a whole. There should only be one acceptable culture in Canada and that should be called “Canadian Culture”. It’s culture shock for everyone that comes from other countries who have a hard to accustom to the way things are in Canada, and being faced with “Multiculturalism” makes it that much more difficult to adjust to. People often say that going to Toronto makes them confused as to what country they’re in. Only in Canada you say!


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