Justin Trudeau Stands Up For Islam, Suggesting Conservatives Are “RACIST”

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer needs to address intolerance in his party after one of his opposition MPs was accused of being disrespectful to Muslims for the second time in a month.

Trudeau was addressing a recent allegation made by two lawyers — both former law school classmates of Conservative MP Michael Cooper — that Cooper disparaged “goat herder cultures” during a discussion about Islam’s compatibility with Canadian democracy when he was a law student at the University of Alberta a DECADE AGO.

When current Conservative MP Michael Cooper attended university in his mid-twenties, he made a dumb comment about Islam. Now, a decade later, the prime minister of Canada is leveraging the comment to brand the Conservative opposition party racist.

Why stop there? CAP heard that back in high school an un-named MP did a “dine and dash” at a Shwarma restaurant near  Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto. Perhaps immigration minister MP Ahmed Hussen will label this  an example of the vile hatred and “Islamophobia” contained within the hearts of all Conservative MP’s.

It is truly ABSURD. Was Mr. Trudeau  not accused of GROPING a female reporter some ten years ago? How did he address the situation? It was something he said he couldn’t remember.

Yet, his memory sure is sharp when running a fine tooth comb through MP Michael Cooper’s college days. Such hypocrisy. Grabbing at straws much? Then again, when it comes to the Nation Of Islam, PM Trudeau is 100% vigilant.

Not so much for Christians, Jews and other less relevant religions. Under the rule of Trudeau, churches have been burnt to the ground, and Synagogues plastered with bigoted graffiti. In 2018-2019. Not a decade ago.

Yet, Justin has little to NOTHING to say about these events. For what purpose would PM Trudeau disparage a 10 year-old snide remark from a college student, while at the same time giver no mindshare to arson attacks on Canadian churches?

Curious, isn’t it? Is not the role of a PM to work on behalf of ALL Canadians?  Does Pakistani national  MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 “Islamophobia” motion exemplify a commitment toward egalitarianism?

The consternation surrounding this motion relates to the inclusion of the word “Islamophobia”— without a corresponding reference to Anti-Christian or Anti-Jewish behaviour. When critics complained, NOTHING CHANGED. It’s always the way with obstinate religious ethnocentrics-– the multicult way or the highway.

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As a result, the Islamic faith now maintains a status above and beyond other major religions. And you can bet Justin Trudeau is good-to-go on this. After all, he has NOT spent his entire term in office promoting, advancing and funding Islamic faith upon Canadian soil?

Who asked him to this? Apart from the multicultural lobby–NO ONE. Was the entrenchment of a 6th century religion into the fabric of society a component of Trudeau’s platform when he ran for office in 2015? Not a single word on this was delivered.

Justin Trudeau is the strangest, most odd-ball prime minister who ever lived. Nothing short of total dedication to one specific religion in Canada. When running for office, Mr. Trudeau did a nation-wide tour of Canadian mosques. This was organized by Saudi Arabian national, MP Omar Alghabra. This drop-in dual citizen was then handed the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs portfolio. During the tour, Trudeau attended and participated in a number of Islamic prayer sessions within the mosques

When Justin feigned interest in regular Canadians by arranging a tour of “church basements,” Mr. Trudeau pretended to be interested in the “little people”— more than likely a mini-scheme dreamed up by his socialist sidekick, Gerald Butts.

The interesting point here is although Trudeau showed up at the church basements, he couldn’t find the time to attend an actual CHURCH SERVICE. What to conclude? How about that Justin Trudeau will attend Muslim prayer sessions in mosques, but NOT Christian religious services in churches. Here we have a definitive micro-cosm for the mindset of King Justin.

Islam FIRST,–all the rest meaningless. This, within a nation where a mere 4% of the population are Muslim-Canadian. Therefore, the voter base of the Canadian demographic is 96% non-Muslim. Why then would Justin  Trudeau NOT back the 96%? Is this NOT where the voters are found which are essential to his bid to become enshrined as the “Fidel Castro Of Canada?” It’s all so INCREDIBLY STRANGE.

It seems Justin NEVER LEARNS. Also, he never changes. After four years, he is still looking within the deep-pile carpeting of our nation to uncover incidents of “Islamophobia.”

Never learning, never changing, no give-and-take, no adjustment according to changing social climates. Sound familiar? It does to CAP, because certain myopic Third World policitians within the Trudeau government behave in the EXACT SAME manner.

Coincidence? You be the judge.




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  1. Anyone who has come to Canada,gets everything free and still want to sue ,give your head a shake Your not worth the trouble , we have enough trouble with a bunch running our Country, that should leave with you don’t need them either


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