Justin Trudeau Sits In Silence While England Ends Covid Restrictions

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United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that Covid masks are no longer mandatory. His announcement yesterday brought about a huge round of applause, as well as a tangible sigh of relief.

Further announcements include an end to vaccine passports for large events. Secondary school pupils will no longer have to wear face masks in classrooms. Government guidance on their use in communal areas is to removed shortly.

In basic terms, Mr. Johnson’s announcement spells the end of mandatory Covid regulations in England. The prime minister also said the government would immediately drop its advice for people to work from home.

“It’s a reminder of what this country can accomplish when we all work together,” said an elated Johnson.

In the United States, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday she couldn’t predict when the Biden administration would begin to ease COVID-19 restrictions.

Curious it is to contrast this with Canada’s reaction. To describe government and media’s response as muted is an understatement. One might believe the announcement would be cause for minor celebration. How about a shout-out from PM Justin Trudeau along these lines:

“Congratulations England, you have passed through the Covid fire, and given hope to Canada that we will soon achieve the very same.”

Instead, the order of Trudeau’s day is pure silence. For what reason? Why would both government and media refrain from shining a light of optimism on the subject?

Could it be that government do not want the pandemic to end? The thought may not be as absurd as imagined. Covid has brought an opportunity for PM Trudeau to indulge in his favourite pastime: controlling citizens of Canada. Being something of an obsession, who says our PM is not reluctant to kiss this goodbye?

According to Global News, Canadians are “losing confidence in government leaders and their response to the Omicron variant-fuelled Covid-19 wave. A new poll indicates support for lockdowns have dipped to their lowest point since the pandemic began.”

Extent to which this will impact the decision-making of our Liberal government? All informed Canadians know the answer– nothing at all. How do we know? Because in the six-plus years Justin Trudeau has been prime minister not once has he taken public opinion into consideration. This behaviour is something done by national leaders who believe in democracy.

If Cultural Action Party had to guess, we will go with the idea that our ruling government are going to bleed the pandemic dry. Holding out till the last moment, this time-space continuum will serve to fulfill the woke globalist end-game.

Whether or not Covid provides this platform by design is an open question. It will likely remain this way. Not unlike the Barry Sherman murder case, the truth will be laid to rest away from the consciousness of Canadians. As with the firing of Chinese scientists in the Winnipeg-Wuhan Covid scandal, only Trudeau’s hair-stylist will know for sure.

In CAP’s opinion, Covid will end when the variables are in place to successfully transition our country to a pseudo-dictatorship. It takes time. Therefore, no celebratory flag-waving will be coming Boris Johnson’s way from Canada.

It’s good news for England, and bad news for the only thing Justin Trudeau cares about– himself.

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    • Amen! You must be a distant relation of mine. My mother was a Dougan, but none of my Dougan cousins/uncles/aunts/nephews/nieces are believers.

  1. Justin Trudeau remains silent.. Contemplating how he’s going to keep the scamdemic going. Probably talling up his profits from his kickback for the Jabs.


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