Justin Trudeau Spends $100,000 Tax Dollars To Fly Family, Security To Remote Island

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“Former prime minister Stephen Harper in the past paid ECONOMY FARE prices for personal travel with his family. He stated he expected all senior officials to REIMBURSE TAXPAYERS for the cost of personal flights on government aircraft. This also comes in direct contrast to Trudeau’s MESSAGE ON CLIMATE CHANGE, as the flights surely not carbon friendly.


1 thought on “Justin Trudeau Spends $100,000 Tax Dollars To Fly Family, Security To Remote Island”

  1. PM STEPHEN HARPER sent his children to public schools, he and wife never had a nanny for their children in fact, his mother looked after the kids when PMSH and his wife went away on business. The Harper family never had a private doctor they instead had public health. The awards which he received stayed in the parliament not in his home as a recognition and behalf of Canada. He also decreased his salary.
    When parliament was under attack, Mrs Harper with the help of the resident’s chef made large pots of Chili for everyone in the parliament.
    Even the chef said that the Harper family had him prepare the same kind of meals he does for his own family like: Tacos, spaghetti, hotdogs… simple meals we ourselves can afford, no gourmet meals or caviar or any expensive foods were made.
    PMSH’S children had chores to do, his own daughter made cookies for everyone on board the government’s plane when her parents were in route elsewhere.
    Sometimes, PMSH will stay home and look after children while their mothers and Mrs Harper went out ‘women’s night’.
    He even stood in the front lines just to get the feeling what our soldiers had to endure daily in Afghanistan. The list goes on and on……….


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